Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Janet's Review of ~APB: Baby (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue #1) by Julie Miller ~

This story started with a bang, literally. Meet the Watson family, all involved in law enforcement. Olivia Watson is marrying Gabe Knight. During her ceremony, a gunman begins firing on the crowd. The church is filled with members of law enforcement and they spring into action, especially the Watson brothers. During the melee, Seamus Watson, their grandfather is hit by a bullet. They chase the shooter but he gets away. Niall is the middle son who is also the KCPD’s medical examiner. Niall returns home from the hospital to his condo after spending hours at the hospital with his grandfather and hears the cries of a baby. The sound seems to come from his neighbor, social worker Lucy McKane’s condo. As Niall investigates the noise, he enters Lucy’s condo where he discovers a crying baby and no one else. As he leaves, his cop instincts kick in and he notices that the door has been jimmied open. Niall begins to take care of the baby with the help of his father when Lucy returns. She has no idea who the baby belongs to, but figures it out when she finds money missing from her secret hiding place. The money was taken by Lucy’s former foster daughter Diane. They figure that Diane left the baby and they set out to try to find her.
This is not the only mystery within this story. Niall and the other Watson men are still trying to locate the shooter and to figure out if Seamus was deliberately shot or was it an accident. Next, who is Lucy’s stalker, her ex or someone else? Will Niall finally recognize Lucy’s feelings for him? Finally, will they be able to find Diane and save her life before it is too late.
I really enjoyed this story. There were so many twists and turns. Just when I thought I knew the answers to some of the questions, Ms Miller surprises me with something else. Family plays an important role within this story. As we delve more into the story, the reader finds out that Lucy didn’t have the greatest childhood growing up, the opposite of the loving family Niall had. Lucy becomes involved with the Watson family as the investigations continue. The members of the Watson family, especially Niall’s older and younger brothers are interesting characters too. The interaction between Niall and Lucy is quite funny at times as Niall is often clueless and shy when it comes to relationships. There were quite a few surprises in this story. I can’t wait until the next book in this series. Love the Watson Family. I highly recommend this book.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Monique's Review of ~ Rediscovering Raine by L.G. O'Connor ~


With REDISCOVERING RAINE, LG O'Connor accomplished a feat seldom seen: I hadn’t read book 1, Caught Up in RAINE (silly me!), and within a few pages, I was emotionally involved with the story of two people I was just meeting. REDISCOVERING RAINE takes place four months after CUIR; Raine received a card from Brigitte, Jillian’s agent: Jillian is holding a book signing and obviously Brigitte wants Jillian and Raine to get back together after he left Jillian. Immediately, I felt Raine’s undying love for Jillian. 

I can hardly imagine how readers who have read Caught Up in RAINE will feel, as I was choking up without having read the first book, although I had read the blurb and I had some idea, but now I feel I missed a truly epic love story. And bear in mind, REDISCOVERING RAINE is a very short story! I wish it could have been a tad longer though, maybe five or ten pages more, but nevertheless Ms. O’connor managed in those few pages to make me forget a few recent reads that left a bitter taste in my mouth. The writing is gorgeous; it’s a beautifully touching story that warms the heart and gives you hope. I am truly in awe of Ms. O’connor who could make me feel so much in just a few pages. REDISCOVERING RAINE is definitely well worth reading, and more is coming our way!

Rather than change my review, I thought to merely add the following: I have now read CAUGHT UP IN RAINE, the first book, and contrary to what I thought, it did not end on the cliffhanger I had expected; REDISCOVERING RAINE consists of scenes that were not in book 1, and that fit beautifully and explain things more in detail. I highly recommend REDISCOVERING RAINE, if only to give you a taste, and I'm positive that, like me, you will want to read the wonderful CAUGHT UP IN RAINE. 


Friday, May 20, 2016

The Master of Strathburn By Amy Rose Bennett Blog Tour

The Master of Strathburn
Amy Rose Bennett
Blog Tour
A sweeping, sexy Highland romance about a wanted Jacobite with a wounded soul, and a spirited Scottish lass on the run.
About the Book:
Title of New Release: The Master of Strathburn
Publisher: Escape Publishing (Harlequin)
Release date: May 15, 2016
Robert Grant has returned home to Lochrose Castle in the Highlands to reconcile with his long-estranged father, the Earl of Strathburn. But there is a price on Robert’s head, and his avaricious younger half-brother, Simon, doesn’t want him reclaiming his birthright. And it’s not only Simon and the redcoats that threaten to destroy Robert’s plans after a flame-haired complication of the feminine kind enters the scene...
Jessie Munroe is forced to flee Lochrose Castle after the dissolute Simon Grant tries to coerce her into becoming his mistress. After a fateful encounter with a mysterious and handsome hunter, Robert, in a remote Highland glen, she throws her lot in with the stranger—even though she suspects he is a fugitive. She soon realizes that this man is dangerous in an entirely different way to Simon...
Despite their searing attraction, Robert and Jessie struggle to trust each other as they both seek a place to call home. The stakes are high and only one thing is certain: Simon Grant is in pursuit of them both...

