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Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre


Unfinished Dreams is the story of Gabe Russell and Tess Graham. Gabe is down on his luck, floundering his way through life while struggling to keep alive his hopes and dreams of his family heritage. Tess is determined to have a new start in life in a quiet country setting to try to erase the bad memories of an abusive ex-husband. Gabe’s and Tess’ lives cross when Tess moves into Gabe’s foreclosed farmhouse. As Gabe now is making ends meet as a repair man, he is called in by Tess to do repairs to the farm buildings. After various ups, downs, trials and tribulations these two damaged personalities find love and comfort in each other.
Amanda McIntyre shows her true talent in her excellent word choices and descriptions in this book.  She makes Gabe and Tess come alive in the reader’s eyes and drives the strong story line with her interesting characterizations. She provides many enjoyable passages and I include the following as proof of her delightful, entertaining ability. “Gabe scrambled for every ounce of gentlemanly integrity he could muster as his eyes all but rolled out of their sockets.”
I just love a poignant love story that brings “happy” tears to my eyes as I read.  Amanda McIntyre certainly doesn’t disappoint.  You’ll enjoy laughing and crying, fighting and loving, as well as sharing despair and happiness with Gabe and Tess. Trust me on this.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 

4 1/2 STARS
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What do you get when you put a hot, tall cowboy of Viking ancestry and a beautiful school teacher, author extraordinaire together? You get trouble, and a whole mess of it. Meet Angel Morgan, a sometime school teacher who writes dime novels about the Wild West under a pen name. Angel seems to have difficulty staying away from a particular brand of trouble named Rune Wulffson. You see, Angel and Rune have history. Angel was responsible for sending Rune to jail for a crime he did not really commit and now Rune is out for revenge. Or is he?

One thing you must understand is that Rune and Angel are not all that they appear to be, they are both have multiple identities and they are both on different missions that lead them in the same direction. Rune needs to get in with a really bad band of bandits and Angel is on the search for a friend's missing fiancee. While attempting to accomplish these missions, there's a whole lot of sexual tension going on here and it ends up being real hard for these two people to keep their hands off one another while evading horse thieves, murderers and some kidnappers. Yes, there's that whole lot of trouble I was talking about.

What an enjoyable follow-up to Angel Gone Bad. I just love a book where the heroine is a strong and self-sufficient female who doesn't cry or cower every time there's an issue, and Angel hits that mark. Rune is such an interesting hero. His ties to his ancestry are so admirable and make you want to know more about him, not just about handsome he is, but what makes him tick.

I eagerly await the follow-up BRIDE GONE BAD by Sabine Starr


3 Stars (Excellent Read)

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Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (Sinner's Trio Book 2) by Anna Randol

Olivia Swift is beside herself when Clayton Campbell, the beau that she believed was executed ten years ago, appears at her place of business for somewhat of a reckoning. Clayton Campbell was accused by Olivia's father, the owner of the mill where Clayton worked, of illegal activities which included counterfeiting. Clayton was convicted and sentenced to die but ten years later, he's back and very much a changed man, a man set out to ruin the Swifts and their mill.

Young and innocent, Olivia Swift thought she was doing the right thing going to her father. She was in love with Clayton and was sure he was in love with her as well. Years later, her father has had a stroke and Olivia is trying to keep the mill and the town from going under. When Clayton returns and tells Olivia that her father's and her days are coming to  close at the mill, Olivia must think of something to thwart Clayton's revenge. Before Olivia gets a chance to do anything, she is kidnapped and taken to Russia by revolutionaries.

Hmmm, this keeps getting curiouser and curiouser by the minute because Olivia is mistaken for a spy , La Petit, who just happens to be associated with Mr. Campbell, who has spent the last ten years in the espionage game. What has Olivia gotten into now? When Clayton finds out that Olivia has been taken, he dashes off the Russia to attempt to save her. Conflicted, Clayton tries to keep hidden his feelings for Olivia since he must destroy her family legacy, but he also needs to save her from danger which she has nothing to do with, until now.

