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Taking Chase Book 2 By Lauren Dane

Taking Chase Book 2 By Lauren Dane

  • Pub. Date: November 2006
  • Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
  • Sold By: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
  • Sales Rank: 28
 Taking Chase Book 2 By Lauren Dane Is Shane Chase's Book. Shane is the bad boy Chase and one you fall hard for but at the same time his hardheadedness makes you want to strangle him sometime. But what is more better than a tall dark handsome Sheriff who takes charge of everything. Talk about hotness this man will make you drool every which way. After his appearance in the first book he make a notch in your heart but by the second you will be head over heals for him. This is one book you dont want to miss. Hell any of the Chase brothers you dont want to miss. 4 walking talking head strong tall dark and handsome men who are all sex on a stick. LOL Enjoy. ~Joey~

Cassie Gambol is on the run. In what seems like another lifetime, her ex-husband nearly ended her life and effectively ended her successful career as a vascular surgeon. But even though the justice system found him guilty of attempted murder, he fled while awaiting sentencing and Carly Sunderland became Cassie Gambol.
Fleeing Los Angeles, she heads to small and off the map Petal, Georgia to start her life again.
Shane Chase, a man who’s held himself away from commitment since his fiancĂ©e dumped him several years before knows the beautiful newcomer is hiding something. He’s wildly attracted to her strength and her underlying vulnerability as well.
But the last thing Cassie wants is another big, overwhelming man who wants to control her life. A battle begins between Shane, who knows what he wants and Cassie, who knows she needs to do everything she can to keep a distance between herself and the very handsome sheriff.
But Cassie’s ex is back and he wants her dead.
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5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)
5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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