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The Truth About Leo (Noble #4) by Katie MacAlister TEASER TOUR!



Dagmar gave into the inevitable. She hadn’t at first believed the man could truly be wounded, since she hadn’t seen any signs of injuries, but Julia’s tale was beginning to cast an ominous light on things. She couldn’t leave a wounded man to lurk about her garden. Directly on the heels of that thought came another, one that had so much potential, she allowed it to dance in her brain, illuminating all sorts of very interesting possibilities. “His driving coat did seem to be made of nice cloth. And you say the rest of his clothing was similar?”

“Very nice quality, yes. As nice as the crown prince’s garments, I would say.”

“He might be someone visiting the ambassador. Or one of the ambassador’s staff, itself. How very interesting.” Dagmar sat indecisive for a moment, then got to her weary feet. There was no avoiding the fact that she needed to go see if this man was as injured as Julia said. Her sainted mother had brought her up to take care of those less fortunate, and she knew full well that Mama would haunt her to the end of her days if she shirked that responsibility. There was no reason she shouldn’t benefit from such generosity, however. “It’s entirely possible that he’s English and of some worth, and if that’s so, then he must have family somewhere who would pay good money to have him back.”

“Princess!” Julia gasped as Dagmar scrambled around under the stove until she found a length of tattered rope. “What are you saying?”

“Were you never taught history as a girl? Dearest Papa used to tell wonderful tales about knights of yore and how they were always capturing each other and then ransoming their captors back to their families for massive mounds of gold and jewels.”

Julia weaved a little. “You don’t mean … you can’t really intend to hold that poor man hostage, can you?”

“Of course I can. It’s the most logical thing ever.” Dagmar ticked the items off on her fingers. “It will allow us to get the money we will need once we get to England. It will allow us to save that man without draining our meager resources to the point where we might as well march down to the dock this very evening and begin harlotting, and it may very well force that annoying ambassador into sending us to England.”

Julia gawked at her. “But … what you suggest is illegal, surely.”

“There is a time and place for nice morals, Julia, neither of which is here and now.”

Book Information

Book: The Truth About Leo
Author: Katie MacAlister
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance


Can Dagmar flee Denmark

Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty-stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about to have her stuffed away in a convent. When she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden, she sees a way out of her desperate situation.

By Lying to Leo?

Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of March, and spy in the service of the king, finds himself on the wrong end of a saber and left for dead. He wakes up not remembering what happened...in the care of a beautiful woman who says she is his wife.
Back in London, Leo-with the help of his old friends the eccentric Britton family-sets out to unravel what he's forgotten... Is Dagmar truly the wonderful, irrepressible woman who makes his heart sing, or is she a dangerous enigma bent on his destruction?

Author Biography

After writing several boring software books, Katie MacAlister switched to fiction, where she could torment her characters, indulge her penchant for witty dialogue, and fall madly in love with her heroes. The Truth About Leo is a brand new romance continuing the series of delightful Regencies that launched her career. A regular on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestsellers lists, Katie MacAlister has written thirty novels, including unforgettable paranormal, historical, and contemporary romances, which have been translated into numerous languages. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Visit katiemacalister.com to learn more about the author.

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Website: http://katiemacalister.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/28550.Katie_MacAlister
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katie.mac.minions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/katiemacalister


Princess Dagmar Marie Sophie is in a bit of a bind. Barely getting by with what she has, Dagmar is about to be thrown out of her home by her cousin. He has given her a choice, get thee to family or be sent to live in a convent. None of those options are agreeable to the Princess. British spy, Leopold Ernst George Latimer, the seventh Earl of March is in a bind himself. Attacked in Copenhagen and left for dead, he wakes up on a ship headed to England in stranger circumstances, he discovers he's married to the princess. Just how did that happen?

Once in England, the pair decide to make the best of the strange situation, meanwhile odd mishaps start happening and in addition to getting their lives in order, the ultimately must fight to stay out of danger. Feeling guilt for having thrust an unknowing Leo into marriage, Dagmar decides she will give him an annulment, but Leo has other ideas as he finds he is quite taken with his wife and all of her eccentricities, so he sets out to convince her that while she was underhanded in the onset of the marriage, now, she is truly what he wants in a wife. An innocent at first, Dagmar soon finds the intimacy of marriage in to her liking and her inner cheekiness is welcome to her new husband. Leo is one of the most honorable of heroes who makes the most of what he is given and comes out even better for it.

Katie MacAlister's THE TRUTH ABOUT LEO is a simply enjoyable read with it's twists and turns and its humor and sensuality. For all that, I did find Dagmar to be a tad annoying in her insistence that she give Leo his freedom while the man is protesting to wanting it. I really do like this series and will continue to read the NOBLE SERIES as long as Katie MacAlister adds to it with her wit and wisdom.



