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Years after leaving Cardwell Ranch on poor terms with his family, a very different Jordan Cardwell returns to Big Sky, Montana.  Not necessarily to make nice with his sister, Dana, who has run the ranch since their mother's death, but to investigate the apparent suicide of his best high school friend twenty years ago after receiving an urgent phone call from another former high school friend, relating that the suicide was not all that it was deemed. Upon his arrival, another murder takes place, making Jordan a suspect, spurning his interest and that of the Deputy Marshal to investigate many of their former high school mates.

Deputy Marshal, Liza Turner is heading up the investigation, while her boss, Hud Savage, looks after his very pregnant wife, Dana,Cardwell Savage. Liza also remembers the old Jordan and is quite surprised with the apparent changes in the man. Trying to be very wary of Jordan, Liza is attracted to the brooding male at the same time. Both Liza and Jordan attempt to unravel the mysterious web of deceit and jealousy that goes all the way back to high school to solve the suicide/murders that are at the forefront in Big Sky's history. Not only the intrigue of crimes committed feed Jordan's need to find out all that happened, but his attempt to come to terms with his own past make Justice At Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels, a must read.

I loved this book. B.J. Daniels' awesome sense of storytelling made me continually turn each page until the final one was read. I literally could not put it down. Her strong and interesting cast of characters make you want to be a part of the story. When you think you have the mysteries solved, the evidence takes you on a roller coaster ride you can't stop. Sharing the Cardwell families highs and lows is a pleasure I hope B.J. continues. I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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B.J. Daniel's and I at 2011's RWA NYC

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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY!!! Hot Ride by Kelly Jamieson

Courage is feeling the fear... then pouring on the throttle.
Abandoned or betrayed by everyone she ever loved, Sera Manning’s life spiraled out of control until a near death experience left her with a mission. Now a DEA agent, her sole focus -- and her first undercover assignment -- is to take down a drug cartel that’s manufacturing seductive, deadly angel sugar.
To do it, she needs access to Operation Black Abyss to establish a connection between the cartel and the Death Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. Which means she must pose as a couple with another agent who’s already deep undercover.
ATF agent Ryan Thomas desperately needs a female agent to maintain his cover in the gang, but the last thing he wants is a rookie agent jeopardizing his op. Especially one that is a sexy reminder why it’s a bad idea to get involved while on a case.
Living together, surrounded by crime, pretending their sizzling sexual tension is just for show is getting harder by the day. But as the mission comes to a head, the two fiercely independent warriors must decide which fear is worse. Losing their quarry... or losing each other.
Warning: Features a badass biker hero and kickass heroine who go at it undercover -- and under the covers. 


