Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Cowboy for Christmas (Wyoming Legacy #5) by Lacy Williams

A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS by Lacy Williams is a tale of healing and a tale of redemption and forgiveness. 

After Daisy Richards loses her dominant arm in a freak accident, the former outgoing young lady becomes an introvert who remains in seclusion in her family home. A shadow of her former self, she has taken to stubbornness and pity. Life without an arm is truly difficult for her and she hides her herself so detract from any attention that might come her way. 

When he father remarries and leaves her in charge of her new step-brothers while he and his bride go on a honeymoon, Daisy is met with a new set of struggles and would love to just call it a day, but ranch hand, Ricky White challenges her at every step. He shows her there is life after her accident, first by getting back on a horse, then by doing little things around the house that were difficult for her before. 

Ricky Ellis wasn't always the man his is now. He liked to have a good time with the ladies and he liked to drink and gamble, but that all came to an end when he caused the accident that claimed Daisy's arm. He knows she doesn't remember it was him, but he feels honor bound to make amends and come to terms with his new path in life. Little by little he helps Daisy in more ways and in the process, he falls for her and she for him. Ricky knows she's too good for him, but that doesn't change the budding attraction and the emotions that come out when Daisy is around. Daisy comes to feel for Ricky at first thinking he only cares for her out of pity, but then realizing he sees her for the woman she is inside and her disability means nothing.

As their feelings for one another grow, Ricky knows he needs to tell Daisy about his part in her accident. Watching Daisy emerge from the dark cloud and become more confident and accepting of her abilities, Ricky is now worried that Daisy will reject him, and that would hurt him more than anyone realizes, because Daisy trusts no one as she trusts Ricky. She has opened herself like she never has before and losing that trust in Ricky may just break her.

A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS by Lacy Williams is a beautiful story. So well written and so meaningful, I couldn't put it down. Ricky actually thought more poorly of himself than he actually was, and he healed along with Daisy. Each and every time Daisy makes another step to independence, Ricky is pleased, but he also sees she is quite remarkable despite all she has overcome. Daisy, while being down on herself at first, takes leaps and bounds with Ricky by her side. The friendship morphing into love was the precedent here and no two people deserved that more than Ricky and Daisy. I loved this book and will likely read it again, therefore I truly recommend it.


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