Sins of a Ruthless Rogue by Anna Randol is cloak and dagger and intrigue at its best. The characters are smart and savvy and take us places where we haven't been before. Russia, on the verge of revolution is exciting and romantic, Clayton and Olivia fit quite well. As much animosity as Clayton has deep within for what Olivia's father has done to him, it is neatly pushed aside while they both come together to save Russia's monarch from certain death. Will Olivia understand all that Clayton went though? Will he realize that the past was not her fault? So much and more is revealed in Sins of a Ruthless Rogue by Anna Randol.


4 Stars (Brilliant)

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Welcome readers to my author spotlight on author Anna Randol. I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Anna's first "Sinners Trio" book last year and really enjoyed it, so when I had the chance to read SINS OF A RUTHLESS ROGUE, which releases March 26, 2013, I jumped at the chance. Enjoy the little inside on this great author!

Hi Anna! Thank you so much for joining me at Book Obsessed Chicks.  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you become a writer?

I’ve always had stories rolling around in my head. I thought for a while they were just fantasies, but they were never just passing things. I would work and re-work them in my head until every plot point made sense and everyone had perfect motivation. (Seriously, I would work on one scene for weeks.) Then about five years ago, if finally occurred to me to begin putting them down on paper.
Please tell us about your inspiration for your upcoming book, the second in the Sinner’s Trio, Sins of a Ruthless Rogue.
Sins of a Ruthless Rogue is loosely tied to the first book in the series, Sins of a Virgin. Like the characters appear in the book, this Trio of spies came to me a united group. I knew if I wrote a book for one of them I would have to write a book for all of them. Thankfully, Avon allowed that to happen.
As for the setting, I travelled to St. Petersburg while I was in college and I have been in love with it ever since. It is a city of such amazing beauty and contrasts. European yet Russian. So much beauty yet so much pain.

Is it safe to say that you like history?

 I enjoy how you integrate the history into your story.
I do love history! In fact, I have to make sure I don’t get so sucked into research that I run out of time to write. I especially love to read first person accounts. And for Sins of a Ruthless Rogue, I spent hours devouring some fascinating books with photos of pre-revolution Russia.
Normally, I limit myself to two or three solid weeks of research before I start on a new book. I try my best to get a feel for the location and time I plan to write in. After that, (other than an occasional quick fact check) I write all the way through my first draft without stopping.

Can you tell us your favorite character from the series so far and why?

Ack! I have too many! I fall in love with all my characters. But I suppose I have a soft spot for Canterbury, the butler. He shows up in all three books. He’s got such a fun droll wit and an awesome taste in hats. And he does get to hit Ian in the head with a pan.
 I can’t give too much away, but we finally do get to find out some of Canterbury’s backstory in Sins of a Wicked Princess and his history with Ian. And Canterbury may or may not finally get a happy ending of his own… J

Was it difficult for you to get published?

Like most authors, I had moments where the rejections were rolling in and I was sure nothing I wrote would ever sell, but I was also very lucky. I ended up signing with an agent, the fabulous Kevan Lyon, on my second manuscript and selling my third manuscript to Avon.
How many more books are planned in this series?
Just one! The final book, Sins of a Wicked Princess, will be released at the end of November. I am so excited about this one. My readers have been dying to read Ian’s book and I hope they won’t be disappointed. He was such a fun rouge to write and the heroine, Princess Juliana, is more than his match. And if my editor lets me keep it, there might be a scene where Ian gets to rush to the rescue wearing nothing more than a flour sack…

Who are your favorite authors/reads?

I love so many authors! In historical romance, I love Loretta Chase, Joanna Bourne, and Julia Quinn. When I am in the mood for paranormal, I always look for Nalini Singh or Kresley Cole. In YA, I adore Rachelle Mead, Anna Perkins, and Jennifer Echols.


I love trying to look cool while stumbling around on the treadmill. I love chasing my kids and my yellow Labrador puppy. I love any and all excuses to eat.

Do you use an inspiration board for your characters? Who do you picture as your characters?

I don’t use an inspiration board, but I usually do have a celebrity inspiration for my characters, especially the heroes. In Sins of a Ruthless Rogue, Clayton looks a lot like Adam Levine.  In my previous novel, Sins of Virgin, I always pictured Gabriel Huntford as Daniel Craig.

Where can readers find you?

