Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas at Thunder Horse Ranch (Thunder Horse #4) by Elle James

Paleontologist, Emma Jennings is a socially inept woman who prefers her solitude over company. While on a dig that has lasted further into the colder season than it should have, Emma witnesses a helicopter crash and without thinking twice, steps up to help. When Emma comes upon a scene where it appears someone is trying to kill the helicopter pilot, she does what she can to prevent that from happening.

Border Patrol agent, Dante Thunder Horse was investigating a report of a possible illegal border crossing when he was shot down with a Russian RPG grenade. Luck is on his side when first he survives the crash, then survives gunshots due to a savior's diligence. When Dante realizes that his rescuer is Professor Emma Jennings, a woman he had some interest in, but never followed up on the interest past a cup of coffee, he is relieved to see it's a friend and not foe. 

Now both Emma and Dante are in danger from a rather persistent killer, and being thrown together only brings out feelings that neither one is prepared for, but welcome once the begin to take hold. When Dante discovers siblings of his have been injured in an accident, Dante brings Emma to Thunder Horse Ranch in order to protect her and to see what his family needs. In order to spare his mother any more pain, Dante lies and introduces Emma as his fiancee, adding to the mess that's surrounding the Thunder Horse family. The more Emma and Dante attempt to shield their hearts from the inevitable emotions they have for one another, the closer these two become.

Christmas At Thunder Horse Ranch by Elle James is a Christmastime tale of suspense and romance. Both hero and heroine, Dante and Emma struggle with their inner turmoil that makes them both solitary people. Dante's loss during his time in Afghanistan makes him wary of any involvement, felling that he is betraying the love he lost. Emma has never been able to connect with anyone due to her unconventional upbringing, but Dante's presence and his way melts the ice around her well protected heart allowing her to feel things she never has before. The chemistry between these two is a big part of the allure to Christmas At Thunder Horse Ranch by Elle James, and it's a story well worth exploring. 


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