1. Normandy Hood: Kerrigan is a new to me author. What book should I start with?
A: In this series, you should start with The HIghwayman, though you can read each of these books as a stand alone. I try to make this a world you can jump into at any time!

2. Amy Compton: Wonderful book. My first book by you. What other genres do you write:
A: I've written A RIGHTEOUS KILL (Link below) as a romantic suspense. And also a few PARANORMAL novella, if you'd believe it! You can check them out here!

3. Kimberly: What was your inspiration for this series?
A: Weirdly enough, I get my inspiration from a lot of different books and tv that I watch. Like... don't look too close at the similarities between Christopher Argent and Dexter Morgan, M'kay???

Amy Compton: Liam and Mena had such dark, tragic pasts. Was that difficult to write?
A: That's a fantastic question. I think that writing is cathartic. Many people write about their pasts in journals, I inject a little of mine in a few romance novels.  I think it's harder to keep it all in! I think that writing about redemption and getting over problems is so important. I want love to truly conquor all, no matter how bad.

Stephanie Leca: What types of genres do you like to write the most?
I think I'll ALWAYS write historicals. However, I like to play with Suspense because I worked in law enforcement for so long. I feel a Jack the Ripper mystery coming on... so look out for that!!!

GiGi Hall Rivera: You know I love all of your books! 
❤️ I love The Highlander, and I can't wait for The Duke! My question is ... Is there a next book, and when can we expect it, in the series that started with A Righteous Kill?
THank you love! You are a sweet, amazing lady! And Much Ado About Murder should be available in 2017....

Mary Anne Landers: Thanks, Kimberly and Kerrigan! My question: what are your fave tropes? Why?
A: Ohhhh... I LOVE the secret past troupe. I love the secret baby troupe... hmmm. and can I admit to LOVING the amnesia troupe too!!?

Voule Walker: Hi! 🙂 How long does it take for you to write a book, from conception to submission (whether querying or to your editor)?
Lately, It's been taking me about 5 months from start to finish! That's about 100,000 word books. But... I don't know how long I can keep that pace!

Amy Compton: In my review, I said this book had a Victoria holt feel. Were you a fan? What authors inspire your work?
A: OMG: CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO SQUEE ABOUT THE BRIDE OF PENDORIC?? I heart everything Victoria Holt ever wrote ever. I do also love J.R. Ward, Lisa Kleypas, and Karen Marie Moning.

Sheila Melo: Kerrigan, Thanks for the great books in the Victorian Rebels series. I know that The Duke is up next, but will there be any more books in the series after that or will The Duke be the last?
A: After THE DUKE, look for Chief Inspector Carlton Morley's story (the Rogue or the Sinner we're not sure yet) and then let me reveal here.... THE REAL DORIAN BLACKWELL ISN'T DEAD. His book is after that. THE SAVAGE.

Jennifer Becker: Hi Kerrigan. My question is how did you decide on a publisher?
A: It was really rough because I had a few offers, but I have to admit that it came down to the best offer.  I adore SMP, and I'm always sure that I made the right decision.

Beth Bilbrey Simkanin: I love the Victorian Rebels series and think it's very unique to the historical romance genre. What was your inspiration for the series?
A: I find inspiration everywhere, but I find it in other books I read and shows I watch. It think the Victorian Rebels were an homage to Penny Dreadfuls without the paranormal element.

Jennifer Becker: Do you plot before you start writing?
A: I plot the characters very carefully, but not necessarily the books!

Jennifer Becker: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
A: Scotland. Hands DOWN. Specifically here.

Patricia Way: Do you let your characters get carried away and do their own thing or do you try to keep a tight rein on them and keep them on track with your ideas for them?
A: OMG!!! Patricia, let me tell you. They run away from me ALL the time. And I stare at the page like "YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO SAY THAT?... OKAY... We'll see what happens."

Jennifer Becker: If you were trapped in an island and can only bring 4 books what would they be?
Complete works of Shakespeare.
Lamb by Christopher Moore.
A guide on how to build boats.
A guide on how to kill stuff on an island to eat.

17. Amy Compton: how do you research?
A: I do a delicate dance with the Google Gods and going to actual libraries! Also, I know a few people i.e. history professors, etc. Research is the best part of my job, imo.

Beth Bilbrey Simkanin What is your favorite romance book?
A: Hmmmm.... that's like asking me to pick a fav child. However, I always go back and read The Dark Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning.

Amy Compton: whats a typical day like for you?
I wake up and avoid people before I get at least 2 cups of coffee. Then I hit the PC at about 9am. I write and curse and snack until about 6 or so, then pretend that I'm going to work out, but I never do, so then I sit and watch t.v. with my hubby and make jewelry or something. OR, I'll read. (I'm so boring!)

Mary Anne Landers: Which types of book promotion work best? Which are overrated?
A: If I could answer that, I'd be a rich lady! And... I'm not.

Stephanie Leca What book of yours is the best to get a really good introduction to you?
A: I'll always tell you to start with THE HIGHWAYMAN. It's the one that I'm maybe most proud of?