I love to hear from my readers! My website is www. I am also on Twitter @AnnaRandol and Facebook at

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Re-Cap of Liberty States Fiction Writers ~CREATE SOMETHING MAGICAL~ Conference 2013

The Awesome Caridad Pineiro and I at the BOC Party on Saturday Night

Well folks, what can I say? It was a very interesting weekend in Iselin, NJ at the Liberty States Fiction Writer's Conference. Chock full of amazing authors and readers just there to have a good time. Part of my Book Obsessed group arrived on Friday evening, hoping to help ultimate planner, Rayna Vause and super side-kick Caridad Pineiro with the work. Alas, they had it all under control so we just sat back and relaxed with them.

Keynote speaker this year was the indomitable horror writer, Jonathan Maberry, who is a force in and of himself.

The conference itself began bright and early on Saturday morning with a very easy-going registration before reader panels began. The first panel I went to was Elisabeth Staab, Caridad Pineiro and Stephanie Julian of course chatting about the paranormal... Great stuff !!! 

Elisabeth Staab, Caridad Pineiro and Stephanie Julian

The next panel I attended was with two of my ultimate Regency writers, Katharine Ashe and Sarah MacLean. It was a fab chat with these ultra interesting ladies who included the attendees in the chat. Ahhh how I love historical!!!!!

Katharine Ashe and Sarah MacLean

Next, we had an extremely and quite informative panel with Joey Hill and Dr Charley Ferrer, which went into the world of BDSM and had the attendees laughing as well as blushing... 

Joey Hill and Dr. Charley Ferrer

It was a whirlwind day with so much going on, that before you knew it, the book signing was upon us. What a great event. I just love how you can go up to your favorite authors and have some one on one time with them... They are all so gracious!

Tina Gabrielle

Cris Anson

Margaret Whelehan, Jenn Fraser, Joey Hill, Kim Rocha and Francesca Bensi

Damon Suede and Framcesca Bensi

Caridad Pineiro

Maya Rodale

Francesca Bensi with Jennfier Probst

Katharine Ashe

Sarah MacLean

The evening continued with The Book Obsessed Chicks party with BOC chica, Denise Scarangella as line dance instructor for the night, and what a great job she did!

Babette James

Francesca with Virginia Kantra

Pilar, Francesca and I

Penny and Denise

My BOC Chica Carol

Francesca and Joey Hill

Penny, Denise, Terry and Holly

Denise and Joey Hill

Eagerly awaiting to plan the party for next year and hang out with readers and authors and the Liberty States Fiction Writers ~ CREATE SOMETHING MAGICAL 2014~

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Thursday, March 14-Melissa Cutler & Jenna Kernan OVER AT AMANDA MCINTYRE'S BLOG

Welcome to another country morning! You can almost hear the sizzle of bacon, smell the fresh-brewed coffee and the heady scent of a dew-covered mother earth! Its a great day to welcome visitors to the porch and talk about books--especially from authors whose heroes have always been cowboys--the quintessential 'country boys'!

Today we welcome two more gifted storytellers--Melissa Cutler and Jenna Kernan. So grab your cuppa, find your favorite spot and get cozy as we visit with these two fine ladies today!
BIO:Bio: Melissa Cutler knows she has the best job in the world, dividing her time between her dual passions for writing sexy contemporary romances and edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense. She was struck at an early age by an unrelenting travel bug and is probably planning her next vacation as you read this. When she's not globetrotting, she's enjoying Southern California's flip-flop wearing weather and wrangling two rambunctious kids.

What inspired you to write this story?

