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COVER REVEAL ~ TEXAS TWIST ( Texas Montgomery's Book 3) by Cynthia D'Alba & GIVEAWAY

COMING: 9/2/14
Paige Ryan has lost everything important in her life. Her parents, her lover, her horse, her life on the rodeo tour. Lost about her future, she moves to Whispering Springs, Texas to be near her step-brother. But just as her life is starting to get back on track, it’s derailed again when the last man in the world she wants to see again moves into her house.

Cash Montgomery is on the cusp of having it all. Three-time world bull riding championship, fame, financial stability, and finally some respect from his family. But a bad bull ride leaves him injured and angry. His only comfort is found at the bottom of a bottle. His family drags him home to Whispering Springs, Texas, the last place he wants to be. With nowhere to go, he moves temporarily into an old ranch house on his brother’s property surprised the place is occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige rebuilds her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge. But Paige knows that Cash Montgomery is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. The best idea is to move on but sometimes taking the first step out the door is the hardest one.



Guest Blogging with Author Hildie McQueen

Howdy ya'all and welcome to my guest blog appearance of fabulous author, Hildie McQueen. I had the great fortune of getting to know Hildie McQueen and both RT in Kansas City last May, and Lori Foster's RAGT in June in Ohio of last year. Hildie is vibrant and talented and I adore her and her writing. Let's all welcome Miss Hildie to Book Obsessed Chicks.

Finding Love in the Wild West

I'm excited to be here at Book Obsessed Chicks to share a bit of life in the Wild West.  Most of us are fascinated by the idea of the lonely cowboy and how they found love, marriage and ahem...yes lovers.

The hero of Blue Horizon, Josiah McClintock is single.  He works at the Cole's ranch in Alder Gulch Montana in the 1860s.  He finds love with a woman that moves to Montana from Wyoming. As like most men of the west, he was forced to wait for a woman that ventured west to court and marry.

In the west during the 1800s with the scarcity of women, most social traditions were done away with in the effort to find a wife and companion.  Men would travel home to find a wife or write women whose pictures relatives passed around.  Women on the other hand could be more selective.

Of course men had the option of visiting a brothel or 'parlor house' in a nearby town if they needed to 'indulge'.  The women who worked in brothels often entertained the patrons by dancing or singing. Some married a client and left the life.

An interesting fact is that most couples engaged in premarital sex.  Yay women of the west for 'shopping around' before settling! 

Blue Horizon

Josiah McClintock finds himself at a crossroads.  A choice between remaining in Alder Gulch or returning to his previous life.  A life that he's kept hidden from everyone, including Laura, the woman in his care after a terrible tragedy.

Laura Foster isn't sure she has a reason to live after so many losses. Although she doesn't understand why Josiah insists on being her protector, his presence in her life becomes the only beacon of hope for a future.

Will they be able to ever come together and when they do will their love overcome secrets, tragedies and the danger that looms?

Blue Horizon Amazon Link:

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DASH OF PERIL( Love Undercover #4) by LORI FOSTER

What do you get when you put a bad-ass female police lieutenant and a hot owner of a construction company together with  some seriously messed up criminals? You get DASH OF PERIL by Lori Foster, of course. DASH OF PERIL may be the 4th and last book in the Love Undercover series, but you can read this as a stand alone if you haven't read the last three. 

Lieutenant Margaret (Margo) Peterson's doesn't end when her shift is over, this determined and gutsy woman is always business. Determined to bring down the low-lifes who are kidnapping women off the streets and leaving them for dead. Using herself as bait hasn't been getting her anywhere until her car gets t-boned by some of these bad guys who want her eliminated. Lucky for Margo, Dashiel (Dash) Riske, who has a serious case of the hots for the lieutenant and decides to tail her to make sure she gets home safe from her outing, when he sees the frightening accident happen, he springs into action to save her.

Margo comes away with a dislocated elbow among her cuts and bruises, but she also comes away with Dash as her personal chauffeur and bodyguard until things get back to normal. Only this highly strung, take charge woman is not used to taking a back seat and she is extremely uncomfortable with any help from this man, who is the brother of one of her officers.

Dash knows how to play Margo like a fine tuned piano in more ways than one. He gets the always in work mode Margo to slow down and experience a feminine side she never knew she had, while allowing her to be the bad-ass cop on the job. When the heat is turned up and now civilian Dash is thrown into the mix, Margo is more determined than ever to bring down the pornography ring that has a hit out on her now. In addition to that Margo's past is coming back to haunt her from her department cleanup, which included her own cold as ice father.

