Monday, July 21, 2014


When Texas sheriff, Cooper McKinnon arrives at the hospital to donate blood to his nemesis Assistant District Attorney, Jessa Wells' son,  he is curious because the child, who is practically the same age as the son he lost in a flood almost two years before and he has the same rare blood-type that Cooper has. Cooper's son and his wife perished when they were caught in quickly rising flood waters, his wife's body was recovered, however, his son's body was not. Could this baby be his son?

Jessa Wells is the tough ADA who is out to bring a murderer to justice, just so happens, that the suspected murderer is Cooper's own mother, who abandoned her family when Cooper was just a teenager. Now years later, the evidence points in her direction, and nothing will stop Jessa from upholding the law, not even Cooper.  First, Jessa must make sure her adopted baby, Liam is healthy. So Cooper's showing up to donate is a godsend and a curse all at once. Cooper demands a DNA test be done on Liam and those results wreak havoc on all those involved.

MAVERICK SHERIFF by Delores Fossen is a fast-paced thriller of a ride with a lot going on. So don't blink, because you might miss some pertinent information! This book is like a six degrees of separation where so many people involved are connected in some dubious way. Cooper McKinnon grieves still for his lost family, but when a light appears to brighten his way, he also sees that Jessa is not so much foe, in fact he would mind making her more than a friend. Jessa endured an abusive marriage and is skittish when it comes to the tall and handsome lawman who evokes emotions she denies she wants to explore. I adore this kind of romance, where there is such animosity between the characters, but one pivotal moment changes it all and trust me, there are a fair share of pivotal moments here. A good start to a series that promises to an abundance of mystery with a fine taste of romance, MAVERICK SHERIFF has it all.


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