With The Trouble with Cowboys, I was inspired to create a mash-up of western and culinary romance novels, with a heroine who's a failed reality Chef show contestant (a lá Top Chef) who's returned to her small town home to open a restaurant featuring locally grown food and a cowboy hero who not only raises prime beef but knows what to do with it once it hits the kitchen. I love the idea of following a cattle rancher in from riding the range to his kitchen and watching him prepare filet mignon from steer he'd painstakingly raised.
 Kellan’s imposing form materialized at the end of the breezeway. He folded his arms over his chest and propped his shoulder against the wall.
Amy yelped and lurched to a halt. “You scared me.” 
“I’m ready to ask you out.” 
"Oh." She tried to calm her racing heart, breathing deeply. Impossible. “Go ahead.” 
“Amy, may I make you dinner at my house on Friday?” 
She was ready with her answer. “No. Not a good idea. Sorry.” 
He swaggering closer, his thumbs hitched on his belt buckle. Not that she was looking there. He stopped close enough to touch her. She took another step back and bumped into the wall. “Amy, may I have dinner with you?” 
“No.” The word was little more than a note on the wind. 
She flattened her palms against the cool stucco wall as her eyes trailed a vein in his neck from where it began at his shirt collar to where it ended at the locks of hair peeking from beneath his Stetson. Something shifted inside her, something carnal and potent. 
With a blazing expression in his eyes, he unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled his sleeves to his elbows. “All this fancy stuff…I don’t think it’s for me,” he murmured. 
The tie was off next, stuffed into a pocket. Maybe he heard her ragged intake of air because his gaze shifted to her lips as he unfastened his belt and dropped it to the ground. The metal buckle clanged on the cement. He loosened the top three buttons of his shirt, then tipped the brim of his hat lower over his brow. 
Oh, damn… She rocked to her toes and lassoed his neck with her arm. His hat tumbled off as she brought her lips to his. His hands wound into her hair. Crushing her to the wall, he devoured her. Thoroughly and without mercy, pinning her in place with his lower body as his lips and tongue caressed her. 
With a labored grunt, he wrenched his lips from hers and propped his arm against the wall behind her, panting. She opened her eyes, expecting triumph in his expression, but 
all she saw was a raw heat that matched her own. 
“I’ll pick you up Friday at six.” Scooping his belt and hat from the ground, he walked away, listing a bit. 

MORE ABOUT MELISSA: My thanks to Amanda McIntyre for hosting me today. I love hearing from readers and am really easy to find:


Next we get to spend some time getting to know Jenna Kernan a bit  better~

BIO: Award winning author, Jenna Kernan, writes fast-paced romantic adventures set in out-of-the-way places and populated by larger–than-life characters. Nominated for two RITA® awards for her Western romances, Jenna has penned more than two dozen novels and received the Book Buyers Best Award for paranormal romance in 2010 for book one in The TRACKER series. Visit

 I had so much fun researching Texas for THE LAST CAHILL COWBOY that I just couldn’t leave the state. I was especially interested in the theme of belonging and acceptance in my February release, THE TEXAS RANGER'S DAUGHTER.

My feisty heroine, Laurie Bender, is the daughter of a famous Texas Ranger who is trying so hard to be accepted as a perfect lady that it nearly kills her. I loved watching Laurie gaining confidence and independence as she loses more and more of her clothing. For me, her proper attire was an outward symbol of her efforts to gain her parent's approval. 
My hero, Boon, also wants acceptance, but he has had none of the advantages Laurie enjoyed but also none of the expectations. He’s the son of a whore with no daddy and no last name. He is more than the rough, tough outlaw he appears. Inside he longs for the respect and belonging that comes with wearing a Ranger’s Star. But past mistakes have closed that door to him forever. He’s ridden with the most notorious gang in Texas and she’s a lawman’s daughter. He knows what he wants and can’t have it. She knows what’s expected and doesn’t want it. 
I simply loved telling their story. The words just flew onto the pages. I hope you enjoy Laurie and Boon’s adventure as they escape from outlaws and run for their lives. For more about THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER visit my website at and look for my STORY BEHIND THE STORY page. 


My hero, Boon, was inspired by Brad Pitt.
My heroine, Laurie Bender, has a mother who is Castellan and so I picked a young Catherine Zeti Jones as my inspiration.