What a way to end a series. DASH OF PERIL by the indomitable Lori Foster is a gripping and sexy read. I absolutely love Dash's demeanor. This is a man with a plan and once he decides that Margo is going to be his, he is brilliant about making that a reality. He is sexy but not cocky about it, he is all man with the knowledge of just exactly what his woman needs. Margo hasn't had the perfect up-bringing and that has affected her to this day. Always seeking acceptance from her father who has never shown her any outward affection or understanding and has even openly shown his disdain for her. Margo rises above all that in the professional department, but is completely out of sorts when confronted with her attraction to Dash and his willingness to allow her submissive in the bedroom and tough nails lieutenant outside of said bedroom. These two characters play off each other so well and even have all of their surrounding counterparts with eyebrows raised. DASH OF PERIL is a great read that I highly recommend. 


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Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom (The Renegade Royals #2 ) by Vanessa Kelly

Griffin Steele is quite content with how things are moving forward with his life. He is getting rid of the brothel he has owned for some time and devoting his time elsewhere. This bastard son of an infamous Duke, with the knack for business, is thrown for a loop when a baby boy is dropped off on his doorstep with a note attached with instructions that the babe needs to be kept safe, for it's life is in danger. The very last thing Griffin needs is a child to worry about, so he calls upon his friend, Sir Dominic to help with the unpleasant situation. Dominic appears with his goddaughter, Justine Brightmore to assuage the circumstances. The spinster, and daughter of a deceased spy is no stranger to odd goings-on, since her life has been filled with her father's intrigue.  All that matters to Justine is the safety of the baby, and finding who the obviously well-born tyke belongs to.

So against his better judgement, Griffin allows the unnerving Justine to quietly take up residence in his household adjoining the brothel in order to care for the babe while the mystery is solved. Good intentions fly out the window when a skirmish going on in the brothel sparks Justine into action to protect one of Griffin's girls from harm. In the process her identity is discovered and her reputation placed at risk. The only option is marriage to the confirmed bachelor, Griffin. Justine tries to resist, but Dominic and Griffin know it's the only choice. 

Once the couple are married, Griffin's and Justine's lives are a roller-coaster of emotions and chemistry that guarantee to ignite. Not only that, but danger abounds in spades for all involved in this tale with kidnappers on the loose placing Justine and the baby boy in harm's way. Griffin's alpha male shines when he realizes that his so-called "forced" marriage to Justine is actually a blessing in disguise and the possibility of losing her is not an option. Justine's stubborn nature almost gets the best of her but her rude awakening into the real world is an exciting tale. 

Score another one for Vanessa Kelly with CONFESSIONS OF A ROYAL BRIDEGROOM! Vanessa Kelly's way with the amazing alpha male and the ever stubborn female is a joy to read. Gone are the simpering woes me anti heroine sulking in the corner. Justine Brightmore is smart and spunky and yes a tad thick-headed. Griffin is a psychoanalyst's dream with his unconventional upbringing and his choice in professions and lifestyle. I urge you to read both the novels in the The Renegade Royals series and the prequel novella LOST IN A ROYAL KISS. Historical romance lovers will enjoy these exciting tales but such a fantastic writer as Vanessa Kelly.


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NIGHT OF PLEASURE (School of Gallantry, book 4) by DELILAH MARVELLE

I begin by saying that  NIGHT OF PLEASURE by Delilah Marvelle has me in awe of her ability to tell a story, grab the reader and not let go until the final word. Delilah's writing is evocative and sensual.

Since the young age of seventeen, and upon his beloved father's deathbed, Derek Charles Holbrook, became and Viscount and a husband to be in the same day. Although he has come to accept and even look forward to the day when his betrothed American heiress, Miss Clementine Grey, becomes his wife, she has other ideas which don't include marriage to the in need of funds Holbrook.

For close to ten years, Derek has prepared himself for this marriage. He has an image of exactly how his bride will be, how his life will be and even how is children will be, but when Clementine and her father travel across the Atlantic for the upcoming nuptials, she isn't going to make his dreams come true. In fact, Clementine is going to turn Derek's world upside down while he figures a way to fulfill his legacy and the promise he made to his father.

Clementine is a stubborn one. She has her mind set on traveling to Persia where even though she is unsure of the outcome, prefers the exotic unknown to marriage to an honorable man of the English ton. She's befriended by  a Persian prince who has plans for Clementine but when she attempts to explain her situation to Derek without actually giving the true nature of her relationship to the prince, his mind immediately believes there is something more going on and he will stop at nothing from discovering all there is to know, even if it happens to put him in danger. Will Derek persevere and get the stubborn Clementine where he wants her? Will Clementine put her misconceptions about marriage behind her and see what's in front of her? Please, you really don't think I'm going to tell you, do you?

