Friday, February 20, 2015

#REVIEW: Wild Horses (The Montana Hamiltons #1) by B.J. Daniels

This first book in the Montana Hamiltons series, by B.J. Daniels, WILD HORSES is the perfect segue from the beloved Beartooth Montana series.

Livie Hamilton ran off after an argument with her fiance Cooper Burnett. The hardworking man has a chip on his shoulder, the size of Beartooth, Montana, about allowing Livie's rich daddy from assisting them in any way, hence causing more than a few rifts between Cooper and the Hamiltons. This time when Livie runs off, however, she puts herself in danger and doesn't know how to handle the consequences of her actions. Now the pregnant Livie isn't sure whether the love of her life fathered her child, or the man who saved her from a car wreck where she blacked out after he brought her to "safety". The worst thing yet, someone is sending her blackmail letters making her fear not only for her life, but for the lives of all those she loves.

Cooper Burnett hasn't had a stellar upbringing, but he is a determined and honorable man. When he finds out that Livie is being blackmailed, he will stop at nothing to protect her, even when she tells him that he may not be the father of the child she carries. The man truly loves her, even if many think he's only out for the Hamilton fame and fortune.

It seems that some people close to them would much rather have the two apart for their own devious purposes, but until Cooper and Livie realize that betrayal is closer than either of them know, things become more dangerous than ever. With a killer on the loose, and Cooper now a prime suspect, it's going to take more than the love he and Livie have for one another to get to the bottom of the treachery surrounding them. 

YES! This is definitely a B.J. Daniels book! Mystery? CHECK. Murder and Mayhem? CHECK? A wonderfully solid story? CHECK. i was a very sad reader when the Beartooth, Montana series came to its close, but the fresh Montana Hamiltons is a whole new realm of trouble that I do not want to miss. Each new character ads a new facet to the Beartooth. Montana surroundings and the fact that my favorite characters, the awesome sheriff Frank  and the  reformed busy body, Nettie are still very much a part of the story, makes me a very happy reader. There is no such thing as disappointment where there is a B.J. Daniels book, and WILD HORSES is no exception. WILD HORSES by B.J. Daniels is gripping and exciting and should be read by all.


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