In this scene, Laurie Bender is trying to change into the boy's clothing Boon provided so they can make their escape from pursuing outlaws but she finds them too small: 

Laurie glanced up and caught his eye. He looked at her with the intent gaze of a starving man. She tugged the flaps of the boy's shirt together and only then realized they did not quite cover her 
"Turn around," she ordered again. 
This time he shook his head in refusal. There was a new tension in him as if he was held in place by some invisible tether. Laurie's heartbeat accelerated as she recognized that she now faced a different kind of danger, the kind that came from showing a man her naked body. 
"They'll be back in a moment," she warned, but she was not sure he heard her. 
He stepped forward, reaching, his fingertips brushing the full round curve of the exposed tops of her breasts. She gasped and spun away, clutching her hands across her cleavage as her body tingled to life. 
"I shall scream." It was an idle threat. She wouldn't, couldn't, because to scream was to draw more danger than she faced now. 
But her words seemed to rouse him, for he blinked and then shook his head as if waking from a trance. He stooped to snatch up her discarded garments while Laurie tried frantically to button the shirt. She managed to get it fastened about her torso, thanks to the corset cinching her middle but the tight fit squeezed her breasts together so they bulged at the gap in a most lurid manner. 
She stared down at her white flesh, thrusting up in an open invitation and gasped in despair. The action caused her breasts to strain against the buttons that imprisoned them. Were it not a sturdily constructed boy's shirt, she felt sure the tension would have split the seams. 
Boon returned to the horses, stuffing her clothing into his saddlebags as she covered herself with her open hands, searching wildly for some other means to conceal her bosom from his view. 
Boon turned. His arms dropped to his sides and his shoulders sank as if she had somehow defeated him. 
"You must think I'm made of stone," he whispered. 

(c) The Texas Ranger's Daughter, 2013, Jenna Kernan 
This excerpt provided by permission of Harlequin, Inc.





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Wednesday, March 13- Holly Bush, Carolyn Brown, Sabine Starr

Welcome y'all to day three of our, "LADIES LOVE COUNTRY BOYS" CELEBRATION! 

This pic was taken at RT 2012 of the Cowboy round-up reader event. Have you ever seen so many fine lookin' boots? If you're at RT this year, be sure to stop in on 5/1/13 at 2:15 pm, Sheraton Inn, Crown Center--Kansas City, meet the authors of RT 2013 "Cowboy Corral"

We'd like to welcome Holly, Carolyn and Sabine to the front porch today! Three very different and very gifted women in their field. Come on up and find yourself a comfy place to sit. Don't worry about "Norm", my old black Lab, he's more bark than bite;)  So let's get started!! First up is Holly Bush!
We've not met, but my good friend, Kimberly loves your writing and I have to say, I am looking forward to picking these up myself! 

BIO: Holly Bush was born in western Pennsylvania to two avid readers. There was not a room in her home that did not hold a full bookcase. She worked in the hospitality industry, owning a restaurant for twenty years and recently worked as the sales and marketing director in the hospitality/tourism industry and is credited with building traffic to capacity for a local farm tour, bringing guests from twenty-two states, booked two years out. Holly has been a marketing consultant to start-up businesses and has done public speaking on the subject. Holly has been writing all of her life and is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, particularly political and historical works. She has written four romance novels, all set in the U.S. West in the mid 1800’s. She frequently attends writing conferences, and has always been a member of a writer’s group. Holly is a gardener, a news junkie, has been an active member of her local library board and loves to spend time near the ocean. She is the proud mother of two daughters and the wife of a man more than a few years her junior.


I was driving home from work one day and had what I call one of my ‘mental movies’ playing in my head. There was a petite young woman, fashionably dressed in a pale yellow dress with a high neckline, lace collar and a matching short jacket. The back of the skirt was tiered, ruffled and each row was held in place by bows. She wore a small, yellow felt hat atop her blond, nearly white, hair. She had pale, smooth, cream colored skin, and fine delicate bone structure. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes gray blue. She placed a glove covered hand on the offered arm of the conductor and took one step down onto a busy train platform. He pointed to her leather trunks being stacked beside her. She looked around and saw cowboys in chaps and women in calico dresses holding children’s hands.
I got home that evening and through dinner and laundry and spelling lessons with one of my daughters, I kept seeing this young woman. I pictured her in a navy blue velvet formal dress with a high bustle and a lace bodice. She was at a dressing table attaching earrings and speaking to another woman. When the other woman left, the young woman took a key and opened a small drawer on the table. She pulled out a letter, unfolded it and read. 
The following day or days I tried to name her and see her story. Who was she? What was in the letter? Why would a fashionable dressed, wealthy young woman travel alone to a mid-west town? I sat down at my computer to begin on the novel journey of this woman. Those first few minutes are both exciting and terrifying but as I described what I saw happening in my head, Julia Crawford began to take shape as the central character and eventually the heroine. As I wrote, Julia’s motivations became clear and her story followed. 