Delilah Marvelle has cemented her place at the top of my must read list. Delilah writes a sensual romance like no other. She is a brilliant writer and I am always in awe of what she puts to pen, so to speak. The School of Gallantry series only keeps getting better and better, if that's even possible for the perfection I believe that this amazing writer has already achieved. I declare that I am total team Derek, as I have loved him since he first appeared in the School of Gallantry books. He is sexy, smart and oh so honorable. So much has been placed on this man's back that I wondered through the entire story if he would break. Clementine, as stubborn as she is, is a great heroine, despite my wanting to have the ability to strangle her on occasion while reading NIGHT OF PLEASURE . Delilah Marvelle just has that innate ability to suck me in and completely mess with my emotions, and that to me is awesome!  I highly recommend NIGHT OF PLEASURE by Delilah Marvelle to all, and every other book in the School of Gallantry Series, for they are well worth the read.


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All righty then, I usually don't read books that are BDSM, but since I adore Fiona Archer's personality on Facebook and how so many of my BDSM reading friends love her books, I decided to take the proverbial plunge into her world of King's Bluff, Wyoming and I am pleasantly surprised that I did.

Retired Navy SEALS, Quinn and Mike have had their eye on Reagan, the curvaceous librarian for some time, but Reagan runs the other way whenever she sees these two foreboding looking hot men. Not for long though, for when Quinn and Mike realize that Reagan needs to be theirs, she doesn't have a chance outrunning these very competent Doms, and in reality, being caught by these two men is secretly a dream Reagan has been having. Reagan has a lot going on in her little town. When she discovers that her brute of a nemesis, Karl Wagner, is running for the town council and no one is running against the man that wants to close her beloved library, Reagan decides that she needs to put a stop to that by entering the race.

Once the ever-second guessing herself Reagan begins to open up and accept what Quinn and Mike have in store for her, a shocking discovery from her past comes to nip any confidence she was building in the bud, and has her rejecting the two men who more than anything want her to be theirs and to be happy. Mike and Quinn are at a loss at first for Reagan's motivation for summarily dismissing them without so such a quaking in fear of the Master Doms. After some enlightenment however, they set about getting Reagan back in their arms and helping her find the truth from her past that could change what she always felt for her parents. The three must come to terms with their pasts in order to be open to a future together.

What an enjoyable read from the feisty Fiona Archer! This book is teeming with intrigue, suspense and some pretty hot romance to go along with those steamy scenes of domination. Reagan is is a fabulous heroine attempting to overcome her adversities, and when you throw the sexy Seals, Quinn and Mike into the mix, High Stakes Loving is all the better. Thank you Fiona Archer for easing me into King's Bluff, I will be visiting again. 


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To celebrate Virna DePaul’s upcoming release of TURNED, (4/1/2014) we’re hopping and giving away free books — see the great prizes below! Make sure to visit each site to increase your chances to win!
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Zazz is the new front man for the Murder City Ravens. While playing a gig in Manchester he reluctantly agrees to meet with his father’s social worker Laura, who he has been communicating with for the last two years. His father is a drug addict and has been in and out of clinics for much of Zazz’s life. When he was old enough he left home to pursue his music career and hasn’t looked back.  After the concert he meets Laura and convinces her to go back to his room for the night. He soon comes to realize that one night with her might just not be enough. 

Laura has plans on meeting James Asano Junior after the show, who she believes works for the Murder City Ravens. She hopes that talking to him in person will help him realize that he his father needs more help and hopefully will agree to visit with him. As Laura makes her way backstage she ends up at the after show press conference and blurts out a question to Zazz. A little bit embarrassed she is completely surprised when he approaches her after the media event. While always cautious, she decides that one time in her life she can be a little adventurous and decides to join him at his hotel. Never finding James, Laura figures she can go back to the arena tomorrow and meet him. What happens when Laura finds out that Zazz and James are the same person….fireworks!

Laura and Zazz were quite perfect together in my opinion. She is normally reserved and cautious, while he is outgoing and quite comfortable in a crowd. Together they share a love for music that I think helps bring them together. Zazz and Laura have great chemistry and the scenes together are quite hot! The story was faced paced and moved along quite nicely. Through a case of mistaken identity, or really Zazz not telling Laura who he really is creates the drama the story needs to keep the reader engaged. Zazz has always run from his past and has a lot of trouble confronting his father. With the help of Laura he is able to meet with his father and begin working on their issues. The story is well written and provides an intimate look into the rock start lifestyle. Fans of the previous books will be glad to see characters from previous stories back in this book. 


