Tuesday, February 10, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: Forever in My Heart (Tangled Hearts, #2) by Maria K. Alexander

Super-hot alpha male…check. Nosy Italian family…check. Beautiful love story…check. Forever in my heart by
 Maria K Alexander has it all!

 When Jamie DiSilva returns home from the military he finds a family in shambles and a community that wants nothing to do with him. Looking to get his construction company off the ground he and his friend Tristan have been visiting local business hoping to jobs but with the DiSilva name it seems that all doors are closed. He decides to approach Vicky DeFrancesco his old girlfriend. When he enters Decadent DeLites he sees Vicky again for the first time in 10 years and realizes that she is still the one. But getting her to go out with him is proving to be the hardest mission of his life. 

Vicky DeFrancesco, the baby of the family has finally struck out on her own to pursue her dream of owning a bakery in her hometown of Philadelphia. Business is picking up at Decadent DeLites and she is looking to update the bakery as it used to be her families pizzeria. Not sure how she can afford the renovations, help comes in the unwelcome form of Jamie DiSilva. Not only is he her former flame he is a member of the family that nearly destroyed hers. Vicky realizes that she is still attracted to Jamie but how can she be with a DiSilva? Some things happen that requires Vicky to have Jamie’s protection for a few weeks…can she fight the attraction that burns brighter now that they are adults when all she wants to do is run the other way.

I truly enjoyed this story. Vicky and Jamie are two wonderful characters that tugged at my heart. In order for them to get together (and have a relationship) they have to maneuver through many different obstacles in both their personal and professional life. Jamie is willing to give them a chance but Vicky proves to be a little more reluctant. But through some twists and turns Jamie and Vicky do get their HEA!

My favorite line of the story – “All work and no play makes Vicky a grumpy and sexually frustrated woman”

I hope to read more of this author’s in the future. There are many other characters in the book that I hope will have their own story soon!



  1. This looks interesting. Putting it on my TBR list.

  2. The story sounds good, I can relate to the Italian families that hold grudges. Ha Ha. adding it to my TBR list which is getting bigger by the day. I need time to read.