Left alone at the bar, he wandered over to the table where Sera sat.
“Hey,” he said, dropping into a chair next to her. “How’s it going?”
She smiled at him, and the haze of marijuana smoke surrounding the table was almost enough to make him high. Shit. He’d forgotten about that.
He looked for the joint but it was nowhere to be seen. Done. She’d fucking smoked a joint while she was working. She was going to get them both canned.
He scowled at her. “You been smokin’, hon?”
“Um…yeah.” She glanced at Carly.
“You know I hate it when you stink like that shit.”
“I…I forgot.”
“Don’t fucking do it again, okay?” He made his voice low, menacing. She nodded, looking almost afraid.
“Yeah, sure, baby, I won’t.”
Carly looked worried, like she’d gotten Sera into trouble. “It was just one smoke, Tommy. No big?”
He nodded, still scowling, stroked his thumb over Sera’s bare shoulder. She’d taken off her leather jacket and wore a black ribbed tank top with the black jeans she’d changed into. For the first time he noticed the new tat on her upper arm. He stroked over it, examined the image. Jesus Christ. It looked like St. Michael. She was a walking death wish.
He gritted his teeth and said nothing. Later. They had lots to talk about later.
A.J. and Vince returned then, too quickly to have murdered someone, so he took that as a good sign. They said nothing about the former prospect.
“Wet T-shirt contest going on out there,” Vince said with a grin. He looked at Sera, eyes tracing over her tits in the snug tank top. “You should enter.”
She turned to Ryan, and the eagerness in her eyes almost undid him. “Can I?”
He stared at her, speechless. She was truly going to give him a heart attack.
“Oh, Tommy. Come on.”
He almost choked. “No, babe.” He hardened his voice. “No one sees your tits but me. Got it?”
She pouted. “Okay. Fine.” She folded her arms across those contest-worthy tits. And hell yeah―he wanted to see them.
“Come on.” Vince urged them outside where the contest was taking place by the pool. Ryan shot Sera a fulminating glance and led the way outside, beer still grasped tightly in one hand, Sera’s small hand crushed in his other.
By the pool, girls had gathered where an emcee was encouraging votes by applause. Ryan took in the sight and the female attributes on display, glanced down at Sera by his side, who was grinning. “So you wanted to enter?” He slid his arm around her waist.
Her crystal blue eyes looked up at him. He could have drowned in those eyes, just like the sparkling blue pool to their left.
“Yeah,” she said, tossing her hair back. “I could’ve won.”
His breath caught in his throat and he felt like he was choking on a chicken bone. She grinned. Christ. Every time she did something like that it knocked him back on his ass. Amusement tangled with arousal and the urge to drag her up to their room almost overpowered him. He needed to take that mouth, taste it, he had to have her…
His cock hardened and lengthened in his jeans. Jesus, this was so bad. He was working, for Chrissake. He could not afford to be distracted by horny hormones. This had never happened to him.

Kelly Jamieson - Bio
I'm a married mother of two who lives a very ordinary life outside of my imagination. When I'm not writing I'm usually reading. I also like to cook and that means I like to read cookbooks and cooking magazines. In the summer I enjoy spending time gardening and in the winter I like to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues. I love lying on the beach or on my deck with a glass of wine and a good book. I also love to travel. As you can see, pretty much all my activities involve reading somehow! Although I don't have as much time for it any more, I also love to shop, especially for clothes and shoes. Some think I'm obsessed with shoes but that is not true (although my husband would point out that there is no room left in our closet).
I love to hear from readers, so Tweet me on Twitter, leave me a comment on Goodreads or Amazon or my blog , or email me at info (at)

Release date: September 11, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel
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How to Capture a Countess (the Duchess Diaries) by KAREN HAWKINS

 Sixteen year old, Rose Balfour embarrasses her crush, Lord Alton Sinclair, AKA Lord Sin, by accidentally pushing him into a fountain after he gives the young lady a shocking first kiss. The handsome rogue, unused to being laughed at by his peers who dub him Lord Fin for his swim in the lily pad stocked fountain, blames Miss Balfour for his embarrassment.  Six years later, Lord Sin still seeks revenge from the humiliation he has endured since the incident.

Lord Sin's aunt Margaret, the Duchess of Roxburghe, just happens to be Rose's Godmother. When Sin finds this little tidbit out, he insists that Aunt Margaret invite his nemesis, Rose to one of  Margaret's famous yearly house parties, so he can commence his revenge. Once the Duchess meets her Goddaughter she is convinced that Rose will be a match for the stubborn Lord Sin. Noting that not one woman has ever raised Sin's ire as much as this unconventional girl, the Duchess teeters between throwing the two together and keeping them far apart during their stay in her home.

Soon enough, Sin realizes that there is so much more than he originally thought about this exasperating female, he can't decide whether to seduce her or strangle her. When he informs Rose of his plan to seduce her, Rose insists she can keep Sin at bay, But does she want to? So commences a three week long seduction that has Sin and Rose running circles around one another all in view of Duchess Margaret's guests who are an interesting cast of characters, and not the usual company at the Roxburghe residence.

