Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Promise of More: The Disgraced Lords Series A Loveswept Historical Romance by Bronwen Evans

I would like to begin by saying that author Bronwen Evans is one of my favorite authors. I recently discovered her books and I am so happy that I did. Ms. Evans' writing is music to my ears, she is cutting edge, innovative. The first book in The Disgraced Lords Series, A KISS OF LIES is the very first book I read by Bronwen Evans, and I loved it so, that I read her entire back list in a few days and now crave more. 

In the second installment of The Disgraced Lords Series, A PROMISE OF MORE, we find Sebastian Hawkstone, the Marquis of Coldhurst (quite aptly named), returning to England after being pardoned by the Prince Regent after a duel in which he his opponent ends up dying. On the docks awaits the sister of the deceased man, and it is Beatrice Hennessey's hatred for Sebastian for causing the death of her brother and the downfall of her family and their non-existent finances, which brings her to the docks. Doogie Hennessey was to have married in order to better his family's situation, but with his death, his mother and siblings are left to pick up the pieces. While Beatrice attempts to gain entry aboard ship amongst the prostitutes who are invited to entertain the sailors, she is  pushed into the murky waters by a disgruntled , unable to swim due to the weight of her heavy gown. 

Choking up the murky waters, Beatrice opens her eyes to behold the handsome devil who has saved her from drowning only to discover that her savior is none other than Sebastian Hawkstone. Once Sebastian realizes that his near drowning victim is Doogie Hennessey's sister he knows something must be wrong.

Once Beatrice regains consciousness, she tells Sebastian that the only way for him to recompense the Hennessey family for Doogie's death is for the Marquis to marry her and save her family from the poorhouse. At first Sebastian is appalled at the idea. The rake had no intention of marrying but the more he thought about the prospect of having the beauty to warm his bed and give him an heir without the fuss that comes with a normal marriage, he sees the light.

The only thing holding Beatrice back from having warm feelings for Sebastian is the fact that he killed her brother. There is no denying from the evident sparks that fly, that both Sebastian and Beatrice are deeply attracted to one another, but that is what neither wants nor needs. Once the couple are wed, new information about the death of Doogie Hennessey is revealed and the probability that Sebastian is not the killer makes for an engrossing tale of whodunit and why in Bronwen Evans A PROMISE OF MORE.

Well there we have it and what a great story it is! A PROMISE OF MORE is mystery, suspense and romance all wrapped up into one enthralling package. One perfect package I didn't want to put down or even to end. I do feel that it is necessary to read A KISS OF LIES first, if only to get a deeper understanding of who Sebastian really is. I truly like both the hero and heroine, even with their bouts of jealousy and misunderstanding comes to a head. Sebastian has his own personal reasons not to be open and trusting, especially when he knows that his newly acquired wife is hiding important things from him. Beatrice knows she could have it worse than being the unloved wife of the Marquis, but once she sets her mind to it, she finds she can't live without a love she is never quite sure will ever be hers.

A PROMISE OF MORE by Bronwen Evans is another classic in the making from this great author. I highly recommend it, and any title by her. You can't go wrong.



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