22. Mary Anne Landers Which current trends in romance fiction do you applaud? Which do you wish would just go away?
A: I feel like that's a dangerous question to answer... but I have to say that I saw dinosaur and incest erotic out there on amazon, and I wish they'd stop doing that... I'll be honest!

23. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Who was your muse for Liam? Did you have perhaps a celebrity in mind?

Here's a pic... Isn't he hot?

24. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Last historical book you read?
Jack the Ripper's Streets of Terror was the last historical I read. 

25. Jennifer Becker: Any advice you can give for someone who wrote a book and wants it published?

I'd say get it in front of a critique partner and a beta reader. Go to conferences and listen carefully to criticism. You need a tough skin in this business, and there's a lot to learn so buckle up!

26. Jennifer Becker: How do you balance being a writer and family time?

A: Not very successfully sometimes... My family makes as many sacrifices to my career as I do. But I did wait to get serious until my kids were teenagers. 

Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Who are some of your favorite historical authors ?
A: I LOVE Lisa Kleypas, but to be honest I don't read very many historical romances. I read mostly paranormals and mysteries if you'd believe it! I'm burning through Rhys Bowen atm.

28. Jennifer Becker: Do you do anything special after finishing writing a book?

A: these days? Start another book. lol. I wish I was kidding.

29. Jennifer Becker: Coffee or tea?

A: CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee

30. Jennifer Becker: Do you listen to music when you write?
A: I surely do! All damn day. I listen to instrumentals mostly. Got Soundtracks, Outlander, Pride and Prejudice, Gladiator, etc.
Listened to this all day.

31. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Wine or Beer or Sangria? Kim makes the best Sangria btw . .lol
A: I'll tell you a secret, I write about scotch because I love scotch. But Wine comes in a close second! I'll drink the shit out of some Sangria!!

32. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Do you have a playlist?

A: Too many to count! But I have my Hans Zimmer pandora on most of the time.

33. Amy Compton: Did you ever have a book rejected?

A: THE HIGHWAYMAN was rejected 6 times before someone offered for it!

34. E.v. Echols
Hi Kerrigan Byrne...I was wondering if we will be getting any more of the Katrova-Connor family?
A: So lovely to see you! And yes! As soon as I can get these victorian rebels off my desk, I'm starting on Much Ado About Murder! I have to write about KNOX! I just LOVE him!

35. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: I notice with romance authors it's like a sisterhood. Did you get advice or help from any when you first started writing?

A: OMG this journey has been nothing but advice! And I've carefully sifted through it because without it, I'd be nothing. I have some amazing critique partners, Cynthia St. Aubin and Tiffinie Helmer and Janet Juengling-Snell. I listen to them the most.

36. Normandy Hood: Hi Kerrigan. Do you have a favorite book of yours? Favorite hero and heroine?

A: FAVORITE HERO of all time is Jericho Barons from KMM's Fevre series. Favorite Heroine?? hmmmmm.... Probably Molly Murphy from Rhys Bowen's series.

37. I'm half way done with 
HIGHLANDER ❤️❤️ which i LOVE ❤️❤️
I LOVE the fact that Miss Mena is a full figure woman... With curves..
Would you write more books about women with big booty?? lol 
Plus I know this is the last book in this series 🙀🙀 would the men show up in other books ?? Ladies too .. I love them ALL . Even the kiddos
Next one ??
So what series of your would you recommend ??

If I've not read you before what book would you recommend that I read first?
A: I'd start with THE HIGHWAYMAN and go from there.  It gives you a good idea of how I write.

39. Amy Compton: What was the highlight of your career so far?
A: This is going to sound disingenuous, but I have to say meeting Kimberly Rocha. I was terrified of my first book signing, and she came up and made me feel like a superstar and gave me a huge burst of confidence. I've always loved her for it.

40. Vicky Prince: If you had to write for another genre what would it be?

A: It would be Mysteries... in fact... I'm working on one very soon. It'll be a Jack the Ripper mystery.
41. Barb Batlan-Massabrookk: I love this series and The Highlander was one of my favorite reads of the year! Total masterpiece in my opinion... Seriously. After you finish this series do you plan to write any more Scottish Historical series? You write your Scottish men so braw and sexy! Had to ask!
A: My blood is celtic and my heart is celtic. I'll write scotsman until I die! I'll be coming out with Gavin's story soon, as well.

42. Ruthie Bronkema 
I'm half way done with
HIGHLANDER ❤️❤️ which i LOVE ❤️❤️
I LOVE the fact that Miss Mena is a full figure woman... With curves..
Would you write more books about women with big booty?? lol 
Plus I know this is the last book in this series 🙀🙀 would the men show up in other books ?? Ladies too .. I love them ALL . Even the kiddos
Next one ??
So what series of your would you recommend ??

A: Hey you! I will always write about women with ALLL different kinds of body types (including my curvy one!) So more bbw will be forthcoming. I'll have 3 more books in this series at least! Here's the next one for preorder and the WHOLE cast is in it! 

