Sunday, August 9, 2015

Undone by His Kiss (Regency Charms #2) by Anabelle Bryant

Author Anabelle Bryant is one of the best new voices in historical romance and with UNDONE BY HIS KISS she has cemented her place to my "must read" list.

After severe disappointment in the relationship area, Miss Emily Shaw decides to bask in independence by renting her own room and creating the League of Virtuous Equality, where women can learn how to support themselves in their freedom from a male society. Guarding her heart from another scathing ache, Emily has no time to ponder love until the unthinkable happens in the form of a man named Jasper.

Jasper St. David isn't looking for love, but when he comes face to face with the conundrum named Emily, his strength to hold her determination and light at bay is sheer nonsense. Being in such close quarters to one another puts a chink in his apparent armor and only makes his ardor for Emily rise. Jasper's struggles for acceptance from his family also makes him wary where Emily is concerned, but the chase that ensues is quite charming and will bring the reader back for more. 

UNDONE BY HIS KISS by Anabelle Bryant is one of those stories that you can't put down. Miss Bryant's writing is intelligent and gripping. This second book in the Regency Charms series is a fabulous follow-up to the first book, DEFYING THE EARL, which is also a must read. My only issue with this series is how long I will have to wait for the next one... Anabelle? I am waiting! 


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