1.       Deb Schwartz wants to know: What dessert would best describe Derek and Lily?
Has anyone been to Costco and had the Chocolate Filled, Chocolate Frosted Death By Chocolate Cake? Silky darkness. smile emoticon The cake, and their story!!

2.       Diana Michelle Tidlund asked:
You have a son ( who is adorable btw) (Thank you, so much!!!) with special needs and twin daughters so where the heck do you find time to be an author while being a wife and mother? ( I had three kids and a hubby and work killed me some days. Luckily my job was as a head start teacher where kids went to school lol but still tired me out. )
Diana, I became adept at using whatever moments I have...while my girls nap, or while Rory's at school. All day stories are rolling through my mind, so when I have any spare minutes, I have to be wise with the time I have. I am a speed-typer...
But I would be remiss if I didn't say that my parents and my husband's parents, are amazing. As is my husband. My parents will come over for quality time with their grand babies, and allow me to write. In addition, I sleep very little...and will write from 7 pm when my kids are sleeping until about 1 am!

3.       Normandy Hood said: Hi Christi. I'm joining a little late. How are you? I want to see your bookshelf. What do you like to read?
Hi, Normandy!! goes a whole number of truths: Truth 1...I can no longer keep books on my lower shelves because my toddlers have taken them over and laid claim to my books.
As for reading, you will find work by JoJoy Moyes, Julia Quinn, Sarah MacLean, Lisa Kleypas, and Mary Balogh, on my shelves.
But with my three little ones, and my own writing, I do not have the opportunity to read as much as I'd like.

4.    Mary Smith asked: I just wondered how you continue to write such great stories that get better and better each time.
Mary, I could hug you. smile emoticon You sure know how to make an author feel wonderful about herself. For me, writing is cathartic...and I find great peace on my pages. I love exploring emotion in my characters because there is so much emotion inside me. I have an amazing editor and proofreader who forces me to dive deeper and pull even more emotion from myself. (Thank you so much, Mary!) Huge hugs

5.    Amy Compton said: Hi Christy. I want to know what your writing cave is like?
I have two places I go to write: One is my basement (a true cave)...the other is a small bump out area in my bedroom that is in front of a window. Either way, I require sound cancelling headphones. Depending on what I'm working on and when, determines where I go!

6.       Deb Schwartz wants to know: Can you tell us why you choose Historical Romance as the genre you write?
I began reading historical romance when I was 13. I started with Jude Deveraux's "Eternity" and moved onto Julie Garwood and then Judith McNaught's Regency world. Since then, I've lived in historical romance. I went on to graduate school and was a history education major. So when I began to seriously write, historical romance was what spoke to me. smile emoticon

7.    Deb Schwartz wants to know: Is there a time period that you prefer to write in and Why? and also... which book in the Lords of Honor Series is my favorite?
All three are special, for different reasons. (I know how I sound like a mom with that answer. smile emoticon But they are like my babies. Jones from "Seduced By a Lady's Heart" , I fell in love with from my first book, Forever Betrothed. "Captivated By a Lady's Charm..." well, I've had a love affair with the Tidemore family and could not wait to dive into their Christian and Pru!! So fun for that reason.
But honestly, Derek and Lily, with their equal brokenness, I just loved exploring. Theirs is a truly special story for me...because of their struggle and ultimate triumph!
Oh, and I prefer writing in a range of 1800-1830! smile emoticon

8.    Anabelle Bryant Which do you prefer more - writing from the hero's perspective or the heroine's? Do you enjoy telling one's story more than the other or is it their journey that speaks to you most?
Anabelle, you said it perfectly...I don't have a preference, but rather focus on the journey of the hero and heroine. All the characters to me, are dimensional...which is why the servants and secondary characters all have to be equally, and fully fleshed out!!

9.       Deb Schwartz: Christi, I love the waredrobe of this century. Is this one article you love and one you hate?
I love the Grecian style of dress of the period. I'm always fascinated by the move to the simpler, elegance, as a response to the unrest in France during the Revolution.
As for garments, I hate? Gloves. Those pesky gloves that stifle the human touch...I always have to get them off my hero and heroines so they can have that meaningful connection!

10.  Lisa Clarkson GREAT QUESTION... (Be warned...if you have NOT read "Rescued By a Lady's Love" my response contains MAJOR spoilers!)
Lisa said: Hi Christi! I loved RBLL !! (Thank you, Lisa!!) I was wondeting if Edeline will have a story?
******SPOILER ALERT*******
Edeline will indeed, have a story. She, as Flora said, is lost...but she is not gone!! So stay-tuned!! smile emoticon

11.  Kimberly Rocha wants to know what's next for this awesome couple and their family?
We will see MUCH more of Derek and Lily. They will have a family...and reenter society, but not in the usual ton way. They carve out their happiness, which we'll see, and find a closeness and love with the friends and family they do have.
Derek (AND Dr. Carlson) will play a significant role in another hero and heroine's story.

12.  Amy Compton asked: how much time do you have to spend researching for a story?
Amy...great question. The greatest time goes into plotting the actual story. Given the central historical event (if it's the Frost Fair from "For Love of the Duke" or the Napoleonic Wars as in the "Lords of Honor" series)...that will drive the heart of my research. I'll focus on that piece first, to make sure it's cohesive with my plot and story!! (love this question!)Thank you!

