Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Obsessed Chicks Release Day Bliss *The Lady Who Loved Him (The Brethren Book 2) by Christi Caldwell

When an author can take a much hated character and turn him into a beloved hero, that author has done her job and much more. Such is the case with Christi Caldwell in her latest magnificent read, THE LADY WHO LOVED HIM. In addition to that revelation, Ms. Caldwell has united a hero and heroine who normally would have been mismatched to most, but fit together like puzzle pieces in the grand scheme of things.

Leo Dunlop, the Marquess of Tennyson, has a past that makes most gasp. The self proclaimed rake and philanderer has much to account for. His secrets keep him at arms length from many and he prefers it this way. 

Lady Chloe Edgerton has only ever wanted to be self sufficient. Her sad past has given her an understanding that not everything has a happily ever after, especially where men are concerned. Her dreams of becoming a headmistress of a school for girls keeps her hopes up, but when Leo bounds into her life, all bets are off.

THE LADY WHO LOVED HIM by Christi Caldwell is a finely spun web of romance, understanding and adventure. Chloe and Leo's story is one to be savored and remembered. It's a tale of redemption and renewal that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who understand that a true happily ever after is a journey of ups and downs. Bravo to Christ Caldwell for making my heart happy, even if there were tears along the way.