Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Jackson Cardwell  is in Montana to attend his brother's wedding. Unlike his brother who has become enamored of  both Montana and a local girl, Jackson has all intentions of returning home to Texas. After an ill-fated marriage and break-up, Jackson is definitely relationship shy and would prefer the status of single father of a young son, to that of his brother's taken status, until he sets eyes on the beauty of the wedding planner, Allie Taylor.

Allie Taylor has been widowed in unusual circumstances. The husband she was planning on leaving and divorcing turns up missing and presumed dead after a hunting trip to the mountains somehow becomes fatal. All Allie wants to do is move on with her precious daughter, but it's become difficult with odd incidents like her husband's favorite clothing appearing after Allie disposes of them, and the wardrobe he made her wear is vandalized and in its place a new wardrobe more to her liking.  In addition she has to deal with a less than pleasant mother-in-law and brother-in-law. How much more can a woman take?

Jackson is nothing but helpful to Allie, who appears to be distraught and a bit off kilter. When Allie confides in Jackson some of the goings on, Jackson is more than willing to help and reassure Allie all will be well, but someone wants Allie to lose it, or at least have those around her think she is incompetent of taking care of her daughter. When Jackson sees that all is not what it seems, he sets aside his reservations and jumps right in the fray to assist Allie and her daughter.

Once again B.J. Daniels has a winner in the form of WEDDING AT CARDWELL RANCH. The mystery begins on page one and the thrill continues throughout the entire story. There is no putting down a book like this once you have begun. The mystery must be solved. Author B.J. Daniels is expert in keeping this reader awake through the night.  The Texas Cardwell cousins are a fresh addition to the Montana family and Jackson Cardwell is destined to fall for both Montana and sweet Allie Taylor as B.J. Daniels makes sure the heroine is impossible to resist. I recommend WEDDING AT CARDWELL RANCH to any reader who loves a little romance thrown in with a thrilling tale of suspense.