13.  Deb Schwartz asks: Christi how many books in this series do you have plotted out already for 2016?
Deb, I'm loving your questions!! I have a story coming April 5th (Lords of Honor) which features Lucien Jones' brother. I anticipate an additional 2 Lords of Honor books after it!) smile emoticon (There will be more in 2017

14.  Kimberly asked: Will Dr Carlson get a book?
Oh, absolutely, Kim!! ABSOLUTELY!!

15.   Sharon Coffey said: Christi I was wondering about Harris he is loyal to Derek will hear more about him I loved him.
Hi, Sharon!! Thank you for stopping to chat about the book!! Harris, I expect will make a great hero. He hasn't yet whispered to me about his heroine or his story. But you know those heroes and heroines...they speak at their own time! wink emoticon

16.  Kimberly Rocha asked: What was your inspiration for Derek?
During graduate school, I used to interview World War II veterans. I had the amazing privilege and honor to sit with a Battle of the Bulge veteran. The Bulge was the last German offensive of the war, it was a horrific battle. When I went into that interview, I had a romanticized idea of what that battle was, because of what it signified. Until I sat down across from this Sergeant...and had the war presented to me through his eyes, it reshaped my naive view of battle and war. This soldier, a hero to me, saw himself as anything but. He spoke of the horrors and devastation. And how he came home and attempted to carve out a life of normality. Derek to me represented that darkest side of war...and the triumph of returning and carving out a life of happiness.

17.  Normandy Hood: What was your very first story? Maybe something you wrote in school.
The first piece I remember writing was a shipwreck piece. The story was about a man stranded at sea (very Castaway like)...except, the hero died alone in a very silent, but poignant manner. I remember finishing that piece and saying... "Wow. I think this is good." I was asked to read it to my class, and to share it with the school. And that always stayed with me. smile emoticon
(A long ways away from HEA, no??) wink emoticon

18.  Ki Pha 
   How do you choose whose story to write first if there are multiple couples who's nagging you at the same time?
GREAT question!! Oh, my goodness...yes. My mind is literally going all day, with stories and future stories. I listen to them as they speak, but when one calls to me, I devote ALL my energy to it. To the point that I will not allow myself to think of future heroes or heroines until I finish writing the book. Then, after I finish, for several days, I'll just let the clamor go in my head, and listen to whoever is the loudest.

Sandy Standefer
How do you manage to be a mom, wife, writer etc. you have a lot on your plate yet you still manage to find the time to write great stories!
Hi, Sandy!!! The truth is...writing is really the one thing I do for me. My life has a joyous one. And I consider myself blessed with Rory and the girls. With life, there are many uncertainties and fears and appointments. And through that, I write with all the love, fear, and every other emotion I'm feeling. My family come first...and then whatever time I have help from my parents or Doug, then I get time to write. It's cathartic, and my family has been supportive of that. heart emoticon

20.  Brandy asked: ,
How do you get stories out so fast compared to other authors, where you might have to wait 6 months? for a new release. I know you said you type fast. Stay up late. Make good use of your time. Not that I'm complaining at all. I love it. Just curious?
My writing process is an interesting one. I write because of the characters who are speaking to me. I think as an indie author, I have a joyous freedom in that. No publisher is demanding I 'write' a certain book or a certain series. As such, I'm always able to write the book that speaks to me...and when the story is speaking, the words just fly!
I see myself as a storyteller, with lots of stories rolling around my head, fighting to get out. Writing is never a chore or a job, or something that is stressful. If it were, I would never be able to write as much as I do. heart emoticon

21.   Valerie Woods :What inspired you to become a historical romance writer?
Top of Form
Christi Caldwell I was always writing. I knew I wanted to write historical romance novels since I was thirteen. When I was fifteen, my mother found notebooks filled with Regency romance novels I'd written and said: "Are you writing romance novels???" And I said... "No. I'm writing historical romance novels.) smile emoticon

22.      Anabelle Bryant asked: t Do you snack while you write and if so, anything in particular?
smile emoticon Skinny Cow Caramel Chocolates. I sneak those while I'm writing!
Bottom of Form
Top of Form

23.  Sharon, I LOVE your question!!! Sharon wants to know: Christii are you thinking of trying to have Lily see her family again in future books ?
That closure is important for sure. I am planning to offer a bonus scene with her family. I see a story for one of her brother's, too. heart emoticon

24.   Brandy Morrison: Christi, how do you become an indie author? I love writing. My dream is to someday get published.
Christi: Christi Caldwell The best advice I could give you is to write every day. The process for me is: write, send my book to my developmental/content editor, revise, then send it to my second editor. I have two additional proofreaders who receive it next. And then I publish directly with Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, etc... Write, Brandy!! If there is a story asking to be told, write it! heart emoticon

CHRISTI: I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for coming and chatting with me tonight! I LOVED answering all your questions and discussing Derek and Lily's story with you!!

Looking forward to introducing you to the next "Lords of Honor" hero, Mr. Richard Jonas!! heart emoticon

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