Tuesday, February 14, 2017

VALENTINE'S DAY RELEASE ** The Scoundrel's Honor (Sinful Brides #2) by Christi Caldwell **

There is no possible way to say it without sounding like a fool in love! The Scoundrel's Honor by the indomitable Christi Caldwell is everything this reader LOVES, tucked into one fabulous story! You want action? You got that. You want intrigue? You got that. Need a bit of action? Well you got it. How about romance? Well DUH! 

Penelope Tidemore never had a chance. Her family history of scandal is known far and wide and even though Penelope was always standing on the precipice of scandal, she always attempted to evade its notice. Well, that is until she comes into contact with the dark and dangerous, Ryker Black.

Born to the mistress of a Duke, raised in the streets of London, Ryker Black knows the good and bad in both of those social classes and he prefers to stay off the grid in the darkness of his gaming establishment  Hell and Sin. When his beloved sister beckons him to attend a ball, try as he might to deny her, Ryker gives in, but not without grumbling about it. He knows he doesn't fit in, even though he is probably better educated than most of the guests. 

Needing to get away from the confines of the ballroom, Penelope flees to the gardens where her life is forever changed when she and Ryker Black end up in a rather precarious position on the garden grounds. Public ruination leads to a hasty marriage for two strangers, as Ryker and Penny struggle to come to an accord. Penelope's introduction to life inside a gaming hell is eye opening to the almost properly brought up woman and Ryker's education into the needs of a proper wife make this story engrossing. 

Of course, where there is a gaming hell trouble brews and although Ryker is no stranger to trouble, the fact that the new wife he is actually beginning to care for, may also be placed in danger, troubles him greatly. Where love blooms, danger evades leaving Ryker wondering if bringing Penny into his dark and dangerous world is the right thing, and if it isn't, what then is to be done about it?

Uh uh, I am soooo not telling you more... Do yourself a BIG favor and grab this fabulous read by a truly wonderful author and find out yourself how it all comes to pass! 


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  1. OMG! I am reading this now! Loving it! Thanks for the fabulous review, Kim!