Patricia A.  Rasey has once again written a hot, hot, hot ghost story with her newest novella Heat Wave. Ryker Reed has been haunting the beach house for the past year since his life was cut short too early. Enter Lauren Andrews, recent college graduate taking advantage of a gift of time at the beach house.  When Lauren is not afraid of Ryker when he appears a whole new situation opens up for him. Ryker and Lauren are instantly attracted to each other, but how is she become attached to someone who is no longer among the living.  This book was so much fun to read, it has humor and some very spicy hot ghost sex. Couldn’t put the story down until I finished it.  I highly recommend this novella you can thank me later!

                                                LORIE WOLFENBARGER

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Guest Reviewer, Stephanie Leca ~Wingspan by Samantha Combs~

Wingspan by Samantha Combs is a fast pace action book with a little romance, mystery, and intrigue thrown into the mix. A young woman named Chessa her father who was holding a major secret back from her. A troubled young man named Ryan, and a kick-butt woman named Charlie. This story can keep your heart beating double time throughout the story and can even break your heart a time or two. If I could I would rate this story a 7, I would, however the highest I can rate is a 5 so that is what I am awarding this amazing book.

(Opinions are those of the guest reviewer)

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Guest Reviewer, Stephanie Leca ~Christmas Wishes by Patricia Kiyono~

Christmas Wishes by Patricia Kiyono was an enchanting tale of a man named Mitch, his little girl named Angie and a woman named Sophie. Between Angie and a hectic work schedule Mitch was having absolutely no luck in the relationship arena, not that he really cared his little girl is his life and he is happy that way. Throughout the story Mitch and Sophie were continually thrown together in ways that although not normal still makes a woman happy because the plot in the story can happen in real life but still makes the story enjoyable. I was very impressed with this story and so I rate it a 5.

(These opinions are those of the guest reviewer)

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Guest Reviewer, Stephanie Leca ~ He's My Husky by Sherry Gloag ~

Hello all!!! I am headed off to RWA in  San Antonio and I'd like to post some reviews by a budding guest reviewer,
 Stephanie Leca. Enjoy, and I'll see you next week!

He's My Husky by Sherry Gloag was a great romance with supernatural thrown in that for me personally just makes a book a hundred times better. This book had a women who was spurned by her one night stand, got pregnant and had a son. Now 10 years later and he is back and wanting to make things right. Emma is just a woman trying to make a good life for her son who is her life. She never thought that the man who she once told was a father and who called her a scam artist and left, not just to another city but all the way across the world would ever come back. Now Max is back and wanting to make things right. I loved this couple. Neither was weak-willed and they still managed to do what so many could not, let go of the past and move towards the future. This was very well written. I am definitely looking forward for more from Ms. Gloag.


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What a promising start to a great new series by dynamic author, Cat Johnson! 

Jon Rudnick is a career soldier. Ten years being a Navy SEAL has given him his ups and his downs. One of those downs is not being able to have a relationship that will last. In his line of work, it's a tough call. He see his buddies run through the whole rigmarole with their lives and significant others.

From the minute he sees Ali all bets are off. The pair have agreed to have a night of no holds barred sex and call it a day, because neither is ready for a commitment, and Jon will be deployed once again, and who knows what will happen there. Only thing is, after this night together, they can't get thoughts of one another out of their heads.

When there is a crisis situation stateside that involves Ali, Jon jumps in head first to do all he can to save the woman he didn't want to care for, but has become his world.

What a great read to begin with, NIGHT WITH A SEAL is all Cat Johnson. Smoldering and sexy with a brilliant story, Cat weaves her tale with ease. Already in this first look, we have a hold on our awesome characters and their lives. I look forward to each and every story to come with bated breath. I highly recommend NIGHT WITH A SEAL by CAT JOHNSON.

Night with a SEAL (Hot SEALs, Book 1)
by NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Cat Johnson

Ten years of dedication to the Navy taught SEAL Jon Rudnick one thing—he’s not afraid to risk life and limb for his country. But when navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy it makes Jon question his future.
So does Alison Cressly, the woman he can’t get out of his head.

When Ali’s life is threatened and military rules won’t allow him to intervene, Jon decides it’s time to take back control.

A team of sexy SEALs, a terrorist threat, and an attraction that can’t be denied . . . it all comes together in this launch of the new Hot SEALs romantic suspense series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author Cat Johnson. And look for Saved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs, Book 2)!

Newsletter bit.do/CatsNews

Cat Johnson is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.  A self-proclaimed promo ‘ho, she is known for her creative marketing and research practices. Consequently, Cat has sponsored bull riding rodeo cowboys, owns an entire collection of cowboy boots and camouflage shoes for book signings and a fair number of her consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living.

