Thursday, February 5, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: Embrace the Wind (The Blood Rose #7) by Caris Roane

Olivia Hart is a half-human and half-shifter, wolf. Growing up in a small New England town where she can sprout fur, doesn't earn her many friends. After her parent dies, she moves to The Nine Realms, specifically to Swaincott Realm controlled by Master Vampyr Zane, a truly alpha male. She watches Zane come and go from the bar across the street and ends up "ghosting" him. Olivia feels a need to protect Zane. After an Invictus attack, Zane is captured. Olivia can cloak herself and become invisible. She rescues Zane. They both realize that there is an attraction, but neither wants a relationship. Zane lost his wife and swore never to get involved again. Olivia's wolf is attracted to Zane and he is attracted her furry side.

 While Master Vampyrs have a group they feed from, they are in a perpetual state of starvation unless they meet their "one", their Blood Rose. After Zane bites Olivia, he realizes that she is his blood rose. Olivia offers to help Zane fight the Invictus and Margetta the head Wraith. She has many special gifts, one of them being a zephyr wolf, she finds this out after she meets the leader of the Pack , Luther, her cousin. a zephyr wolf can use quick, bounding movements to create wind to confuse the enemy. Using this power, she helps all of the creatures of the Realm to overcome Margetta and the Invictus of the Realm. Olivia has a secret she must share with Zane before they can begin their relationship. Apparently Zane's wife did not die but was an artist living in Maine. She had faked her death to get away from Zane. They go to visit her so Zane can ask for forgiveness and his wife also has a secret too. Seems that when she left, she was pregnant and Zane now had a daughter.

This is the seventh book in The Blood rose series. I have to say, this was one of my favorites. A Master Vampyr who has tats and rides motorcycles and is a bad ass. Fantastic. A heroine who uses her gifts to protect him while helping to fight and defend the Realm. Excellent. I really enjoyed how Olivia came into her own, found love, family and Pack while taking down the evil residing in the Realm. I highly recommend this book especially if you are looking for an alpha vampyr and strong female heroine. I give this book five moons.


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