Friday, November 7, 2014

Cowboy Cool (Cowboy Justice Association #5) by Olivia Jaymes

This refreshing and very sexy story brings together n erotic romance writer and a lawman. Cowboy Cool by Olivia Jaymes is a first for me, but I have already added the previous books to my ever-growing TBR pile.

Sheriff Reed Mitchell is taking a well deserved vacation away from his job. Only thing is, he really doesn't want to be away from it and basically had to be forced. On his way down to visit a buddy in Florida, Reed gets asked to check in on a woman who is a very good friend of a few of his favorite people, Ava and Logan  Kaylee Blue is a author who has been receiving some disturbing emails that have shaken her a bit, but she insists that she doesn't need anyone to go out of their way for her. That is out of the question for her bestie, Ava, who is having a difficult pregnancy and worries for her friend. Reed's being sent to her is a God-send.

Single and very attractive, Kaylee Blue writes some pretty steamy stuff, too bad her life doesn't reflect what she writes. When Sheriff Mitchell appears on her doorstep to investigate, she immediately is attracted to the handsome lawman. When Reed finds more than he expected to with an alleged stalker, he temporarily takes up residence in Ms. Blue's home to keep her safe and get to the bottom of the escalating emails. When Kaylee gives Reed one of her books to read he impressed with her writing as well her her sex scenes. When Kaylee expresses her interest in acting out some of those scenes and then-some  Reed goes all in. When those barriers  come toppling down can Reed hide those feelings that come to light? Does he even want to anymore?

Once Kaylee opens up to the possibility of her very fantasies becoming reality with Reed, it's full steam ahead, but now someone wants to hurt her and Reed must protect her and keep a clear head. When the job is all said and done, will Reed be able to just pack up and leave, or will the heat that he and Kaylee create make him want to stay? Oh these questions and so many more are answered by reading Cowboy Cool by Olivia Jaymes.

I love that Ms. Jaymes and picked a romance writer as her heroine. The theme of her being stalked by a disgruntled reader is quite disturbing because it could happen. Both Kaylee and Reed are strong forces of nature thrown together with explosive results. I truly enjoyed this book and am eager to read anything else Olivia Jaymes. Cowboy Cool is a read not to be missed.


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