43. Veronica Giles Westfall Was introduced to your stories during a FB party for the release of the Highwayman...I absolutely love this series!! The Highlander has become one of my fav books and I love Liam!!!! I've already read it twice!!! Will you revisit Liam and his children? I could read an entire series of Liam and Mena 
A: I am working RIGHT NOW on a Highlander Christmas novella with Gavin. Also, I'd like to write Jani and Rhianna's story.  Liam and Mena are also in THE DUKE.

44. Amy Compton: Have you ever collaborated with other authors?
A: I HAVE! Here is a paranormal series I do with my lovely critique partners.

45. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Which book you write has a special place in your heart. I am sure they all do but is there one that stands above the others?
A: I'd say A RIGHTEOUS KILL is one that I really have a special place for... it parallels THE HIGHLANDER in my heart.

46. Normandy Hood: What was the first book you remember reading?

That would be, If you give a mouse a cookie... and it was AMAZING.

47. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

A: It was the moment I realized that books didn't appear by magic. That someone had created them. I knew that someone had to be me.

48. Amy Compton: What's the easiest and the hardest part about writing?

A: The hardest part about writing is not getting distracted. Also, it's not getting too attached to an idea that's not marketable and staying on task. The easiest part is writing the dirty bits!!!

49. Normandy Hood: Do you get family and friends to help proof read?

A: My family has no interest in reading my books, though my husband does help me with the fight scenes sometimes! I have fantastic critique partners that I see every Thursday night.

50. Stephanie Leca: Do you use a review service such as the wonderful kimmy

A: I do not.  I have some lovely fans who leave me lovely reviews!

51. Jonnie Crowe: Kerrigan Byrne, in regards to your writing-- what makes you feel the proudest?

A: That is a tough question... I am most proud of actually achieving something that everyone told me was impossible. When I said I wanted to be a writer, they told me to have a back up plan... I never did.

52. Jonnie Crowe Kerrigan, how did you feel when you first saw that review sSarah Maclean in a major publication? 
What did you do immediately afterward?
A: I PEED MY PANTS! That's what I did. I'm a huge fan of hers!!!

53. Amy Compton: Tell us about your cover and how it came about.

My wonderful publisher, SMP Romance bought some Jon Paul cover art and designed freaking unparalleled covers for me. I literally had nothing to do with it.

54. Jonnie Crowe How did you think through your beserker stories, they are nothing like history portrays them?

A: I pulled a lot of inspiration from many places, KMM, Google, Nordic legend, and the Mabinogian.

55. Amy Compton: Do you ever get writers block and if so, how do you deal with it?

A: OMG YES... and I realize that I HAVE to step away. watch a movie. Play a video game. Get out and be social. I have to recharge or I run out of words.

56. Jonnie Crowe: Kerrigan Byrne, why did you get in law enforcement? Why did you get out? (Soooo glad you did! )

A: It's a long story, but I took a job at 19 as a secretary at a County jail. Before long I was a paralegal, then a criminal analyst. Then I realized, I had to pursue writing, or I'd never leave this soul crushing career.

57. Barb Batlan-Massabrook: Do you have favorite place you love to write? Writing cave per say? Do you write morning, evening or both?

A: Here is a picture of my desk! (I know i need curtains, but I haven't lived here long) I write during the day, usually, unless I'm on deadline.

58. Jonnie Crowe When will she do more on the air/radio stuff? meaning YOU obv
A: When they ask me to do some more! lol. That stuff terrifies me though!

59. Barb Batlan-Massabrook How many hour a day do spend writing. How much time goes into researching the era and time period?

A: That's a great question! I have a hard time quantifying, because it feels like I'm always pausing to go check really quick if they had gas lamps or electric by now, or if they used stethoscopes, or which streets had cobbles and others didn't, which steam engine they were using. and on and on and on!!!

60. Jennifer Hayes: Hi Kimberly and Kerrigan! Kerrigan you are so sensitive and empathetic when expressing the hardships your Victorian Rebels have endured. Do you draw from personal experiences?

A: Yes. Yes I do. Some of it comes from working with incarcerated people for so long from hearing their stories and feeling their pain and the pain of their victims. Other times it comes from having lived a rather hard-knock life. 

Karen Simpson What is your process for story development? Do you sketch it out and lightly sket h the characters - or do you go full on - a deep detailed process??
A: To be honest, I am more about character development than story development. I brainstorm a lot with critique partners and we see where the day takes us!! I do start out knowing how the story will begin, how it will end, and who's the bad guy...usually.

62. Karen Simpson And do you use people you know - family, friends, acquaintances- as inspiration for your characters? Have you used them more than once?

A: I DO USE PEOPLE I KNOW! Like... Luca Ramirez from A RIGHTEOUS KILL is based on a cop I worked with once and had a huge crush on and he'll NEVER KNOW. lol. I use my husband A LOT. I use friends and family. I pull inspiration from everywhere.


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