As a hybrid author, she writes both full length and shorter works and is currently contracted for series with publishers Kensington and Samhain.
Email : cat@catjohnson.net 


Excerpt #1: G-rated
The glare of the sun bounced off the hood as Jon steered his truck to the curb and parallel parked in front of his buddy’s place. Cutting the engine, he evaluated the house through the dark lenses of his sunglasses. It was nice for a rental. He’d definitely lived in worse. They all had.
He stepped out of the air-conditioned cab of the vehicle and pocketed the keys. It was hot outside, but not unbearable considering it was summer in Virginia. He’d take sunny and high eighties any day rather than the hundred-and-twenty degrees Fahrenheit that would be waiting for him in Afghanistan.
Jon moved around to open the passenger door and grab the cold eighteen-pack from the floor. It was going to be a good day. He had cold beer, good friends and Rick had promised them some tasty barbecue.
Best of all, he was actually stateside for a holiday. It was only Fourth of July—not one of the big days like Thanksgiving or Christmas, both of which he’d spent deployed last year—but it was a federal holiday so officially it counted.
He made his way up the short path to the front door and, case of beer in his hands, hit the doorbell with his elbow.
It was a nice change, walking up to a door in daylight and ringing the bell rather than creeping through the dark wearing night vision goggles and blowing the lock. It was the little things such as being able to approach a door and not have to dodge automatic gunfire that a man grew to appreciate after a decade of combat deployments.
The door swung wide and all six-foot-five of Rick Mann’s hulking frame filled the opening. Built like a linebacker, Rick always had made Jon—whose six-foot-two-inch frame was lean muscle rather than bulk—feel small.
“Dude, good to see you.” Jon held the beer with his left arm and clasped right hands with his former teammate.
“You too. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss seeing that smartass face of yours all hours of the day and night.” Rick grinned and stepped back to let Jon inside the front door of the house. “Come on in. The party’s going to be around back on the deck.”
As Rick led the way through the house, Jon glanced around him. It wasn’t huge, but it was neat and comfortable. A big flat-screen TV hung on one wall of the living room. Just past the living room furniture was an island lined with stools and a decent sized kitchen with appliances that looked to be fairly new.
Except for an overabundance of floral throw pillows covering the sectional sofa and the room’s two upholstered chairs—a clear sign Rick lived with a female—a man could be very happy kicking back here.
Jon tipped up his chin and called a greeting to Rick’s sister Darci in the kitchen. With a phone pressed to her ear, she smiled and wiggled her fingers in a wave.
“Nice digs,” Jon said as he skirted around a dining table and chair on his way to the sliding glass doors.
Rick let out a huff. “Thanks.”
He’d sounded less than enthusiastic and as Rick glanced over his shoulder, Jon saw his scowl. “What’s the face for? I meant it.”
Rick made a face again. “You know this is Darci’s place.”
“Yeah. So?” Jon asked. “It’s still nice.”
“I just never thought I’d be living with family at this point in my life. Moving in with my little sister is barely a step up from moving back home with my parents.”
“Hey, it’s not a big deal.” Jon shrugged. “You only got out a couple of months ago. And it didn’t make sense to buy your own place while you were active duty.”
Rick’s brow rose. “You bought yours.”
“Yup.” Jon nodded. “And I’m there less than half the months of the year, but even so, the bills still keep coming every damn month, so who’s the smart one here? You are.”
It had made sense for Rick to live in the bachelor quarters on base for the months their squad was stateside, and then just move his stuff into storage for the months they were deployed. It would be logical for Jon to do the same, except that he rarely did what was logical.
Besides, Jon liked coming home to a turnkey condo that was all his. It was far better than being at the mercy of base housing, which had left more than a few guys without a room after returning home from deployment. Real nice welcome home, that.
Team members without family in the area usually crashed on Jon’s sofa until a room became available for them. Sometimes it took a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks, but Jon didn’t mind the company. At this point, he and the guys spent so much time together he was more comfortable being with them than apart.
“I guess.” Rick continued to look miserable as he yanked open the sliding glass door leading onto the back deck.
Rick was obviously experiencing the grass-is-always-greener syndrome. Jon had seen it before. Guys who were in the military dreamed about getting out, while at the same time guys who’d gotten out lamented about how much better things were when they’d been in.
SEALs were no different than any regular Joe in that respect.
“I’ve got a cooler full of ice in the shade under the tree. You can put the beer in there.” Rick tipped his head toward the cooler and then reached to raise the cover on a stainless steel barbecue grill. “I gotta check the ribs real quick.”
“Sounds good.”
Ribs. That explained the tantalizing scent he’d smelled wafting from the closed grill when they’d stepped outside. Jon sniffed the meat-laden air as he made his way down the steps and across the lawn.
The yard was nice. Small enough to be easy to keep up, but private thanks to a fence and some well-placed landscaping. So far, Jon saw nothing for Rick to be complaining about. Living here, Rick should be a lot happier than he appeared to be. But to each his own.
Kneeling in the grass, Jon paused while tearing open the cardboard case. He breathed in the scent of freshly mowed lawn that hit him now that he was away from the smoke of the grill.
Never mind taking time to smell the roses, after spending so much time in the desert even just the sight of a patch of lush green grass could stop Jon in his tracks. He ran his hands over the shorn blades and felt them tickle his palm. It might be one of the last opportunities he’d have to appreciate things like backyard grass.
The squad couldn’t tell anyone the exact timing, but barring any last minute changes Jon’s unit would be heading back to the sandbox next week to spend the remainder of the year in the war zone.
Summer in Afghanistan sucked. But then again, so did winter . . . and the rainy season . . . and fighting season.
Jon had to think that Rick didn’t know how good he had it.
Catching himself in a grass-is-always-greener moment, he focused back on his task—stowing the beer in the ice.