Rose wishes to make peace with her past so as her sisters have a fair chance at finding husbands, Sin wishes to show Rose who has the upper hand in their budding relationship and Aunt Margaret wishes to give her troublesome nephew a lesson he won't ever forget. That and much more sets the tone in How to Capture a Countess, the first installment in the new Duchess Diaries series by the ever-talented author, Karen Hawkins.

Oh how I love this book! Yes, I am a rather huge Karen Hawkins fan. Her Regencies were the first of that genre that I read. Her humor, her eclectic but lovable characters keep me coming back for more.Rose's nervous habit of laughing when something serious happens gets her into some trouble and is something I can completely relate to. Watching Lord Sin evolve from a self absorbed brat to a man head over heels in love is an exciting journey I think all will enjoy.

I adore the meddling Duchess Margaret's journal entries at the top of every new chapter.  They make you feel an intimate part of the goings-on , add humor and something to think about as the next chapter is begun. The Duchess of Roxburghe finds a new hobby of matchmaking which I am eager to see in the next Duchess Diaries books. Her knowledge that her nephew is not perfect, not making excuses otherwise and her ability to reason with those around her makes her one of my favorite characters.

How to Capture a Duchess by Karen Hawkins is a fabulous read and I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see the Duchess of Roxburghe's upcoming machinations.


Karen Hawkins

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Spotlight on DELORES FOSSEN & The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch Series

Hello all! Today I would like to all to welcome author, Delores Fossen. As all my followers know, I am a huge fan of cowboy/western romance reads. In  the Spring of 2011, I contacted Delores about the Book Obsessed Chicks Annual BBQ and asked if she could spare some books for the raffle. Delores sent an entire box of signed books and gained a book club full of new readers. I recently sped through her awesome LAWMEN OF SILVER CREEK RANCH series and fell in love with her Ryland men. Here is a bit about Delores Fossen. I hope you enjoy the interview enough to comment and check out Delores' awesome reads.

When Delores Fossen was a child, she used to sneak around and collect fingerprints, hair strands and fibers left by family members and guests. At age eight, she solved a crime. Well, sort of. When someone nibbled off the ear of her chocolate Easter bunny , she searched for clues and soon discovered that her sister had chocolate bunny breath. With that "case closed," Delores believed she’d discovered her calling--she wanted to be a Texas Ranger or FBI agent. But after realizing that she just wouldn't be very good at chasing down bad guys, she opted for a slightly different career path--she creates fictional cowboy cops and other law enforcement officers. Writing romantic suspense is something she enjoys immensely, and it has earned her the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and Booksellers Best Awards, and she was a finalist for the prestigious Rita.
Married to an Air Force colonel and the mother of four children, Delores has lived in England and all over the U.S. She’s had a variety of careers and jobs: an Air Force captain, a special ed teacher and a rehab counselor. None was as fun or challenging as the time she’s spent as a stay-at-home mom. She still collects fingerprints, hair strands and fibers every time she dusts or vacuums, which isn’t very often.

1. What inspired you to write ?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had stories in my head. My grandfather was a wonderful story teller so maybe that’s what started things for me. Sometimes, the story will stay with me for a long time before I write it, and other times I have to write it immediately. It all just depends on how “loud” the story is.

2. Did you have problems with finding a publisher?

The first time I read a Harlequin Intrigue, I knew that’s what I wanted to write so I made it my targeted publisher. I read every Intrigue I could get my hands to learn what types of stories they were buying, and then I came up with several ideas. I finally submitted to the senior editor, Denise ZaZa, and she bought my first Intrigue, HIS CHILD. Needless to say, I was THRILLED.

3. Who are your mentors?

Author, Lori Wilde. I have learned so much from her, and she continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

4. What does your family think about you being an author?

They’re very supportive and give me the space and quiet time I need to write. I’m very blessed because they know how much I love what I do.

5. Does your husband read your work?

He doesn’t, and I haven’t pushed. J

7. Dream job?

I’m doing it now--writing for Harlequin Intrigue. For me, it doesn’t get better than that.

