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The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs #2) by Paula Quinn

As much as she loved her homeland and her family, Caitrina Grant yearned for something more. Instead of being tied to a husband she doesn't want or love, she wants to go on an adventure. When handsome and dangerous pirate, Alexander Kidd appears on the Isle of Skye is search of a treasure map his father has left him, Caitrina sees a chance to get her adventure. 

Alexander Kidd, son of the infamous pirate William Kidd has been left a treasure map to a ship filled with  riches the English would love to get their hands on. When Captain Kidd goes to Skye to retrieve the map, he ends up with two stowaways on his ship,Highlanders Caitrina Grant and her protective cousin Kyle MacGregor. 

The stowaways are discovered too late to return to Skye, so they continue on with Captain Kidd, who at first intends on leaving the pair in France, but then circumstances make that impossible, Alexander keeps the two Highlanders on. There is an huge issue though, both Alex and Caitrina feel an emotional pull towards one another that is hard to ignore. The innocent Caitrina and rakish Alex runs circles around each other until there is nowhere to run, but into each other's arms, all while trying to evade the English, and other enemies Captain Kidd has acquired over his illustrious career as a pirate. 

The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd by Paula Quinn is the second in the MacGregors: Highland Heirs series. Alexander and Caitrina are from two different people from two totally different worlds, but their attractions transcends that difference. Alexander has to come to terms with his innate mistrust of women after betrayal by one he loved so many years ago. Young and innocent beauty Caitrina wants to make her own mark on the world even if she ends up going back to Skye to a life her father has planned for her. In the meantime though, Caitrina opens her heart to Kidd and his crew and when faced with feelings she's never had before, she then decides whether to act upon them. Once Caitrina gives in to those emotions, what will her Highland family do once they finally catch up to the pirate and his crew?

Paula Quinn' Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd is an adventure that takes the reader from Scotland to the tropics and a few exotic places in between. There is danger and romance in abundance before all is said and done, and isn't that why a reader picks up a book? I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. 



Leigh Greenwood is a new author to me. I was very fortunate to have met this lovely man (yes, a man writing romance) at RWA in San Antonio this Summer and I grabbed his first book in the CACTUS CREEK COWBOYS series, To Have And To Hold and fell in love.

After a disappointing marriage to a man her father basically sold her to, Laurie Spencer and become a widow after the sudden death of her husband Noah. Instead of going into mourning, Laurie takes a breath of relief. Her husband didn't let one day go by without insulting her appearance or discounting her intelligence and abilities. She is finally able to live the way she wants to without anyone telling her what to do, how to dress or how to act...or so she thinks. When Laurie appears at the bank for her brother in law, Norman Spencer, to read the will, he tells Laurie that he is to dispense the inheritance as he sees fit as per Noah's wishes. Once again Laurie is to be under another man's thumb. There must be a way for her to escape from the clutches of overbearing men wanting to rule her life.

Fresh out of the Army and new to Arizona, Jared Smith buys himself a ranch with her nephew and a few good ex-army men and sets out with an idea to raise Hereford cows on the ranch instead of the preferred Longhorns. When he approaches banker, Norman Spencer about a loan, he is summarily rejected and leaves the bank in a huff. Having heard some of the goings on about the loan, Laurie comes up with a plan to free her from Norman iron fist.

Laurie approaches Jared Smith about a partnership in his ranch for her fronting the money for the livestock. Jared is surprised to find the widow Spencer is not only a beauty, but she has brains and determination to boot . But take money from a woman? That might be a bit much for this man. Jared is about to refuse the offer, when he comes up with the idea for Laurie to work as his housekeeper, but the sparks that are already flying between these two are bound to ignite into a full-blown fire if they remain in each other's vicinity for any prolonged amount of time. Laurie has insisted that she will never marry again after her stint as Mrs. Spencer has left her with a bitter taste for marriage, and Jared is so wrapped up in his ranch and the loan, that he fails to see what's right in front of his face until he is about to lose it.

TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH by Leigh Greenwood is a gripping tale of renewal. The residents of Cactus Creek have all begun to prosper and welcome new members into their fold. When Jared comes to town, a single and very handsome man, there is bound to be speculation as to his goings-on  at his ranch. Jared has an open appreciation for the female persuasion, and his attraction to Laurie is out-shined only his need to succeed with the ranch and the search for his long lost siblings. TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH is a well written and endearing story and I hope to read more from Leigh Greenwood in the future.


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How could this have happened to her? Left without a penny to her name, Ainsley McBrayne is devastated when she finds she cannot access the inheritance until she is forty or has a child. Now, since she has been left a widow with a great amount of debt from her now deceased husband, Ainsley know not what to do. She only is sure she never wants to marry again and be under any man's thumb, for she was treated rather poorly in her marriage

When she bumps into a very handsome man by the name of Innes Drummond, who admits to hearing her conversation with her solicitor, she is angry, but open to his invitation to talk.  Once they each tell a bit of each other's stories, Innes convinces Ainsley that a marriage between the two of them would solve many of their issues. Ainsley at first is aghast when Innes brings up marriage, but he does a very good job of convincing her that it only for each other's benefit and it will be only temporary. 

Innes Drummond is now the heir to an estate he never wanted, but when his brother dies leaving him to be next in line to be Laird, he has a hard time accepting his lot. Innes and his father never saw eye to eye about anything. The man was more than difficult and made many people's lives miserable. Innes chooses the leave and build a life for himself outside his family estate. But things change and responsibility comes to light, and Innes needs to go back to the ancestral home and make amends to the people he has left in a lurch since his father died. 

Innes pays off all the debt Ainsley's deceased husband leaves her and whisks her away to his estate, which is in a poor state and needs work. Innes introduces his wife to his people and they inevitably begin to heal many of the wounds left when both his brother and father passed away. Innes and Ainsley also succumb to the spark of attraction that they felt in the city and which had been enhanced by their surroundings in the Scottish Highlands. Their marriage ultimately becomes a passionate love affair in danger of combustion since they both have expressed their dislike of matrimony and openly agreed to end the relationship with the coming of the New Year, but sometimes what we say out loud is in no way what we feel, and herein lies many of the obstacles in STRANGERS AT THE ALTAR by Marguerite Kaye.

What a fabulous story by Marguerite Kaye. It is in fact the first book I have read by this author and I have added her to my must read list. This story is about renewal and coming to terms with the past and more importantly, letting the past go. Innes and Ainsley are so clouded by their pasts that they aren't able to see they are perfect for one another until it is too late. At first Ainsley is weak and with self esteem, but Innes helps her build that self esteem to a level she never thought could be attained. A really lovely story that I highly recommend. 


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Release Day Review & Blog Tour: SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS (A Honeycote Novel, Book 3) by ANNE BARTON

I am so happy to be participating in this blog tour for author Anne Barton. She is one of my very favorite authors in the short time she has been writing her fabulous Honeycote Series. Anne Barton has a fresh voice and simply adore her writing. I hope you will give her reads a try.

The vivacious Lady Olivia Sherbourne has been in love with her brother's friend, James Averill since she was a girl. For ten long years she has pined away for him and when she finds that he will be leaving England to set out on an archaeological expedition to Egypt, she realizes her time is running out to tell him her feelings.

It's not that James has never noticed Olivia, she was almost always underfoot when he was in her brother's company. He considered her a friend, much like he did her brother, but because of his friendship with her brother, the Duke of Huntford, he never gave Olivia too much thought for fear of invoking Owen's wrath.

Olivia just can't hold back. There is so little time for her to get James to realize that he, in fact, is in love with her too. When faced with Olivia spilling her heart out to him, James simply can't ignore it, and a kiss becomes much more than it should. When Owen discovers his sister in a state of undress, in his friend, James' arms, there is no other choice but to insist they marry. This is what Olivia wanted, right? Hmmm well not exactly, because her conscience is working in overdrive as well as her heart, and she realizes that she wants James' heart as well, not just his honor.

