Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lady Scandal (Furies #2) by Wendy LaCapra

LADY SCANDAL the second book in the Furies by the so talented Wendy LaCapra, is a shining follow-up to its predecessor LADY VICE.

Lord Hugh Randolph, a spy for the crown has taken it upon himself to see to the protection of his deceased mentor's daughter, Sophia Beckham. After a tumultuous upbringing, Sophia lives on the fringes of polite society with the running of her gaming out of her home with her best friends. Danger lurks in wait for Sophia, a danger brought on my her father and his many unsavory associations.

Hugh  not only feels the need to protect this reckless and stubborn woman, he desires her with a growing passion that will not be denied. Sophia however has other plans when it comes to her life and society be damned.  Marriage between Hugh and Sophia after Sophia loses a wager with him becomes an interesting affair and when Sophia flees fearing her husband has betrayed her, she may be running into the hands of the very people plotting her demise. Convincing Sophia that her marriage can be more than a farce and that her protection means far more to Hugh than she realizes becomes paramount in this story. LADY SCANDAL teems with intrigue and mystery and sizzles with desire, the trappings for a wonderful read not to be missed.

More often than not, I adore the hero and want to smack the heroine in the head. Wendy LaCapra's LADY SCANDAL is a prime example of those feelings come to light. Lord Randolph is utterly amazing and I am attracted to his character immediately. Sophia, while being highly intelligent and loyal to her friends to a fault is also thick headed and in need of a good smack to the head. Her occasional irresponsible actions not only put her in danger, but they endanger those around her as well. Thank goodness for a hero like Hugh to take her in hand. LADY SCANDAL is fast paced and fascinating, a veritable race into the world of espionage and romance. 


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