Excerpt #2 rated PG:
Jon’s stare caught hers. Ali held it for longer than was proper for accidental eye contact. Feeling her cheeks heat, she yanked her gaze away.
“Holy shit. Look at the time. It’s almost midnight.” Rick’s announcement pulled Ali out of wallowing in her embarrassment.
She glanced at the screen on the muted television and saw the countdown had begun. The numbers on the screen said it was thirty seconds to midnight.
“I’m ready to toast to the end of this shitty year.” Thom raised his glass.
“Your divorce. My knee surgery. I’m right there with you, man. It was a shit year.” Rick held up his own short glass of liquor and Ali realized all the guys had abandoned drinking beer and settled on just the hard stuff.
“We’re all on the right side of the dirt, aren’t we?” Chris asked. He raised his glass to Thom and then to Rick. “Divorce and knee surgery aside, we’re all standing here together, safe and whole. If this was a shit year, I hope next year is just as shitty.”
“Amen to that.” Darci’s soft declaration came from closer to Ali than she’d expected.
Unexpectedly choked up at the words and the meaning behind them, Ali turned and clinked her glass to Darci’s. “Amen.”
The giant numbers had continued flashing on the television during Chris’s speech until the guests echoed the countdown aloud.
“. . . three, two, one.” The room resonated with a deep, loud, “Happy New Year” that could only be produced by a team of men used to working together. She laughed when she got a look at the coordinated toast made by the circle of guys, shoulder to shoulder, glasses raised high as they all met in the middle.
Then the moment passed. The circle broke and there was back slapping and hand shakes for everyone.
Chris broke off from the revelry and made a beeline for Darci.
“I’m not getting screwed out of a New Year’s kiss.” He tipped his head toward the guys. “They’re all too ugly, so it’s gotta be you, darlin’.”
Grinning wide, Chris reeled in Darci with one arm, dipped her deep and gave her a kiss worthy of one of those corny old black and white movies.
Ali watched, wide-eyed, from not a foot away. There was quite a lot of intrigue surrounding her. If she wasn’t mistaken, Chris liked Darci, while Darci was interested in Zane. And Zane apparently wanted any girl in his phone willing to text him back for a booty call. It all felt very high school, especially when Ali’s own crush stepped into her line of vision and her heart began to pound like she was a teenager again.
Jon put his glass down on the counter. “Happy New Year.”
She turned to fully face him. “Happy New Year.”
Not sure exactly what to do—shake his hand, kiss him on the cheek, kiss him on the lips—she waited for him to make the first move. And oh, boy, did he make one hell of a move as he palmed her face, leaned in and crashed his lips against hers.
Jon planted one hell of a kiss, dead on her mouth, while she stood there with a glass in one hand and uncertain what to do with the other. As the kiss went on for far longer than a peck, she reached blindly for him and looped the fingers of her free hand into his waistband.
Drawing in a breath through his nose, Jon moved one leg forward to nestle his thigh between hers. Pressing closer, he thrust his tongue between her lips.
She felt ridiculous still holding her glass, but couldn’t see to put it down. It didn’t matter anyway. The sounds in the room permeated the private bubble Jon’s kiss put her in and reminded her they were by no means alone. Feeling the erection pressing against her, she wished they were alone. But the taste of the scotch he’d been drinking was a reminder that unlike in July, tonight Jon wasn’t sober.
He’d been polite and pleasant but definitely aloof all night, but now, many drinks later, he was all over her. There was nothing like some straight alcohol to make a man horny.
Ali pulled back, breaking the kiss as her mind spun for something to say.
Jon took a step back and dropped his hold on her. “I’m sorry. That was . . .”
“The holiday? The scotch? The fact you’re happy to be home and alive.” She smiled. “Really, Jon, it’s all right.”
He laughed and shook his head. “Inappropriate was the word I was going for, but yeah, the rest of those all apply too.”
She waited. For him to ask her out. For him to suggest they go somewhere more private. For basically anything.
Jon hooked a thumb toward Rick’s bedroom door. “I’m gonna go hit the head.”
That was the last thing she’d expected, but she nodded. “Okay.”

More than just hot men in a uniform by Cat Johnson

I get asked the same question a lot—why did I start writing military romance? The answer is easy. I loved reading military romance. Suzanne Brockmann and Alison Kent were fixtures on my keeper shelf, so when I got my first romance contract in 2006, I asked my then editor if I tried my hand at a military romance would she be interested? Her answer was yes.