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About the Author:
Amy Rose Bennett has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. An avid reader with a particular love for historical romance, it seemed only natural to write stories in her favorite genre. She has a passion for creating emotion-packed—and sometimes a little racy—stories set in the Georgian and Regency periods. Of course, her strong-willed heroines and rakish heroes always find their happily ever after.
Amy is happily married to her own Alpha male hero, has two beautiful daughters, and a rather loopy Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has been a speech pathologist for many years but is currently devoting her time to her one other true calling—writing romance.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Seduced (The Wicked Woodleys 5) by Jess Michaels

Author Jess Michaels can do no wrong is this conclusion to the Wicked Woodleys series which I have loved since the very first moment.

When Jack Blackwood aka Captain Jack sees the widowed Letitia at his brother Warrick's wedding, he is taken for a loop. Letitia Seagate is no shrinking violet and now out and about eighteen months after her husband died, she is ready to take on the world. Her marriage, even though amicable, was not all it could have been and now free from those binds, Letitia sees promise in the wicked Jack Blackwood, who happens to be the brother of his cousin Claire's husband.

Aside from all the rumors surrounding Jack Blackwood, his position as top crime lord in London's underworld has been of late a sorrowful one. Watching his brother War move on from his meager beginnings to marry the woman of his heart leaves Jack happy for his brother, but at a loss for himself. Seeing the intriguing widow across a ballroom brings a spark to his otherwise dismal life.

Letitia is like no woman Jack as ever met and her suggestion of their becoming lovers is a welcome surprise to him. Feelings for one another cannot get in the way, because Jack's life just can't include anyone he cares about, especially when his stint as crime lord is currently in dispute and a hostile takeover by seedier characters may be imminent.

SEDUCED by Jess Michaels is an exceptional read. Ms. Michaels brings all of her characters' facets to light in this fast moving, phenomenal conclusion to the Wicked Woodleys. Jack and Letty's passion and desire for one another amongst the troubles going on in Jack's life make this a must read. The secrets that Letitia hid from everyone, but allowed Jack to know shows that by putting her trust in his, she cares, even though  she won't admit it. I loved the internal struggles both Jack at Letitia deal with as well as Jack's power struggle in the crime world. SEDUCED by Jess Michaels is perfection.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Demetra's Guest Review: Mail Order Prairie Bride: (A Western Historical Romance) (Dodge City Brides Book 1) by Julianne MacLean

New cover for Julianne McLean first book that she had out .
What I liked was Julianne wrote about a time that mail order brides were common for the US west .... But also for North America . Most men put an add in the newspaper looking for. Mate . Hero is Briggs and Heroine is Sarah .
Briggs is going in to Dodge City to meet Sarah , who answered his ad in a newspaper back in Boston . Briggs was in love with another woman that found the handle the rough life out in Dodge city. Briggs was ready to marry her .
Briggs ground into Dodge city to meet Sarah . Briggs is hoping that Sarah is not beautiful and she can handle life being hard out west .
Sarah answered the add in the in the Boston newspaper. Sarah is hoping to escape a man and a situation . Sarah is hoping going out west to Dodge city will do it . That her former male will not find her . The situation with the male is that he and Sarah were married . She found a secret about him . Did Sarah read the situation right ??? Did Sarah handle the life out west ??? How did Briggs really feel about her ???

Friday, May 13, 2016

One Pink Rose (Claybornes' Brides (Rose Hill) #2)

One Pink Rose by the indomitable Julie Garwood is a re-issue of her original of the For the Roses from 1997. This wonderfully written Western Romance takes us through the ups and downs of the three Clayborne brothers. 

In this lovely tale, we have Travis Clayborne, the youngest brother, thrown together with the young Bostonian lady, Miss Emily Finnegan, who has signed on to become a mail order bride. Emily has plans, but meeting Travis opens her heart to so many possibilities. This light-hearted romantic story is a treasure.


The Untamed Earl (Playful Brides #5) by Valerie Bowman

Book Blurb:


Lady Alexandra Hobbs, the daughter of the Duke of Huntley, has intended to marry Lord Owen Monroe since she first glimpsed him from the window of her bedchamber, back when she was just a girl. But the duke has already chosen Alex's infamously spoiled elder sister, Lavinia, for Owen. And now there's no turning back.

Owen has spent most of his bachelor years drinking, gambling, and skirt-chasing. He won't see another pound from his parents, however, until he's engaged to Lavinia. Desperate, he accepts an offer from her innocent and spirited--and absolutely beautiful--sister Alex: She will 
turn him into a perfectly tamed suitor, and show him how to woo the shrew. But when Alex's true motives come to light, will their bargain lead to recriminations--or to a romance that defies everyone's expectations?

Kimberly's Opinion:

Yet again, author Valerie Bowman wows me with her well- written story, her sense of humor and her ability to make this reader feel like a part of the story. Alexandra and Owen are such amazing characters with such depth. Watching Alexandra evolve from the girl who fell in love with Owen so early in life to the determined lady set on achieveing her dreams is wonderful. 

Owen's struggles in dealing with the marriage being forced upon him are real. What is a rogue to do when he is given the daunting task of making the lady in question fall in love with him? Reading THE UNTAMED EARL by Valerie Bowman will answer this question and more!