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Title: The Heart of War
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Inside the Heart of every Warrior breathes the Soul of a Hero--even within The Heart of War.
Meet Ares God of War, the Alpha Male to beat all Alpha Males and the greatest Warrior the world has ever known. He's moody, grumpy, dominant, ravenously sexual, and above all, built like a Greek God.
Suspected of killing his Daughter in-Law, Psyche, and long in exile from Olympus, the solitude of Ares' secluded Greek Isle is interrupted when Magdalena MacLeod a plucky little Fey washes up on his shore after believing she's been shipwrecked. It's not mere fate that has brought the unlikely couple together yet it may be what tears them apart.
Get lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption. Battle Ancient Gods while falling in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. They share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic moors.
The Heart of War contains scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, this novel and the entire OF WAR Series is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY it is NOT recommended for the Faint of Heart.


Let's Make Love Not War - Ares, God of War has been exiled to his own island for thousands of years.  He often amused himself with causing wars between the humans but he soon tired of that.  He took whatever human woman he wanted for his sexual favors and men for their male companionship.  But even that gets old.  Until one day in the height of being pleasured a odor enters his nose and he must investigate.  He finds a woman attached to the odor, dumped on his island by the sea.  And attached to her is a *wait for it, yes wait for it" a chastity belt.  He wonders how did she get here,  because there are no ship remnants and she has no wings.  He goes about his business once he revives the woman.  But something about her just keeps drawing him in.  Ares learns that his family members had interest in her.  Zeus, Poseidon, Eros, Apollo, Cernunnos and Aphrodite oh my.  The stories that lay behind these names are not mine to tell, so you must read it for yourself.  Love, lust, power, betrayal, abandonment, hatred and the list goes on.  But what does it take to end all wars?  Love and thy name is Magdalena, woman from the sea.

- I gave the book four stars because it lived up to my expectations.

1.     Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
At current I’m 47, married 28 years, I’m the mother of two grown daughters.  Not only do I still live in my hometown of New London, CT we reside in the home where I grew up.  I love Facebook games, I was nearly addicted to Candy Crush Saga for a while. I don’t like Twitter but that’s probably because I don’t understand it. I have a huge movie collection that I keep adding to on a near weekly basis and that I indulge in nearly every night when TV season isn’t with us.  And, I must admit, I’m a choc-aholic.

2.    When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I discovered that I am a writer in the 4th grade when the class was given a creative writing assignment. It’s my very first one and when I put pencil to paper I was instantly whisked away from my desk, time, and space. I didn’t come back until my little short story was finished.  From that moment forward I knew I would write for the rest of my life.

3.    Tell us about your upcoming work?
“Kingdoms of War” will be the sixth and final installment in the OF WAR Series and will release at some point this year. I don’t have an exact date yet. It’s very explosive and I don’t expect all characters to live through it but we will finally find out if Ares and Alena get their happily ever after.

4.    Do you have any mentors? Heroes?
Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, John (Cougar) Mellencamp, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce. All of them can spin a wonderful tale.

5.    Can you tell us your favorite character from your books so far and why?
Ares God of War will probably always be my favorite character. He’s very rough n’ tumble, a total badass, but way underneath it all he’s a little bit gooey.  He’s completely in love with his wife, Alena, and love is a very foreign concept to him so he ends up doing a lot of the wrong things for the right reasons.

6.    Was it difficult for you to get published?
With so many small presses and internet based publishing places getting published isn’t as hard as it used to be. Finding the right publisher is a huge challenge.

7.    Who are your favorite authors/reads?
Stephen King will always be my favorite no one can scare me or draw me into a story quite the way he can. I’m a child of the 70s and 80s so I still love VC Andrews, Jacqueline Susan, Harold Robbins, Judith Rossner, and Mary Higgins Clark.

8.    Hobbies?
In the nice weather I try to garden but it’s difficult with so many hungry critters creeping into the yard at night. They get way more veggies than I do!

9.    What is your dream job?
Any place that I’m needed and that allows me to utilize my creative talents along with my business skills.  So, I’m halfway there with my current job as the secretary for a local union.

10.  Do you have any favorite TV shows?
I simply adore crime dramas. Hubby calls it ‘murder porn’ but I don’t care. I never miss “Bones”, “Castle” (gotta love ‘Castle’ right??), “NCIS”, and “Person of Interest”. I catch “The Mentalist” on the web because I can’t stay up that late on a Sunday night and get up at 6am on Monday morning.  Over the last season I also grew quite fond of “Sleepy Hollow”.