Olivia's and James' path to love is a long-coming journey that is so worth the wait. The impetuous but well-meaning Olivia finally matures enough to discern the difference between infatuation and true love. Olivia puts poor James through the proverbial wringer with her ever-changing emotions, but this is the beauty in the chase. James has had his mind set on this two year long trip to Egypt, but having Olivia's attentions clouds his mindset with her beauty and determination. Will giving in to Olivia's machinations  rally be all that bad? Can Olivia set aside the guilt that creeps its way in, making her want to let her true love get away? You will have to grab Anne Barton's thrilling, Scandalous Summer Nights to find out.

Reading Anne Barton's Scandalous Summer Nights makes me want to grab the Honeycote novels and read them all again. I just love how this author tells a story. I feel like these characters are my friends and I have an investment in their happiness. Sometimes I want to hit a character over the head with a stick, and other times I just want to embrace them so tight. Such is the wonder of a story by Anne Barton and such is the brilliance of Scandalous Summer Nights. I hope you grab it and enjoy it as much as I did.


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SUMMER CHAPARRAL ( Las Morenas #1) by Genevieve Turner

Like any good daughter from a respectable Old Californian family, the beautiful and exotic looking, Catarina Moreno does all her mother and father want of her. She helps her mother run the ranch, but yearns for a home of her own. Time is passing and Catarina still hasn't made a match, for no one is good enough for her and her family make that well known. Even though one of her younger sisters has made a decent match, still no one lives up to the standards for Catarina.

When American cowboy, Jake Merrill rides into town, Catarina catches his eye immediately and cause a stir that makes the town wonder if Catarina is as respectable as they thought she was.  From the looks of the handsome cowboy, he is as interested in her as she is in him and a cat and mouse game is about to begin between them that will make the very air sizzle around them. 

Jake Merrill left home over a decade before after realizing his dreams and his family's dreams for him were not the same and Jake will spend his life proving to his overbearing father he can be his own man. He knows that Catarina should be off limits to him, but the awareness they have of one another is building and when Catarina's father finds them in a compromising position, he begrudgingly demands the two marry to save her reputation and that of her family.

Hanging over both Jake's and Catarina's heads however is a long standing feud between Jake's and Catarina's family that has the ability to make or break all involved. Can the passion and want they have for one another overcome the feud that once brought to light cause them to either take sides or stand alone? Neither Jake or Catarina were directly involved with the horrors of their family's pasts, but the long standing ill feelings have the power to tear them apart.

Summer Chaparral by Genevieve Turner is an epic in the making. I thoroughly enjoyed Jake Merrill fall for all Catarina's innocent charms, and loved seeing Catarina become her own woman, aside from being the Moreno's daughter. I loved bringing in the Old Californian history and culture that I have not often seen depicted in books. It's unique quality makes Summer Chaparral a must read for lovers of Western Historical Romance and I look forward to more from the very talented Genevieve Turner in what I hope is the near future.


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Till Death (#1, Logan's Lonestar Series) by Becky McGraw... Cover Reveal

till death cover.jpg
Release Date: Nov. 10th

TILL DEATH (#1, Logan's Lonestar Heroes)


Dave Logan, owner of Deep Six Security, is stunned when former Dallas FBI head, Susan Whitmore, darkens his doorstep accusing him of being the cause of her losing her job. After hearing her situation, Dave feels something he never expects to feel--sorry for her. But he also knows any problems she had at the agency were all her own fault. The woman has a tongue so sharp it could rip a man to shreds, and had many times. There was a reason her agents dubbed her the Barracuda.

Although Dave needs agents in the worst way, and Susan, with an IQ higher than Einstein, better skills and more experience than any of his men, along with a master's degree in criminal justice, is more than qualified to be a member of his team, he just doesn't need the drama she and her mouth would bring to Deep Six . Even as his brain said no way though, his damned white-knight complex forces him to offer her a job as his temporary secretary.

Realizing he's made a huge mistake hiring her, Dave calls in favors to get her interviews to get her out of his office. Before he can get rid of her though, Dave gets a new case only Susan can help him with. A wealthy Dallas oilman and his trophy wife ordered a designer baby from a local fertility clinic, and the surrogate has gone missing with the baby. The couple wants Deep Six Security to investigate the facility and find the baby, but the only way Dave can do that is to get inside. To get inside his only option is to go undercover with Susan, posing as a wealthy married couple looking for a baby. What they find when they get to the spa-like compound is frightening. Payoffs, missing surrogates and young women being used as lab rats are just the tip of the iceberg.