8. Who are your favorite authors? Books?

So many! To name a few: JD Robb, Lori Wilde, Julie Miller, BJ Daniels, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Gillian Flynn. I loved the Hunger Games Trilogy and the Twilight books, too.

9. I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love Justified and Dexter.

10. How do you have time to balance all that is being Delores Fossen?

Sometimes, I don’t balance very well. Lol. I have an intense writing schedule so I’ve had to give up things like most TV shows, but I still spend time with my family. I also love to travel and read. Lately, I’ve combined travel with writing conferences so it gives me the best of both worlds.

11. Who are your favorite characters from your books?

That’s tough, but for now I think it’s Mason from my current Intrigue, MASON. His story is the last of a 6-book miniseries, and I spent a lot of time with Mason and his brothers. They stayed in my head so long that they felt like family.

12. Do you attend author conferences? 

I love conferences! It’s a great chance to see author friends, my editor and to attend workshops. I attend at least two a year.

13. What's the most difficult thing about being an author?

For me, it’s not the writing. I love that part. It’s the other things that go along with getting a story into print—the copy edits and such. My husband says I never smile when I’m doing copy edits. lol

14. Final thoughts, any message to readers? 

I really hope my stories touch you in some way because I truly love writing them. I hope that love shows through in the books. Thanks also to anyone who’s ever read one of my books!


Sheriff Grayson Ryland wasn't easily shocked. But then his old flame, Eve Warren, returns to Silver Creek for the sole purpose of asking him to impregnate her. And although he's never forgiven Eve for walking away and breaking his heart, her anguish is hard to watch. Before he can reject the most hardheaded—yet still impossibly alluring—woman in Texas, he has to protect her. An attempt on her life thrusts the two of them into a dangerous murder investigation—and an even more dangerous liaison. In the heat of the moment, Grayson may be able to forgive Eve…but is he willing to give her what she so desperately wants?

Kayla Brennan doesn't want Texas lawman Dade Ryland's protection. For one thing, his family hates her. For another, the attraction between them is too hot to handle—just like Dade. When the bullets begin to fl y, Dade shields her and her baby boy. But the question is, how long before Dade decides she's in on the crime?
Kayla's testimony is all Dade should want…especially since he suspects Kayla was involved in the death of a Ryland family member. Yet the fact that they're enemies only makes the animal attraction between them stronger. And more dangerous. For the killer is not who he seems, and is far closer than Dade ever imagined.…

On the day Lieutenant Nate Ryland's baby daughter is kidnapped, he finds hope in the most surprising of allies: Darcy Burkhart, a woman he never thought -- never wanted -- to see again. But Darcy's son has also been taken and there's nothing that will keep them from bringing their children home.

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary adversary and even someone like Nate, who's used to dealing with the worst of society, can't predict the enemy's next move. As the search continues, Nate finds himself admiring the woman he once considered his greatest opponent -- and desiring her in a way he never thought possible.

One look at the baby girl, and there was no question Kade Ryland was the father. For three months, Kade had posed as Bree Winston's husband at the Fulbright Fertility Clinic, while the two FBI agents investigated a trail of illegal adoptions and surrogates. Nine months later, a baby was dropped at his feet—and Bree was nowhere to be found. Now Kade had to reopen a case that had gotten way too personal and find Bree—fast. But if the two of them had never been a real couple, were they ready to be parents? Whatever the answer, Kade now had more than one reason to close this case once and for all.

He faked his death for good reason, but CIA operative Gage Ryland has a better reason to come back from the grave. Though they had a bitter breakup years ago, Gage wants to save his ex-wife—his very pregnant ex-wife—Lynette Herrington from a vengeful hit man. Obviously the baby proves she's gotten over Gage. Or has she? While on the run, Gage feels the attraction between them heating up and yet he knows he must undo a decade of hurt and separation before she'll put her trust in them again. But complicating his emotions is Lynette's pregnancy…and how, as she claims, her unborn child could be his.