11.  What’s next for you?
Once the OF WAR Series closes out I’m not really sure what’s after that.  I can envision carrying on a new series with the new characters we’re introducing in this novel and, of course, with whatever characters survive or I might have a standalone novel in mind.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the Muse brings me.

12.  Where can we find you?
Huddled in a corner…no just kidding.

13.  What would you like readers to know about you?
That I appreciate them to no end and I’m very approachable if anyone ever wants to drop me an email or post on my FB page or whatever they are free to do that. I love hearing from people who have read my books interaction with them really keeps me going.
Thanks so much for participating!!!

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A Promise of More: The Disgraced Lords Series A Loveswept Historical Romance by Bronwen Evans

I would like to begin by saying that author Bronwen Evans is one of my favorite authors. I recently discovered her books and I am so happy that I did. Ms. Evans' writing is music to my ears, she is cutting edge, innovative. The first book in The Disgraced Lords Series, A KISS OF LIES is the very first book I read by Bronwen Evans, and I loved it so, that I read her entire back list in a few days and now crave more. 

In the second installment of The Disgraced Lords Series, A PROMISE OF MORE, we find Sebastian Hawkstone, the Marquis of Coldhurst (quite aptly named), returning to England after being pardoned by the Prince Regent after a duel in which he his opponent ends up dying. On the docks awaits the sister of the deceased man, and it is Beatrice Hennessey's hatred for Sebastian for causing the death of her brother and the downfall of her family and their non-existent finances, which brings her to the docks. Doogie Hennessey was to have married in order to better his family's situation, but with his death, his mother and siblings are left to pick up the pieces. While Beatrice attempts to gain entry aboard ship amongst the prostitutes who are invited to entertain the sailors, she is  pushed into the murky waters by a disgruntled , unable to swim due to the weight of her heavy gown. 

Choking up the murky waters, Beatrice opens her eyes to behold the handsome devil who has saved her from drowning only to discover that her savior is none other than Sebastian Hawkstone. Once Sebastian realizes that his near drowning victim is Doogie Hennessey's sister he knows something must be wrong.

Once Beatrice regains consciousness, she tells Sebastian that the only way for him to recompense the Hennessey family for Doogie's death is for the Marquis to marry her and save her family from the poorhouse. At first Sebastian is appalled at the idea. The rake had no intention of marrying but the more he thought about the prospect of having the beauty to warm his bed and give him an heir without the fuss that comes with a normal marriage, he sees the light.

The only thing holding Beatrice back from having warm feelings for Sebastian is the fact that he killed her brother. There is no denying from the evident sparks that fly, that both Sebastian and Beatrice are deeply attracted to one another, but that is what neither wants nor needs. Once the couple are wed, new information about the death of Doogie Hennessey is revealed and the probability that Sebastian is not the killer makes for an engrossing tale of whodunit and why in Bronwen Evans A PROMISE OF MORE.

Well there we have it and what a great story it is! A PROMISE OF MORE is mystery, suspense and romance all wrapped up into one enthralling package. One perfect package I didn't want to put down or even to end. I do feel that it is necessary to read A KISS OF LIES first, if only to get a deeper understanding of who Sebastian really is. I truly like both the hero and heroine, even with their bouts of jealousy and misunderstanding comes to a head. Sebastian has his own personal reasons not to be open and trusting, especially when he knows that his newly acquired wife is hiding important things from him. Beatrice knows she could have it worse than being the unloved wife of the Marquis, but once she sets her mind to it, she finds she can't live without a love she is never quite sure will ever be hers.

A PROMISE OF MORE by Bronwen Evans is another classic in the making from this great author. I highly recommend it, and any title by her. You can't go wrong.


Monday, March 17, 2014


Appearing on Lord Rhys Denham's doorstep ill-disguised as a boy, Lady Althea Curtiss has left home after discovering her intended only wanted her dowry. The self proclaimed plain miss asks her old and dearest friend Rhys to allow her to accompany him in his travels of the continent and safely deposit her into their mutual godmother's care in Italy. 

Six years after having been left at the alter by his would be bride, Rhys still feels the affects of the betrayal, he isn't ready to move on a find a wife who would make him content and give him an heir. At the time of Rhys' troubles, the young Thea was secretly in love with him and helped him weather the would-be bride's and his best male friend's deception of their elopement.  When Thea reminds Rhys of a promise he made to her at that point in time, he agrees to help her in her quest of escaping a loveless marriage.