Excerpt from Train Station Bride 1887 

“Make love to me, Jake,” Julia said. 
Jake held her face in his hands. Every fear, hope and dream was visible there. Their lovemaking was reassuring to her. It was a hell of a lot more than that to him. More than a man’s release, a symptom of him being born male. It offered more than physical comfort to him. This beautiful woman wanted him, needed him in a way no one else did. When Julia curled up to him, responded to him, he felt as if he was the biggest, smartest man God had ever graced the earth with. After years of wondering if he’d done the best by his family, by the legacy his parents left him, when Julia touched his chest as she was doing now, Jake was convinced he’d succeed against any obstacle. Was this love? Was this what Flossie was trying to tell him? 
“I’d be happy to oblige you, Mrs. Shelling,” he said. 
Jake carried her to their bedroom. Their clothes slipped to the floor in a heap until they both stood naked before each other. 
“You are too beautiful to grace my bed, Julia,” Jake said as his eyes swept her head to toe. 
Julia smiled softly and ran her hands up his wide arms. “I never thought in a hundred years I’d be married to a man as handsome and kind as you.” 
Jake kissed her deeply and she inched up to him, her breasts touching his chest. He tilted her head back in his hands. “Don’t ever leave me, Julia,” he said. 
“Why would I want to leave you, Jake?” Julia whispered against his mouth. “You make me forget I’m silly and clumsy and fat.” 
Jake watched his hand run down the side of her breast and follow the curve of her waist and hip. “Don’t say that, Julia.” He stared into her eyes. “There isn’t an ounce of flesh on you I want to part with.”  

BUY LINKS: Amazon / Barnes and Noble / 
All Romance e-books



Next we invite Carolyn Brown to tell us about herself and her books! 

Carolyn Brown is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and a RITA finalist. Her books include historical, contemporary, cowboys and country music mass market paperbacks. Billion Dollar Cowboy debuts the Cowboys & Brides series in June. It will be her 63rd published book and is her 14th cowboy romance for Sourcebooks. She and her husband live in Davis, Oklahoma. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.

 What inspired you to write this story?

My last Spikes and Spurs was finished and it was time to think about a new series. Four cowboys were whispering in my ear telling me to write their stories so I started paying attention. I had four very, very rich cowboys who loved their ranches and land. But just how important was love to them? Was it more important than money? Was it more important than a ranch? Was it more important than pride? Was it more important than secrets? And could love ever overcome all of the above or would it falter?” 

The first story went to Colton Nelson because he was whispering the loudest. Colton assured me (Billion Dollar Cowboy) that love was important but he was a billionaire so how could he ever trust a woman to marry him for love. Laura Baker didn’t even want to be on his ranch, but she needed money to bail her sister out of gambling debts…again…so she’d agreed to work for Colton’s best friend and financial adviser as a glorified ranch secretary. She was there, she was pretty; they needed a fake girlfriend for Colton so the women would stop plaguing him. Pretty soon, neither of them can figure out what’s fake and what’s real. 