That was the birth of the Red, Hot, & Blue series that is out with Samhain Publishing. It started out with a team of SpecOps, but as I began researching the details for those first stories and came in contact with actual deployed troops, my ideas and story began to focus more on the tankers, the infantry, the boots on the ground. And as the war changed, the hot spots moving from Ramadi, Iraq to the border provinces in the mountains separating Pakistan from Afghanistan, so did my settings change to reflect the reality and the real heroes I’d met.

Even after the conclusion of the Red, Hot & Blue series, I continued to write military men. Two of the heroes in my Oklahoma Nights series with Kensington are cowboys, but also active duty Army to pay tribute to those serving.

I guess it’s not a surprise then that when author Sharon Hamilton emailed me a few months ago about a SEAL-themed box set I said yes. The problem was I didn’t have a SEAL story to contribute. So I wrote one. More than that, I decided if I was going to do this, I was going all in. I planned a whole new series, HOT SEALs. I created a logo for the series. I made up covers for the first three books, and banners and postcards and promo for the series. I wrote book one for the Hot Alpha SEALs box set and started writing book two, Saved by a SEAL. I’ve got book one, Night with a SEAL, in paperback and the audiobook in production and I’m working on getting it translated into foreign language. Needless to say I’m excited about this new venture in my military romance career.

I hope the readers enjoy the journey as much as I do. Step one in my wild ride is to pick up the HOT ALPHA SEALS Megaset while it’s still 99 cents for the introductory price. And then if you like what you’ve read, please do pick up book 2 in my Hot SEALs series, Saved by a SEAL (on preorder now and releasing September 16th) because in real life and in literature, military men are hot!

Cat Johnson
RED HOT CHICKEN SALAD in honor of author Cat Johnson’s RED HOT SEALs!
What many people don’t know about me is that I put myself through college working in food service. I’ve worked for country clubs doing banquet waitressing and tending bar and I’ve worked for gourmet caterers doing on site events.

During that time, I always had my nose in the kitchen. First, because that’s where the food was and on a 15-hour shift, you’re always looking to shove some food in your face when you have a chance. Also because I was fascinated in the cooking process. I’ve learned from some of the best, from pastry chefs, to German-chefs, to a French-trained American chefs. But I probably learned the most from Paco, the Mexican chef who spent winters in Mexico and summers at the where I worked country club here in the states.

From Paco I learned how to make homemade refried beans, pico de gayo, guacamole, and the best damn (and hottest) tomato salad I’ve ever had.  I also learned a valuable lesson--how to take yesterday’s leftovers and create something fabulous and totally different to serve to the staff for family meal. I take it as a challenge to make my leftovers at home resemble nothing like what they started life as, and below is one of those recipes I created to do exactly that. It transforms boring leftover chicken, and with a nod toward one of my favorite bar foods—Buffalo chicken wings—makes a plain tossed salad something tantalizing and spicy.

Cat Johnson 


1 cup leftover cooked chicken, sliced to bite-sized pieces
1 Tb Butter
2 Tb Hot Sauce (such as Frank’s Red Hot)

Carrots, chopped
Celery, chopped
Grape Tomatoes, whole

Your favorite prepared Blue Cheese dressing

1- In a small saucepan melt butter. Add hot sauce. When blended, add chicken and heat just until warm.

2- With the remaining ingredients, assemble your salad (in either individual serving bowls for each person or one large bowl for serving family style).

3- Place warm chicken pieces on top and serve immediately.

The Book Obsessed Chicks bring you HOT ALPHA SEALS by the dozen!

The HOT ALPHA SEALs authors are heating up your summer with the hottest heroes around—a 12-pack of sizzling Navy SEALs for your reading pleasure! With new works from 12 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning bestselling authors Anne Elizabeth, Cat Johnson, Cindy Dees, Cristin Harbor, Delilah Devlin, Elle James, Gennita Low, J.M. Madden, P.T. Michelle, Sabrina York, Sharon Hamilton, Teresa Reasor, this limited edition box set is one you don’t want to miss. And it’s only 99 cents during release week!

Buy it now on AMAZON
Also coming to BN, iBooks, Kobo, and Are

Check out the Hot Alpha SEALs FB Event Page news and prizes!

The HOT ALPHA SEALs Megaset includes:
THE KISS OF A SEAL by Award-winning Author Anne Elizabeth — Jessa Grainger’s world is rocked by the kiss of a SEAL, SO-1 Link Tyler. It wouldn’t be a problem for an ordinary person, but being a Navy Consultant working on the Amphibious Base as well as being engaged to a SWCC man make the situation very sticky.

NIGHT WITH A SEAL (Hot SEALS #1) by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Cat Johnson —When navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy, it makes SEAL Jon Rudnick question his future. So does Alison Cressly, the one woman he can’t get out of his head.

HOT BAYOU SEAL by Award-winning author Cindy Dees — SEAL Ford Alambeaux is a busted up SEAL on his way out of the teams. Trina Zarkos is being tossed out of SEAL training like every other female candidate…until they’re thrown together on a way off-book mission to see if she can play with the big boys or not.

