Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Den Of Iniquity (Bastards of London, Book 1) by Anabelle Bryant

"Born on the wrong side of the blanket, sired by a jackal disguised as an earl"... 
Anabelle Bryant: DEN OF INIQUITY

Gifted author, Anabelle Bryant is off to a stellar head-start with the first book in the "Bastards of London" series, DEN OF INIQUITY.

In the months following her mother's death of consumption, Lady Vivienne Beaumont remained closeted away in her stepfather's home, mourning the profound loss of her only family member. When that mourning period is over, Vivienne knows she must pick up her head and venture out into society. Thank goodness for friends Sophie and her brother Crispin, for now Vivienne has much to look forward to.  In addition to her friends, Vivienne takes up the mantle of her mother's charitable causes, but something is still missing...

Meet Maxwell Sinclair, part owner and operator of the Underworld, an exclusive London gaming hell, and a force to be reckoned with.  Born to the mistress of an earl, Maxwell's mother made sure her illegitimate son had the best education her sacrifice could buy. Bred to dislike the ton but welcomes their bad luck at the gaming tables, Maxwell Sinclair, AKA, Sin, seemingly wants nothing from anyone. 

When Max meets the stunning beauty named Vivienne, he knows she is too good for the likes of him, but that doesn't stop the moth from being attracted to the flame. Leaving her his calling card was an invitation of light into his darkness, and Max doesn't know what he's getting into allowing Vivienne into his world. Ever the charitable young Miss, Vivienne decides to make Maxwell Sinclair her reformation project.... and oh what a project it becomes.

When saving her reputation could mean the forfeit of life, Max is torn between both the Underworld and Vivienne's world.Giving any of this story away would be a true crime, as it needs to be savored for all it's worth. Ms. Bryant brings to life the struggle  of light and dark, passion and  pain. Each and every single one of the author's characters brings unique qualities to the story and makes this reader want to know more. Ms. Bryant's elegant and intricate descriptions breathes life into her dark and dangerous settings and grabs the reader until the very end. DEN OF INIQUITY, the first in the Bastards of London series is a stunning read that should not be missed and Anabelle Bryant should be an author on everyone's TBR list.


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