Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Texan's Christmas by Tanya Michaels

Nicole Bennett has decided to take her life into her own hands. She has gone through IVF (In Vitro  Fertilization) to have the one thing she knew she always wanted, even without benefit of a partner in her life, a baby. Nicole has a good job with a wonderful boss and a bright future ahead of her. Only problem now is, Nicole is the go-between with business between Adele and  The Baron family. Adele is the mother who walked out on the Baron children after her serious bout of depression, leaving her family when they were so young and in need of a mother. The Baron siblings have a notion that Adele is their mother and it puts Nicole in a precarious situation.

Daniel Baron has decided to leave the rodeo circuit for good. What he will do with the rest of his life is still in the air. Relationship shy, when he connects with Nicole, he begins to feel for her things he never thought possible. Then Nicole tells him that she is having a baby and Daniel almost heads for the hills. His family upbringing has made him doubt he could ever be a father, so when faced with the amazing Nicole, he doesn't know what to do.

The Texan's Christmas Baby by Tanya Michaels is the first Texas Rodeo Barons book I have had the pleasure of reading. I found it very easy to follow and enjoy the entire theme and would love to go back and read the previous tales leading up to this one. Nicole is a character I admire so much for her convictions. It's very hard to go it all alone, but her determination is something else. Daniel is a wonderful character, a gentleman who is understanding  and a truly good person. He only has to come to terms with his misgivings, and that is what this book is all about. 


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