Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Texan's Little Secret by Barbara White Daille

Carly Baron is from a well-to-do with a working ranch called the Roughneck. When she was younger, she begun a relationship with handsome grease monkey, Luke Nobel. Just as things were getting hot an heavy between the two, Luke appears at the ranch for a job and Carly accuses Luke of using their relationship to get himself the job working for her daddy. Having no time for childish outbursts, Luke walks away leaving Carly aghast. Carly leaves the ranch to go to college and has no intentions of going back to the Roughneck to live, especially when Luke is there and Carly is keeping secrets.

Years later, Carly returns to the Roughneck to help her stubborn dad recover from an illness, but returning home may be the worst decision she could ever make. Having moved on since Carly left, Luke married and was widowed. Now a single father with a beautiful two year old daughter. Facing her first love and his daughter is difficult for her in so many ways. Luke still has feelings for the spitfire but can she accept him along with his little bundle of joy?

Even though it would have been better to avoid him, it's impossible to do. Everywhere there are reminders. Carly has been fighting her feelings for ages and even though she still has it bad for Luke, telling him the one thing she has kept from him and even her entire family, could make or break the fragile relationship they are attempting to regain. Can they both take the chance? When Carly come to face with one of her biggest fears, in the form of Luke's child, will she cut and run, or come clean?

I truly did enjoy THE TEXAN'S LITTLE SECRET by Barbara White Daille. The premise for the story was a great one, I just wish it were longer and went more into the relationship between Luke and Carly.  These two characters have so much going for them, I wanted to feel so much more for them than I did. Barbara White Daille is a great writer with wonderful ideas and great stories and she keeps me turning the pages until the very end.  THE TEXAN'S LITTLE SECRET is a heartwarming tale of re-connection and forgiveness, not just forgiveness of another, but of one's self.


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