Thursday, July 28, 2016


Samantha Waverly, a children’s books illustrator, is in Hook, New Jersey, for an unexpected weekend. Her brother Renner is tied down and won’t be able to meet with her before Monday, a meeting Sam dreads. Meanwhile the petite Manhattanite intends to experience what nightlife there is in the small factory town. She’s barely settled in the town’s dilapidated bar, The Third Shift, when she spots Goliath, Duke Crawford, a machinery mechanic. He is so unlike the men she usually meets: huge, unrefined, but he stands up for her when she is harassed by some patrons, and her bad puns seem to amuse him! Sam doesn’t do relationships and neither does Duke, so why not enjoy a few moments of sexy entertainment!

And if you think you know how WORKED UP will unfold, you will probably be wrong. Tessa Bailey demonstrates once again why she is the queen of urban romance! WORKED UP is fast-paced, the dialogues brilliantly witty, and I laughed myself silly at the wedgie episode; that one is a classic! I will not go into specific details about the romance, because the whole thing would be a spoiler. Duke and Sam are some of the most fascinating characters I have ever read, and simply getting to know them was an unforgettable experience; Tessa Bailey doesn’t do clichĂ©s! Sam and Duke’s chemistry is off the charts, the sex scenes are scorching, raw, and passionate, and their personal interactions are filled with heartwrenching moments. Duke’s decision to avoid commitments is such a breath of fresh air, and Sam’s is all too painfully understandable.

The writing is seamless, beautiful and to the point, very humorous as well, and Ms. Bailey’s succinct and laser-sharp descriptions paint vibrant images of the characters and the environment. Sam’s sisters are a hoot! WORKED UP is a book to be experienced, and a phenomenal tour de force by the inimitable and ever so talented Tessa Bailey. WORKED UP is one contemporary romance that begs to be read!


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