Monday, February 23, 2015

REVIEW: The Deputy's Redemption (Sweetwater Ranch #5) by Delores Fossen

Deputy Colt MacKinnon's mother is charged with murdering her lover, but his childhood sweetheart remembers seeing Colt's father at the scene and this throws a wrench into the prosecution's case. When Colt finds Elise literally running for her life through the woods, his past comes to bite him right in the butt. Elise at first thinks that Colt wants her dead, but when it's discovered there is an elaborate scheme going on to turn things upside down, Elise needs to come to terms with what she actually saw, and who will benefit from her demise.

Colt and Elise has feelings for one another so many years ago, but this murder comes between them and throws them all for a loop. Now Colt feels he must protect Elise, even if it means his father could be arrested for murder. The more Elise and Colt are in each other's presence, the more those old feelings for one another become new, and before they know it, there is no turning the clock back.
Finding the truth and staying alive are paramount in this action packed story that gets closer to getting to the bottom of that murder that has been driving a wedge through  families. 

THE DEPUTY'S REDEMPTION by Delores Fossen is a fast paced mystery from beginning to end. I love how Colt's and Elise's attraction form one another survives all the strife of the past fourteen years. The puzzle pieces of this case are finally coming closer together and waiting for the resolution is making me bite my nails, as I am sure is exactly what Delores Fossen wants. This installment of the Sweetwater Ranch series is a gem and should be savored by all.