Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello to all and Happy Summer. I must apologize for not posting as much as I would like to. I'm getting all ready for the RWA Literacy Signing in NYC next week. In addition I have the Lara Adrian and Donna Grant Event at my local Barnes and Noble on July 2nd. I have read so many great books I want to share with you all though and as soon as I get a free moment, I'll get back on track.

Joey has been super busy with her kiddies as well and I don't think she's even had a chance to breathe.
I have something new I'll be posting daily on the blog and I hope you will all like it. Jason Wayne Hunter is a Bull Rider, Poet and Model. I love reading his poetry as it comes from his everyday experiences and definitely from his heart. He is a very talented and ambitious man and I want to share his talent with all of you. So later on today I will be posting the first of many of Mr. Hunter's poetry and I hope you all enjoy.

Thanks To You All


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