DELTA: RETRIBUTION by USA Today bestselling author Cristin Harber — Fallen Navy SEAL and Titan Group’s Delta recruit Trace Reeves wants nothing more than a one-night stand to forget that his twin brother was killed-in-action. But when his one-time fling becomes his high value target, the lines blur between her rescue mission and saving himself.

WATCH OVER ME (An Uncharted SEAL story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin — Deke Warrick’s unsanctioned detail is to keep tabs on a congressman’s niece while she vacations in the Caribbean. He’s determined to keep his distance, from the beautiful Nicky Martir—until she’s snatched from their hotel room.

SEAL'S OBSESSION (A Take No Prisoners story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle James — Mission: Halt pirate activities off the coast of Honduras. SEAL TEAM 10's Jack Fischer goes undercover as a deck hand on a medical boat where he finds himself falling for the dedicated Dr. Natalie Rhoades.

The SEAL (a Sex, Lies & Spies novella) by USA Today bestselling author Gennita Low — Mari Lords is tasked by her father to steal the seal that is an important clue in a round-the-world treasure hunt called The Game. When her opportunity comes during a party, she finds another kind of SEAL, Angel Marcello.

UNBREAKABLE SEAL by USA Today bestselling author J.M. Madden — Maxwell Tate fights against a psychotic dream world, until he no longer knows what’s real. Lacey Adams knows she can’t save all of her cases, but can she salvage the unbreakable SEAL?

MISTER BLACK A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 1 (In the Shadows) by Award-winning author P.T. Michelle —He is Black: a deadly enforcer and masterful seducer. I am Red: a justice bleeder and willing participant. When our secrets converge in a passionate encounter, stepping out of the shadows just might be worth the risk.

STONE HARD SEAL by Award-winning author Sabrina York —When Ryder “Stone” Maddox’s meets Lily Wilson—a senator’s daughter who is definitely off-limits—he’s determined to keep his distance, despite her irresistible allure. But Lily has plans of her own…to put his heart of stone to the test.
SEAL’S PROMISE by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Hamilton —Navy SEAL T.J. Talbot, SEAL Team 3's bad boy, makes a deathbed promise to protect and care for his fallen buddy's wife and child. The only problem is, she hates him.

BREAKING TIES (a SEAL Team Heartbreakers story) by bestselling author Teresa Reasor — Navy SEAL Oliver Shaker is blindsided when he learns that not only does his wife, Selena, have a life-threatening illness, but she’s also pregnant. Can the SEAL code he follows see them through?

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When Texas sheriff, Cooper McKinnon arrives at the hospital to donate blood to his nemesis Assistant District Attorney, Jessa Wells' son,  he is curious because the child, who is practically the same age as the son he lost in a flood almost two years before and he has the same rare blood-type that Cooper has. Cooper's son and his wife perished when they were caught in quickly rising flood waters, his wife's body was recovered, however, his son's body was not. Could this baby be his son?

Jessa Wells is the tough ADA who is out to bring a murderer to justice, just so happens, that the suspected murderer is Cooper's own mother, who abandoned her family when Cooper was just a teenager. Now years later, the evidence points in her direction, and nothing will stop Jessa from upholding the law, not even Cooper.  First, Jessa must make sure her adopted baby, Liam is healthy. So Cooper's showing up to donate is a godsend and a curse all at once. Cooper demands a DNA test be done on Liam and those results wreak havoc on all those involved.

MAVERICK SHERIFF by Delores Fossen is a fast-paced thriller of a ride with a lot going on. So don't blink, because you might miss some pertinent information! This book is like a six degrees of separation where so many people involved are connected in some dubious way. Cooper McKinnon grieves still for his lost family, but when a light appears to brighten his way, he also sees that Jessa is not so much foe, in fact he would mind making her more than a friend. Jessa endured an abusive marriage and is skittish when it comes to the tall and handsome lawman who evokes emotions she denies she wants to explore. I adore this kind of romance, where there is such animosity between the characters, but one pivotal moment changes it all and trust me, there are a fair share of pivotal moments here. A good start to a series that promises to an abundance of mystery with a fine taste of romance, MAVERICK SHERIFF has it all.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

INVITATION TO PASSION ( Book 3 of the Invitation To Series) by BRONWEN EVANS

Madeline Knight has been in love with Lord Richard Craven for years, but Richard has had his eyes set on the now married Sarah and even though she is married, Richard has no qualms about having a liaison with her. Madeline and Richard have been best friends since the time the now twenty-one year old was thirteen. Richard and Rufus, Madeline's older brother have been friends and since Rufus was away clearing his father's name of treason, he had nothing to say about the odd relationship between his sister and his friend.

Rufus is having a party for his sister. It's time for the sheltered Madeline to open up a bit and begin to feel out her prospects. While at her party, Richard whisks the well married, Sarah off to an empty room with amorous intentions for his ex-lover. When Sarah's cruel husband seeks out the pair, knowing they must have an affair going on, Madeline jumps in to save Richard from being called out, but in turn ends up being compromised publicly. Rufus insists on a wedding between his sister and his friend to save face and Madeline's faltering reputation.