In their travels, the friends surrender to their passions and begin an affair that is destined to create heartache for all involved. 

UNLACING LADY THEA is a interesting tale of unknown destiny and beginning new lives. I enjoyed it, but I found myself skimming more than paying intent attention. Thea consistently doubts anyone's interest in her other than for her dowry and for pity and it becomes tedious. The likable Lord Denham has so many chances to awaken from his stupor of stubbornness before he is basically knocked in the head by a Reverend who ends up traveling with the pair. All's well that ends well,  and that is the upside to UNLACING LADY THEA by Louise Allen.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Jace and Tara have annoyed one another for quite some time. Jace thinks his best friend's little sister is beyond annoying with her foul mouth and flippant attitude and Tara thinks Jace is overbearing and obnoxious and then they end up being traveling companions on the Central States Rodeo Circuit and the gloves are off... or are they on?

When the car that Tara purchases to help her complete her sports medicine internship decides to die, Tara is left at the mercy of Jace Mills who needs to get out of "Dodge" real quick. Even though Jace broke up with his ex, Jacqueline a year ago, they still have a love/hate relationship going on in the form of extreme booty calls and knock down fights that Jace now feels he needs to avoid like the plague. So Jace thinks it a good idea to get back on some bulls, stay far away from his stalker and help Tara with finish her internship. All the while, this high strung female and sexy alpha male agree that their mutual dislike of one another will be the perfect reason to travel in each other's company. In addition to his wanting to run away from his ex, Tara needs to distance herself from the man she has been in love with her former neighbor, Logan Hunt, who up and married Emma, leaving Tara heartbroken. So two broken emotionally impaired people, who say they dislike one another decide to travel around the central states a in truck, stay in the same hotel room and remain  platonic?  Who are they joking? Especially wen author Cat Johnson is involved.

Tara is clearly out of her league with the attention she is garnering from all the rookie bull riders, but once she is determined she wants something, not much can stop this force to be reckoned with from seeking out some of the sexual experience she is over eager to get. When Jace catches her in a broom closet at a bar playing an "adult" version of Seven Minutes in Heaven with a newbie bull rider, his alpha male is in full gear and he decides to show Tara the difference between a boy and a man. From the first kiss the pair's passion sizzles and threatens to ignite. Jace can't get the thought out of his head that this is his best friend's little sister and he would in no way want to betray the trust that Tuck has bestowed on Jace when he placed his baby sister in Jace's hands. Tara has other ideas though and they involve getting as much sexual experience as she can possibly get from Jace and still retain the status quo of indifference... Haha, whatever Tara. 

Jace has no idea the monster he has unleashed by just awakening the passions in Tara with his kisses and the resolve she has to get what she wants makes Jace no match for her feminine wiles. 

The one word that comes to my mind immediately when I think of Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson is HOT, and Cat knows very well how to write HOT along with a fabulous and memorable story. Those readers invested in The Oklahoma Nights series think they know the characters well, until they read this book. Let's face it, Tara is a brat in Two Times As Hot, and even when this story begins, I was a tad in "hate" with her. On the other hand, I always loved Jace. Yes, I like the underdog. Jace's personality was always one that shines through for me. I was so excited to see what Cat Johnson would do with him in this book and I am exceedingly happy with the outcome. The intimate scenes are explosive, but never overboard. Tara's need to explore is enticing and romantic, even if she thinks it isn't. Three Weeks with a Bull Rider is my new favorite, maybe until Tyler's tale, we shall see. Cat Johnson ability to come up with something fresh and evocative makes Three Weeks with a Bull Rider a remarkable read. I highly recommend this exceptional ride, along with every book in the Oklahoma Nights series.


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FEAR THE DARK (re-release MARCH 11, 2014) by PATRICIA A. RASEY

A vicious serial killer is on the loose, and his weapon of choice slithers, rattles...and bites! Can Detective Jack Carter and Cara Banks catch him before time runs out and Cara realizes her ultimate nightmare? They'll need to put their personal differences aside to capture the evil unleashed within their community and maybe find out where they went wrong along the way.

"Read Pat Rasey's latest thriller at your own risk and way before dark. It's deadly!"--Ann Bachman, Lifetime Best-selling Author of Together Again


 Declan Calhoun was attempting to reform his sordid past of criminal activity. Making up for the kidnapping of Francesca Chastain, this Irishman from New York who ran with the bad crowd was now working a wagon train to Oregon helping settlers get to their new futures. Among the crowd, Josephine Chastain, self-proclaimed bookworm and former governess eyes Declan with suspicion but also with interest. Josephine, sister to Francesca began to notice the gruff and bearded Declan more and more each day on the trail and became smitten with the big, brooding male when he paid attention to her. Declan is also attracted to the bespectacled lass but knows deep down he is deserving of no one because of his upbringing and his past indiscretions.

