Monday, August 25, 2014

MERCY (Beartooth, Montana #5) by B.J. Daniels

I was only going to start the book, I swear. Then all of these creepy and crazy things happened in MERCY by B.J Daniels and I just couldn't put the book down. Such is typical with a B.J. Daniels romantic suspense novel and I should have know better, but this one in particular went beyond the norm for this author and I was  intrigued beyond the need for sleep. 

When U.S. marshal, Rourke Kincaid delves into a cold case dealing with a possible serial killer, his quest for justice leads him to Beartooth, Montana in search of a woman with a link to more than one of the grizzly murders. Rourke's former Seattle P.D. partner, Laura Fuller, believes Rourke has become obsessed with the pretty woman in the crime scene photos of the murder scenes. When Rourke comes face to face with the mysterious connection in Beartooth, he has mixed  feelings about her involvement with the crimes.

Rourke's former partner, Laura has been in love with him since she began working with him. Tall, handsome and principled, Rourke has no idea Laura harbored any feelings for him other than friendship and camaraderie, and when she sees that Rourke is drawn to the suspect she will do what she needs to save him from himself, or worse, from a killer.

Ever since she can remember, Callie Westfield has had the gift or curse of premonition, depending on who you are speaking to. Ever since her mother died, she has been alone and on her own, drifting from place to place, but when she arrives in Beartooth, Montana, she finally feels at peace. Her peace lasts a year, until Rourke Kincaid walks into her life and makes his presence known and throws her whole life for a loop with his gritty allure and his honorable determination. 

When Rourke finds a connection with the murders and a now closed school for troubled girls, where Callie Westfield spent years of her early childhood, he must delve deeper into its history and its many secrets to get to the bottom of crimes which began so many years before, and continue to this day.  Is Callie a killer, or is she an innocent thrust into the middle of the mayhem and madness? Only by reading MERCY by B.J. Daniels will you find out the answers. 

Oh what a tangled web she weaves. Author B.J. Daniels really has outdone herself with MERCY with it's full spectrum of emotions and a gripping mystery, that firmly takes a hold of the reader and never lets go. I found myself more in awe of B.J. Daniels with each page I read. Her characters are real and have so much depth that you feel like you know them. They quickly become old friends for whom we care about, like Frank and Nettie who we have been rooting from from the very first Beartooth, Montana book. MERCY by the amazing B.J. Daniels is perfection wrapped up in a small package called a novel which will leave a most favorable impression even on the most discerning of readers. I most highly recommend MERCY and it's superbly written predecessors which placed author, B.J. Daniels at the top of my favorites list. MERCY will leave both a chill up your spine and a smile on your face, when all is said and done


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