It wasn't the first time danger had come to his ranch, but for Deputy Mason Ryland it was the final straw. Someone had been targeting his family for too long and the brooding lawman now had a new person to protect: horse trainer Abbie Baker.
His newest employee's arrival suspiciously coincided with the latest attack, and it wasn't long before he uncovered a decades-old secret between Abbie and the Ryland clan. But as much as that connection rankled, Mason couldn't ignore the fact that someone wanted beautiful Abbie dead. As an upholder of the law, he'd keep her safely tucked by his side through the investigation. As a man, he'd offer his personal protection through the endless summer nights.…

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Madeline Valdan, ex-spy and current courtesan, shocks all of London by setting up an auction for her virginity.... Yes, you read that right. The beautiful former British spy, who has men all over London falling at her feet has decided she wants to live very well after being let go by the British government with a pittance to show for her years of work. Madeline's beginnings were not very bright, but in her darkest hour she was given a chance to live, but in service to the crown. Never completely free and always surviving with deception. 

Gabriel Huntford is a Bow Street Runner ( London's first professional police force), who has an obsession with finding his sister's killer. In a attempt to curb Gabriel's seven year obsession, his superiors have given him the undesirable task of watching out for Madeline and "assisting" her in the quest to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.Gabriel is to investigate the eager suitors who bid in the auction and see whether they are financially able to follow their bids.

Gabriel insists he has better things to do, but when Gabriel finds Madeline in mortal danger, his innate sense of decency has him protecting Madeline at every turn. Once Gabriel spends time with Madeline, he finds that there is so much more to her than meets the eye, and their continued proximity to one another sprouts an attraction that could be hazardous to his state of being. 

I will honestly say, when I read the back cover I was a bit taken aback. The title itself made me hesitate, but once I picked it up, Sins of a Virgin was quite the enjoyable read. The depth that Anna Randol has taken Gabriel and Madeline keeps you rooting for the unconventional characters, even hoping that Madeline doesn't achieve what she has set out to do. The humorous and sarcastic banter between the two is highly entertaining as is the dark mystery that has Gabriel and Madeline on edge. I am looking forward to reading more by Anna Randol. I really enjoyed this story and I think you will as well...


4 Stars (Brilliant)

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In The Barrister's Bed by Tina Gabrielle

James Devlin has made the most of his life as the bastard son if a Duke. He has become a barrister and a damn good one too. In his own words, he never loses. Surprisingly enough to him, he evidently is not the bastard of the Duke of Blackwood, but the legitimate son of the Duke and a housemaid who his father ran off with and married. Jame's mother passed away and the Duke returned to his life in the ton, making sure his son was taken care of but never claiming him as his heir until on his deathbed he confesses to his mother, the Dowager Duchess. 

When his grandmother comes to tell him of his good fortune, he is in shock, but also eager to reclaim the only  place he ever felt close to his deceased father, Wyndmoor Manor, a small home that his father spent a few weeks each Summer with his son, where James felt like a son and not a bastard. When he finds that his home was sold off by his father before his death, James finds the man who purchased Wyndmoor Manor and reclaims it. Upon returning to Wyndmoor, he finds someone else in residence to his dismay.

The beautiful widow, Bella Sinclair, has survived seven years married to a tyrant. Her husband was physically and verbally abusive to his innocent and much younger wife. His death was a godsend, leaving Bella still with her youth and the determination to make something of her life. She has always wanted to be a writer. As luck put some money in her hands, she purchased Wyndmoor Manor and moved right on in. When James Devlin, Duke of Blackwood appears in her home, the two are at odds with one another.
First, the both retain a deed for the purchase of the Manor, evidently purchasing from the same seller. Second, they are both instantly attracted to each other, but Bella has been too much in her life to throw it all away. She is determined to prove that Wyndmoor belongs to her.

When James insists that he and Bella both reside at the Manor until the unscrupulous seller is found, against her better judgement, Bella agrees, hence begins a cat and mouse game with James, the brooding bachelor, who insists he never wants to marry, and Bella, the headstrong widow who even though feels her strong attraction to James,  wants to retain her freedom as well.