Can two alpha personalities, both used to being in charge, work together long enough to figure out what's going on at the clinic, or will they kill each other before the bad guys at the facility have a chance? If they're lucky, perhaps the delicious friction between them will turn into something so hot the place spontaneously combusts, or maybe if they're luckier it will turn into something which might just last till death do them part.

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Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights #1) by Victoria Vane

What a sizzling entry into the world of Western Romance for author Victoria Vane. Slow Hand is a sparkling introduction into the world of the Hot Cowboy Nights series.

Nicole Powell hates to fly for any reason, but when she is stuck in the middle of a connecting flight at the airport on her way to settle her now deceased father's affairs, she almost falls apart. Glancing around the gate for a free seat to wait the delay out, she spots a cowboy and practically shakes her head. Nikki has had a major yearning for this sultry cowboy's type, but each and every time, she's been burned by them, so she has sworn them off.

Cowboy/Lawyer, Wade Knowlton is giving the girl in tears the once over and aside from the blotchy red face in distress, he likes what he sees. He knows he shouldn't feel badly for her not being able to catch a flight out, but his mother taught him right, so without a second thought, he gives up his seat so the young woman can get to where she needs to go, and he opts to rent a car to make his journey. En route he gets a phone call from a supposed client in distress and re-routes to help.

Losing her wallet was the worst thing that could happen to Nikki. She seems to have no luck, and when the man who comes to her rescue turns out to be that cowboy from the airport she has no idea what to do. With serious reservations, Nicole accepts the help that Wade has to offer, but the obvious attraction they both have for one another is quite disturbing to her, and Wade's quick wit and constant innuendo start to chip at her reserve.

That missing wallet is a serious complication, because nothing can be done about getting Nikki's father's affairs in order until she can legally prove her identity. In the meantime, Wade takes Nikki to the family ranch he prefers not to call home. He is currently in negotiations to sell the quickly sinking ranch, and his stubborn military veteran/rancher brother, Dirk will block him at every turn. Meeting Wade's family is a little disconcerting to Nikki since she didn't have the idea childhood. Add that to her long list of loser cowboy loves and she is ready to run for the hills when Wade decides he wants her in his arms and his bed. Will Wade be able to get rid of the chains of the ranch from around his neck and start anew with Nikki? Will Nikki stop comparing Wade to all of her past failures and actually realize she might THE one right in front of her? Well you will just have to grab SLOW HAND by Victoria Vane to find that out.

SLOW HAND by Victoria Vane is a sizzling beginning in her Hot Cowboy Nights series. A great story and even great characters make this a must read, in my humble opinion. I love how Nikki's misconceptions about men get totally blown out of the water when she meets Wade. From the first, Wade is an honorable and good man on one end of the spectrum and a totally to die for lover on the other. He brings emotions out of Nikki she had no idea she had. These two are on fire, and it's that fire that Nikki is afraid will burn out when Wade inevitably will bore of her and that is one of her biggest fears. SLOW HAND will keep you turning the pages for more and then cursing because the next story isn't out yet. It's a wonderful, well written read by an author who is now on my auto-buy list.