  Maddy feels she has trapped Richard into a marriage he didn't want, but the more time they spend in each other's company, the more the marriage feels right to Richard. Maddy needs more convincing, because even though Richard makes her feel like a treasured wife, when they are alone, she also feels like the third wheel when Sarah is around. When Sarah's husband dies in an apparent hunting accident, Madeline is unimaginably distressed that through her own fault, Richard is not with the woman he truly loves, but with the friend he had to settle for. 

When Sarah's husband's so called accident turns into an apparent murder, Richard and his brother, Anthony set out to find out who the culprit is. In the meantime,an old enemies appears and worms its way into the brother's lives, carefully planning reckoning for the death of the enemy's loved one. Time may be running out for Richard to save his wife from evil's hands, and prove to her that she is all he really wants and needs.

INVITATION TO PASSION by Bronwen Evans is a face-paced thrill of a ride. Lord Richard Craven has been put on on a pedestal by the naive Madeline from a young age, but with age,comes wisdom. Although a rake, Richard is a good man, who promises to never intentionally hurt his Maddy, but intentions fall short sometimes. The couple must work through their issues, if only outside forces weren't always against them.  This third installment of the INVITATION TO series is a strong story with passionate budding romance. Bronwen Evans has cemented her place  as one of my favorite authors and I eagerly await each and every word she puts to pen. I strongly recommend INVITATION TO PASSION as it is a wonderful book.


Monday, July 14, 2014


Grant Gentry and his brother are attacked on their way back from a cattle drive. He wakes up a few miles from home being cared for by two elderly sisters and a young woman they've taken in.  His goal becomes to get better and find his brother; this is not the time to find love.
Julia Cutler's life has been anything but easy.  After a disastrous marriage to a ruthless man, she settles into a comfortable life helping out the Sullivan sisters in exchange for room and board.  When sparks fly between her and the man she's grown to care for, she allows nature to take it's course not planning for anything past the moment. Sometimes love enters during the worst times in life.


Saturday, July 12, 2014


This third installment in the Survivor's Club Series by Mary Balogh is one I have been patiently awaiting. Benedict always intrigued me and now he has his day. Sir Benedict Harper barely survived with Peninsular Wars, he came through it with nearly crushed legs and was told he would never walk again. With the aid of crutches he defies all reason by bringing shame to those skeptics. Walking does not mean that he is  not in consistent pain, but the pain of living is a far better choice than no life at all, I suppose.

Through his older brother's death, Ben becomes the heir to his estate but leaves his younger brother in charge. His brother in a sense usurps Benedict's title and land, leaving him in limbo after his convalescence with the other Survivors. Deciding to travel instead of regain his home, Ben ends up at his favorite sibling's estate for a visit. That visit changes his life when he practically mows down a widow and her dog while riding a horse with some difficulty.

Mrs. Samantha McKay is a widow at the age of twenty-three, when her husband succumbs to his injuries years after the war ends. While Samantha is not your typical grieving widow, he husband's family insist on deep mourning, which includes her spinster sister-in-law, Matilda guarding over her every move, making sure she wears the most awful of black mourning attire, keeps all the windows covered and sends all callers away. Samantha is growing excessively tired of the rigidity of her in-laws, especially with the fact that her sister-in-law reports back to her father on every move Samantha makes. 

At first Samantha finds Sir Benedict unpleasant, but after an apology for almost injuring the lady, they become friendly and Samantha has an outlet for her feelings. When Samantha decides she wants to go riding with Ben and his sister, Matilda forbids it, only to be overridden by Samantha. A shocked Matilda hightails it back to her father, who in turn sends his men to fetch Samantha back to his oppressive home and instruct his daughter-in-law on correct comportment of a widow. Instead of being bullied, Samantha escapes from England with Ben as her protector, but with a budding attraction to one another, one wonders of respectability with rule.

Benedict's believing he has no right to love after being so crippled by his misfortune in the military and Samantha's insistence on being free after her one sided marriage to a man she thought she loved but fund quickly she was mistaken, fuels THE ESCAPE by Mary Balogh. Denial of a relationship by both parties only makes this story stronger as both Ben and Samantha come to terms with their lots in life. THE ESCAPE was everything I hoped it would be and more. Benedict needed a love who would never pity him his disability but see it as only adding to his persona and that is exactly what he finds with his Samantha. I highly recommend this book, as well as any in the Survivor's Club Series. They are well written and infused with emotion as well as wonderful stories of understanding and hope.


Thursday, July 10, 2014


Books like LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER by Carolyn Brown are the very reason I read romance. They lift my spirit and make me run a gamut of emotions. In one word, LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER is perfection to me. 
Divorced for seventeen years, after finding her husband in the arms of another woman in her own barn, Loretta Bailey returns to the Lonesome Canyon Ranch on a mission. Her twenty-one year old daughter Nona has told her parents that she no longer wishes to finish her last year of college. Nona would prefer to be a rancher and continue her budding relationship with her ranch hand boyfriend Travis, but Loretta will have none of it. Having not seen the ex-husband, Jackson Bailey, since Nona learned to drive herself to the ranch, Loretta is both out of her element and back home at the same time. 