When Bella's past comes to haunt her, danger abounds as she could lose everything. When James finds there is much more than meets the eye to the enchanting widow, his protective instincts come alive and he finds himself doing things completely out of character, which in turn, leads to a riveting story.

This is the first book by Tina Gabrielle I have read, and to be honest I couldn't put it down. Not just a romance, In The Barrister's Bed has a great deal of mystery which leads to a great read. James a self proclaimed womanizer, turns out to be more honorable than you would think a barrister or a rake would be, and although Bella has been through a personal Hell in her marriage,she is no shrinking violet. I loved that. I adore James reforming his old ways, even if he hardly recognizes that he is. In The Barrister's Bed,  is a solid and exciting story that I recommend to all and now I am going to pick up all of Tina Gabrielle's previous reads and well as wait for all of her future ones.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

The Armstrong and the Montgomery clans have been in a bloody feud for decades. Hatred is one word that comes through when each thinks of the other. That feud is a very bad thing for King Alexander of Scotland, who needs his two most powerful clans united, not killing each other. In his infinite wisdom, Alexander decrees that Laird Graeme Montgomery marry Laird Armstrong's only daughter, Eveline. Rumor has it Eveline is "touched" or "daft". How is the Montgomery line supposed to continue if the laird marries a woman not fit to bear his heirs? Not only that, but joining two clans that share a deep hatred of each other may not be the best thing to do.

A few years ago, Eveline Armstrong suffered a bad fall from her horse. She fell into a ravine, hitting her head and wasn't found for a few days. Eveline was quite ill and when she awakened, she could no longer hear. Before the accident Eveline was betrothed to the McHugh heir to her dismay. At first she was resigned to the union as it was her duty as the laird's daughter, but when McHugh began to terrorize Eveline with what he planned to do to her when she was his, she tried to get her father to break the engagement, to no avail Once the accident befell her, Eveline ceased to speak and with her hearing loss, which she kept to herself, was construed as having lost her wits, the betrothal was broken. There was always the thought in the back of her mind that if she told her family that she couldn't hear and that was her only impediment, the betrothal to the evil McHugh would be back on.  So she kept her secret to herself and let all think there was something wrong with her.

Once King Alexander decrees the wedding between Graeme Montgomery and Eveline Armstrong nothing can be done. Even the decades of hatred and bloodshed, even the death of Graeme's father by Armstrong hands. So the loyal Laird Montgomery does as his King decrees and he agrees to marry Laird Armstrong's only daughter. When they set their eyes on one another strange things happen. Eveline although terrified by the thought of being the enemy's wife is intrigued by the laird and Graeme in turn thinks Eveline the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, even if she is "daft" as many have said.

The wedding vows and goodbyes said, the new Laird and Lady Montgomery return to Graeme's home and people. Only the new Lady Montgomery receives no warm welcome, in fact, most of the clan is very against her and don't miss a chance to show it when Graeme's back is turned. Privately the Laird warms to his wife even if he keeps her at a distance though Eveline tries with all her might to be the wife she always dreamed of being.

When the Laird discovers his clan's disdain for his new wife, he attempts to order them to treat her with respect. Unfortunately they don't and even with Eveline's attempt to fit in she is cut down bit by bit until her breaking point. How much can this extremely bright woman take until she loses all hope? Can Graeme demand of his people the respect due his wife, their Lady? You will find out all and more when you read Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks.

Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks is brilliant. I haven't read a book that invokes this much emotion in a while. Trying to imagine what Eveline's life must be like having once been able to hear and have that swiftly taken from her is amazing. Graeme's coming to understand his wife's predicament is enlightening to say the least. Reading this book you run the full spectrum of emotions, from extreme sadness and anger to elation. This first book in Maya's new Scottish historical series is wonderful and I look forward to reading the next.
Highly recommended!