Saturday, November 1, 2014


Red, White and Screwed
By Holly Bush

"I got behind a buggy." This almost made Glenda Nelson who works for the Lancaster County Democratic Committee late for the dedication of the mural they helped sponsor late. Glenda is forty six, had an ugly divorce, and has two teenage children, Sylvia and Frank.  She works for Melvin who is constantly stressed and lives on a diet of Rolaids. Glenda's ex husband is Grant Nelson who also happens to be a Pennsylvania State representative. He is also a serial cheater. As a matter of fact, he is currently married to one of his many mistresses. Melvin and Glenda are working for John Marshall, a democrat they hope to get into the U.S. Senate. Marshall is the consummate family man, a sterling choice for the Senate.

Christopher Goodwich is an artist who was commissioned to paint a thirty foot mural of a Lancaster County Revolutionary War battle. He also happens to come from a rich, politically active family. Glenda and Christopher meet during the dedication. During the reception, Melvin and Glenda find out that their candidate, the good family man has been having an affair with a neighbor for the past twelve years. Now they needed to find a new candidate.

Glenda has many obstacles to deal with, Her father has Alzheimer's disease, her kids are having trouble dealing with the lack of attention by their father, she blames herself for her divorce from Grant, they need to find a new candidate to represent Pennsylvania in the Democratic Senate race and finally, what to do about her growing attraction to Christopher Goodwich. One night, she has had all she can handle, she calls a psychologist, makes an appointment to meet and goes about trying to get her life back together. With the love of her family, friends and Chris, Glenda is able to get her life back on track and find some happiness.

I really enjoyed this book. Holly Bush took events that have happened numerous times in the political world and showed the impact that it has on all of the people involved in the story. I loved Glenda's character. She is an older woman with teenage children and has a lot to deal with as a working single Mom, including having to cope with a parent going through the horrible disease of Alzheimer's. Another topic Ms Bush focused on was the fact that sometimes we need a little extra help and that it is ok to seek it professionally. Christopher was a doll, a guy every women would love to meet. He was patient and supportive of Glenda through all of her issues. Ms Bush's secondary characters made the story interesting as well. This story made me laugh and cry too. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for her next contemporary romance. I give this book five Moons


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