Handsome forty year old, Jackson knows he did his first love, Loretta, wrong when he sneaked off to the barn to lip-lock with local diva Dina, but after it happened, he thought Loretta would fight for their relationship, not hightail it back to her parents and siblings, taking their only child, Nona with her. As soon as Jackson sets eyes on his ex, he knows those intense feelings he always had for her are still there, but his stubborn and outspoken ex, Loretta has a one track mind, which only includes taking Nona away from the ranch and making her finish out her college career. Jackson finds Loretta to be more beautiful than ever and even more alluring with age and he wouldn't mind exploring a new relationship with her.

After spending time in her old stomping ground and having the perspective of a mature forty year old woman, Loretta realizes that maybe she didn't give Jackson the second chance he deserved. Maybe there was more than what met the eye when she caught him in Dina's arms. The fact that Loretta has a career and a contented life, or so she believes, is what prompts her to get Nona away from the ranch. She wants her beloved daughter to have more choices with her life than she thinks she had. Nona is one headstrong young lady though, and her parents are to thank for that. Nothing can sway this lady in love from her path to Travis and the ranch, but can Loretta and Jackson move on from their painful past and renew those feelings that put them in each other's lives in the first place?

As much as I would love to continue to tell you about this amazing story, I think I need to quit before I give too much away. As you already know, I truly loved LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER by the indomitable Carolyn Brown. This book reflects the authors spunky personality, which I endlessly admire. Maybe because I'm of a certain age where romances between twenty-somethings now bore me that this story of two mature but lively forty year olds,  just sang to me. The story between Loretta and Jackson is so real and the colorful cast of supporting characters just bring life to all in this Texas town and I wish I could throw myself right in there as well. I so highly recommend LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER by Carolyn Brown to all. It has definitely jumped to one of my all-time favorite reads to date.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

Ariadne Carfax has been betrothed to Ivor Chalfont since childhood. When her grandfather passes away, the time has come to live up to the betrothal and marry Ivor, but Ari is in love with another man. How can she discard her poet for the man chosen for her by her family? The union of the Catholic and Protestant sides is paramount to Ari's family, as they want to be reinstated among the nobility after decades of shame. 

For the greater good of the family, Ari sends her lover away and bucks up to marry Ivor, but she also plans to forsake her marriage one the family regains their place. Ivor has waited his entire youth and is resigned to marriage with his childhood friend, but he will not accept just a part of her, he wants it all. Ivor wants Ari to love him more than she loves her Gabriel and he won't accept any less. Ivor sets out to convince his bride that he is what she needs, no one else. Once Ivor sets out to win his wife over, the sparks fly between the pair, but Ari is impetuous. Does Ivor have what it takes to woo his wife away from her poet and make a life with her in harmony and love? 

TRAPPED AT THE ALTAR by Jane Feather is an enjoyable historical read. I admit to liking Ivor way more than the seemingly spoiled Ariadne and found it hard to see her side of things when Ivor from the get-go was so obliging. He may be an obliging character, but he no doormat, and he lets Ari know that from the get-go. This is my first read by the author and I admit that I am intrigued by Jane Feather and would like to explore her previous books. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Princess Dagmar Marie Sophie is in a bit of a bind. Barely getting by with what she has, Dagmar is about to be thrown out of her home by her cousin. He has given her a choice, get thee to family or be sent to live in a convent. None of those options are agreeable to the Princess. British spy, Leopold Ernst George Latimer, the seventh Earl of March is in a bind himself. Attacked in Copenhagen and left for dead, he wakes up on a ship headed to England in stranger circumstances, he discovers he's married to the princess. Just how did that happen? 

Once in England, the pair decide to make the best of the strange situation, meanwhile odd mishaps start happening  and in addition to getting their lives in order, the ultimately must fight to stay out of danger. Feeling guilt for having thrust an unknowing Leo into marriage, Dagmar decides she will give him an annulment, but Leo has other ideas as he finds he is quite taken with his wife and all of her eccentricities, so he sets out to convince her that while she was underhanded in the onset of the marriage, now, she is truly what he wants in a wife. An innocent at first,  Dagmar soon finds the intimacy of marriage in  to her liking and her inner cheekiness is welcome to her new husband. Leo is one of the most honorable of heroes who makes the most of what he is given and comes out even better for it.

Katie MacAlister's THE TRUTH ABOUT LEO is a simply enjoyable read with it's twists and turns and its humor and sensuality. For all that, I did find Dagmar to be a tad annoying in her insistence that she give Leo his freedom while the man is protesting to wanting it. I really do like this series and will continue to read the NOBLE SERIES as long as Katie MacAlister adds to it with her wit and wisdom.