When Josephine falls seriously ill with Typhoid fever, Declan remains behind in a town along the route to nurse her back to health, promising her parents that he will see her through her illness and return her to her parents the following season. After three awful weeks in the clutches of the fever, Josephine awakens to the shock and surprise that by some twist of fate, she is now Mrs. Declan Calhoun. Not too disturbed by the revelation of being married to the now clean shaven and gorgeous specimen of a man, Josephine takes this marriage of a sign and wants to make the marriage a real one. Declan on the other hand attempts to steer clear of the blossoming Jo but finds it extremely difficult with her forthright tongue and her eagerness to become a wife.

 Declan and Josephine escape their quarantine when Declan realizes it's a false one and he is being milked dry for every penny he has by the unscrupulous town dentist, Frank Drummond and his henchman Parker. Declan must get Josephine to her sister Francesca and her new husband John, but with the men in pursuit and and even the wilds against them time is not on their sides. As the days go on, Josephine has come to the realization she is in love with her brooding Irishman and needs to convince him their relationship is one worth fighting for, even when Declan, who is every bit in love with Josephine as she is with him, knows he can never be what Jo needs and wants. When Declan finally tells Josephine a truth he has been withholding from her, she doesn't know if she can forgive him, and Declan doesn't know if he wants to be forgiven.

In typical Beth Williamson fashion, The Prospect draws the reader into the action, the danger and the seduction of the story. The intricate web of trust and understanding  woven between Declan and  Josephine is the basis for the ultimate letdown when Josephine is told Declan's truth. The woman she has become since the beginning of the journey from East to West will not stand for deception and for pity, and Declan's realization of that throws him for a loop.

I truly loved The Prospect. I love stories about bringing people together from seemingly different walks of  life, and Beth Williamson is a master in the scheme of things. This series never gets old. It's a joy to return to the Malloy family fold time and again. 


Sunday, March 9, 2014


The recent release of The Frost of Springtime, by debut author Rachel L. Demeter, transports readers to the war torn streets of nineteenth century Paris. Driven by paradoxical characters, steamy encounters, and a compelling storyline, it's a bittersweet tale of revolution, redemption, and the healing power of love. Described as "poignant," emotionally devastating,” and “beautiful," The Frost of Springtime is sure to please historical and romance readers alike. Available now in both eBook and paperback. Currently Amazon Prime members can read the Kindle edition for free!

The Frost of SpringtimePublication Date: February 14, 2014
Black Lyon Publishing
Formats: Paperback, Kindle eBook

Genre: Historical Romance/Historical Fiction

To rescue her was to rescue his own soul.

On a cold Parisian night, Vicomte Aleksender de Lefèvre forges an everlasting bond with a broken girl during her darkest hour, rescuing her from a life of abuse and misery. Tormented by his own demons, he finds his first bit of solace in sheltering little Sofia Rose.

But when Aleksender is drawn away by the Franco-Prussian war, the seasons pass. And in that long year, Sofia matures into a stunning young woman—a dancer with an understanding of devotion and redemption far surpassing her age.

Alongside his closest friend, Aleksender returns home to find that “home” is gone, replaced by revolution, bloodshed, betrayal—and a love always out of reach. Scarred inside and out, he’s thrust into a world of sensuality and violence—a world in which all his hours have now grown dark, and where only Sofia might bring an end to the winter in his heart.

Inspired by the 1871 Paris Commune, The Frost of Springtime is a poignant tale of revolution, redemption, and the healing power of love.

Read an Excerpt

The heat of their bodies mingled as one. With each breath, Aleksender drank in the sweet essence of his beloved ward. His mind swam with unorthodox visions and desires. He inclined his head, lost to the power of her nearness, entranced by everything that was Sofia.

“Alek, my Alek …”

Each word infused Aleksender with a delicious and undeniable warmth. Intoxicated by roses and wintertime, he found it difficult to speak, difficult to think. Breathless, he swallowed and met the haunting depths of her eyes.