It was just supper, for God’s sake; it wasn’t an inquisition. They weren’t going to take her out in the yard and stone her to death if she ate with the wrong fork. Andy had said they were just like family, and since she was his assistant she should meet them, but she didn’t want to get all friendly with the “family.” She just wanted to work off her debt and get out of Ambrose, Texas. She’d managed to avoid most of them for a whole week and thought she could do so for months, but oh, no, Andy decided it was time for her to break bread with them that very evening. 
Laura sat up straighter in the chair and pushed her glasses up on her nose. She hated going back to glasses after years and years of wearing contacts. She could wear her contacts on special occasions, but not more than a couple of hours. Tonight didn’t qualify for that in her opinion. 
“We are glad that you came to supper, Laura,” Maudie said. 
Maudie was tall, thin, with salt-and-pepper hair, and not nearly enough wrinkles to be Colton’s grandmother. She’d never be worth a damn in a poker game because Laura could easily read her through her green eyes. She’d popped in and out of the office at least once a day, so Laura had met her, but saying a brief hello and sitting at the supper table with her was two different things. 
Laura’s smile was strained at best. “Thank you.” 
Andy clapped his hands once. Conversation stopped and all eyes were on Laura. She sincerely thought about crawling under the table and hiding, but she refused to let anyone intimidate her. Not even the people who lived in a house so big that it took her breath away when she first saw it. It had turrets and wings and tall windows, a deep wraparound porch, and would put Tara from Gone with the Wind to absolute shame. 
“Introductions!” Andy said with a sweep of his hand. “Maudie is the only one who has met Laura, who has been getting settled into the apartment and the job this week. As you all know, she is my distant cousin so I’ve known her since we were both kids.” 
Laura nodded at Maudie even though saying hello from behind a desk and computer was far different than knowing them. 
“And,” Andy went on, “that feller over there with the platter of steaks in his hand 
is Rusty. He’s the ranch foreman and the person who knows what’s going on in any corner of the ranch. The kid beside him is Roxie, our new resident teenager.” 
Rusty smiled. “I’d begun to think you were just a figment of Andy’s imagination or that he’d hired a robot. Welcome to the ranch. If I can help you with anything, you just holler. The apartment suiting you all right?” 
“Yes, sir. It’s great,” she said. 
Roxie looked up and Laura’s heart went out to her. There was something in her blue eyes that said she wasn’t real sure of her place in the world or where she’d fit in if she figured out that she even had a place. 
“Hello,” Roxie said in a soft Southern drawl. 
Laura saw herself at sixteen when someone new came to dinner at Aunt Dotty’s ranch. Trying to remember her manners and not talking too much, but being friendly. It was an awkward age at best. Andy had already mentioned that Roxie had just recently come to the ranch on a full-time basis and was more than a little bit shy. 
Andy pointed in the opposite direction. “The cowboy at the head of the table that looks like shit is Colton.” 

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Sourcebooks / BAMM / Indigo / Indiebound


Welcome now Sabine Starr with her new release Angel Gone Bad!

BIO:Sabine Starr rides the trails of her ancestors by horseback, four-wheeler, and jeep when she explores Wild West myths, legends, and mysteries to locate authentic excitement for her novels. She lives near the Old Shawnee Trail in Texas and in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma. Lady Gone Bad was a #1 Best Seller Amazon Western Romance and a Rhapsody Book Club Best Seller. Angel Gone Bad is a March release. Bride Gone Bad will be out in October.

What inspired me to write about a Viking Cowboy in the Old West?
A lightning storm made me think of mighty Thor throwing his Hammer across the sky . . . and that led to an irresistible urge to write about a Viking cowboy and the dime romance novelist who done him wrong. Well, he did put her out of sorts when he wouldn’t give her everything she wanted from a man, but in his defense, he was treating her like a lady. She got her revenge, but now he’s back and ready to mete out justice. He gives her no choice except “to do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.” And after all, she does need hands-on research for her novels. 
Angel Gone Bad is second in my Gone Bad Series set during the 1880s in Texas and Indian Territory (Oklahoma). I was inspired by the fact that “G.T.T.” was once widely known to mean “Gone to Texas.” Those letters were frequently found scrawled on doors in the South, Midwest, and East, and those folks were simply gone. And many of them, gone bad. That idea led to the title for my Gone Bad Series. Another inspiration for this series was the paranormal interest that was part of society at that time. Native American mysticism was also still practiced in their cultures. In Lady Gone Bad, Sharlot hears danger warnings in her head. In Angel Gone Bad, Crystabelle is a card reader. In Bride Gone Bad, Tempest speaks with ghosts.

 Excerpt from Angel Gone Bad

“Angel, look at me.” 
She didn’t want to open her eyes. She simply wanted to focus on his touch. But she did. In the dim light of the room, his eyes had turned from sky blue to deep, mysterious 
“Tell me you want me as much as you did before.” He moved his hand in slow circles, gently massaging her hot, tender flesh. 
She shivered, feeling a burning chill. “More. I want you more.” 
“Kiss me.” 
She realized that he needed her, too. He needed to know she still wanted him. He needed her to set aside the smart words, the games, the barbs. He’d made himself vulnerable to her. Could she do any less? 


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