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Giving Chase Book 1 By Lauren Dane

Giving Chase Book 1 By Lauren Dane
  • Pub. Date: June 2006
  • Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
  • Sold By: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
  • Sales Rank: 1,022

Giving Chase By Lauren Dane is a great book with major hotness.It starts off with Shane but then Kyle comes into the picture. This story is one that when you start it you wont put it down. It is well written and keeps you glued. I had got these books a while ago and haven't had a chance to get to them and when a friend told me i needed to pick them up (thanks Victoria!!) i went ahead and started them and have been glued ever since. Shane is one of those love hate men. One minute you love him the next you want to go threw the book and smack him yourself. But its one you will really enjoy. So if you haven't read them then go pick up the Chase Brothers because there is 4 of them that are all man and all yummy that you just want to drool over them. I promise you wont be sorry LMAO!! ~Joey~

Some small towns grow really good looking men! This is the case with the four Chase brothers. The home grown hotties are on the wishlist of every single woman in town and Maggie Wright is no exception.
Maggie has finally had it with the men she’s been dating but a spilled plate of chili cheese fries drops Shane Chase right into her lap. The sheriff is hot stuff but was burned by a former fiancĂ©e and is quite happy to play the field.
After Shane’s skittishness sends him out the door, Maggie realizes that Kyle Chase has had his eye on her from the start. Now that Shane has messed up, Kyle has no intention of letting anything stop him from wooing her right into his bed.
Despite Maggie’s happiness and growing love with Kyle, a dark shadow threatens everything—she’s got a stalker and he’s not happy at all. In the end, Maggie will need her wits, strength and the love of her man to get her out alive.

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5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)
5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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