“Please,” she dreamily murmured, “I want you to kiss me again…”


The Frost of Springtime

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Praise for The Frost of Springtime

“I am astonished at this being Rachel L. Demeter’s debut work, for in form and style, it is very much a tour de force. A riveting story of love and courage in the aftermath of a brutal war, the author brilliantly juxtaposes the hazing splendor of French nobility and the impassioned elegance of two people in love, despite all the world’s oppositions. The title is, in a sense, a representation of change: the beginning of a new spring with La Belle Époque and the transition into a new era, for the world and our protagonists. The wistful loveliness of the setting paints a picture of a crying France, blending in with the dynamic romance perfectly. Or rather, it does not merely blend in the background as much as glitters like the brightest jewel, shining with a vibrancy that makes one want to relieve the halcyon days of grand old Paris. I was captivated by the setting, the lush writing of Rachel L. Demeter, and the subtle expressiveness of the characters, which all compelled me to research more of the historical background, of the 1871 Paris Commune, through which this story is made more infinitely dearer.” – Buried Under Romance

“We are in awe. The Frost of Springtime is a MUST HAVE! Despite that we loved the true facts, we fell instantly in love with the story. It was dark, emotionally devastating, and sensual. The innocence between the two main characters was beautiful and their love grew so strong throughout the story with such grace. One of us even cried while reading The Frost of Springtime. We loved the cover, we loved the writing style, and we adored the characters. We fell in love, really hard." – Divas Book Blog

“This novel is intricately detailed and wonderfully written! Opening with a heartbreaking scene, I was immediately drawn to the story of Aleksender and his Sofia. Of course, as the story moved on, other enchanting characters helped to make this poignant book complete. The author has blended historical facts with fiction skillfully, and presented several narratives flawlessly. It’s beautiful! I loved it!” – Romancebookworm’s Reviews

“I absolutely love this book. The Frost of Springtime shows how love and tragedy go hand in hand and that love can actually be more powerful than anything. I have found that most books do not hit this point right on the nail like this one does. It’s a Historical Romance and let me just tell you this is one book I couldn’t put down.” – Magic Within The Pages

“WOW!! The Frost of Springtime is a powerful, epic love story unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The emotional and visual/sensory depth is astounding. I felt Aleksender and Sofia’s connection from beginning to end. Aleksender’s path to healing was at times breathtaking and heartbreaking. This is a hero who loves his woman with every last breath, every fiber of his being… and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. AMAZING cast of secondary characters as well… a 'villain' who actually leaves you morally torn! Beautifully written (loved the vivid imagery and descriptions!), dark, unusual, rich with history, epic scope, and a soul deep love that only comes once in a lifetime… Brava!!!” – Sivonna, an advanced reader

Buy the Book

Amazon (Kindle eBook) *Amazon Prime members can read the kindle edition for free!
Amazon (Paperback)
Barnes & Noble
Black Lyon Publishing

About the Author

Rachel L. Demeter lives in the beautiful hills of Anaheim, California with Teddy, her goofy lowland sheepdog, and high school sweetheart of ten years. She enjoys writing dark, edgy romances that challenge the reader’s emotions and examine the redeeming power of love. Imagining stories and characters has been Rachel’s passion for longer than she can remember. Before learning how to read or write, she would dictate stories while her mom would jot them down for her. She has a special affinity for the tortured hero and unconventional romances.

Whether sculpting the protagonist or antagonist, she always ensures that every character is given a soul. Rachel strives to intricately blend elements of romance, suspense, and horror. Some common themes her stories never stray too far from: forbidden romance, soul mates, the power of love to redeem, mend all wounds, and triumph over darkness.

Her dream is to move readers and leave an emotional impact through her words.

Get your e-book signed by Rachel L. Demeter

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He saved her from  certain tragedy. Her own mother was selling her to a brothel. She was nothing more than a child, beaten and broken from abuse. Aleksender de Lefevre saved Sofia from that fate and nurtured her from the child to young woman. 

When he went off to war and was separated from her, she was much on his mind, as he was on hers, even when she heard he was dead, she held on to a hope it wasn't true. When Alek returns from war, alive and well, first he goes to see Sofia, who is elated he is alive, then he returns to his home, where his wife awaits. Oh yes... and so the drama continues.
Rachel L. Demeter is a brilliant writer, I was captivated by her description, by her knowledge of history. The politics of the time is very prevalent throughout The Frost of Springtime. The instability in the country, as well as the instability is Alek's life and of those around him. The forbidden love between Sofia and Alek is such a guilty pleasure, a draw to this story. I do believe the story had some excessive narrative, I found myself drifting and had to skim occasionally, but I always returned.  I am in awe that such an eloquent story comes to us from a debut author and I look forward to more from Rachel L. Demeter.