Slow Hand By Victoria Vane Sourcebooks Casablanca November 4, 2014 $7.99/£5.99 Summary: In rural Montana… Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs. Even the lawyers wear boots… Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds—until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can't resist a cowboy with a slow hand… About the Author: Victoria Vane is a multiple award-winning romance novelist and history junkie whose collective works of fiction range from wildly comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Victoria also writes historical fiction as Emery Lee and is the founder of Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog. Social Media: Website | Facebook | @AuthorVictoriaV | Goodreads | Pinterest Buy Links: Amazon | Apple | B&N | BAM | !ndigo | IndieBound Book Trailer: Giveaway 1 – Two copies of Slow Hand (two winners, ends 11/7) a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway 2 – Victoria Vane’s Cowboy Seduction Kit Excerpt: He went to work on his shirt buttons. His collar was soon wide open revealing a generous show of muscular chest that make her hands itch to rip it off him. She diverted her gaze and curled her itchy hands by her sides. “Have no fear, cowboy,” Nikki replied in a tone meant to disguise the warm flush that had come over her. “I corralled all my wild impulses long ago.” “Did you, now?” He still stood in doorway, head cocked. “Somehow, I think you may have missed a few strays.” “Maybe I need to make myself clearer. I have an aversion to cocky cowboys.” Just keep telling yourself that, Nikki. Maybe if you repeat it often enough it’ll become true. “Is that so?” His brows flew upward. “I can’t say I ever met a woman with an actual aversion to me.” “Don’t take it personally. It’s nothing against you in particular, but to your type.” “And what do you think you know about my type?” “Since I don’t have a pole handy, enough to keep you at arms-length. Besides that, this whole line of conversation is entirely inappropriate in light of professional ethics, don’t you think? You are my attorney, after all.” “Well, darlin’,” he scratched his unshaven jaw, “there’s a little hitch to that.” “What do you mean? You said you’d help me.” “And I will, but you can’t engage my professional services until I know who you are.” “I’ve told you who I am!” she insisted. “Sweetheart, I’m a lawyer, and according to the law, your claim don’t weigh without authentication.” “Authentication?” “Proof.” “So what are you saying? That you don’t believe me?” “I’m not saying that at all. Only that our professional relationship will commence once you get your I.D. In the interim,” His gaze slid over her in a way that threatened to melt her insides, “you’d best find yourself a nice, long, sturdy pole.”

What A Lady Needs For Christmas (MacGregors #4) by Grace Burrowes

He didn't want to help her, but when his precious daughter, Charlie make him feel guilty, Dante Hartwell invites Lady Joan Flynn to join them on their travels to house parties for the holidays. Joan has fled Edinburgh is distress after trusting the man she cared for turns into a rather compromising situation.

An ambitious man of business, Dante Hartwell has worked vigilantly to make something of himself and build an empire. There is something  that Mr. Hartwell lacks, however, and that's open doors into the world of wealthy and titled investors. Engrossed much of his time in business matters, occasionally his children are left to their own devices. Luckily, he has his sister, whom the children affectionately call Aunt Margs, to assist him in the care of Charlie and Phillp, but Margaret needs to lead her own life eventually meaning Dante will need a wife.

Joan Flynn has found herself in a very precarious situation. After her so-called friend and confidant, Edward Valmont plies her with liquor, she awakens with a cloudy and sore head feeling that she's been ill-used in more ways than one. Escaping from Edinburgh before her ruination is made public, her only option is to find a husband, and quickly.

When Dante becomes aware of Joan's plight, he offers her marriage, which will help both of their situations. Joan accepts the marriage of convenience, but when they both develop feeling for one another, this marriage of convenience blossoms into so much more.

WHAT A LADY NEEDS FOR CHRISTMAS (MacGregor's #4) by Grace Burrowes is a delightful holiday read with a cache of colorful characters adding to the main story. Dante Hartwell, although not of the ilk of most of the guests at this party, is one of the most honorable men in the group. His need for protecting Joan, once he takes her under his wing, is a delight to see. Joan still can't quite remember the details of that night with Valmont, but regardless of what did happen, she has Dante to get her through.  Throw in a multitude of holiday traditions and an eclectic group of revelers aside from the budding romance between Joan and Dante, and we have one admirable tale not to be missed.  Quite enjoyable!


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Announcing a new western romantic suspense series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Becky McGraw -- Logan's Lonestar Heroes, will launch November 10, 2014 with the first book in the series, TILL DEATH, Dave Logan's story.

unnamed (3).jpg

Dave Logan, former recon marine and ex-cop is a man who lived inside the box of government restrictions and red tape for many years. When he had enough of seeing criminals and corruption continue despite his best eff...orts because of that red tape, he decided to do something about it. He assembled a group of likeminded men with unique skill sets, cowboys of a different sort, to combat crime in the new wild, wild west.

Deep Six Security exists to fill the gap between the right and wrong side of the law. The men of Deep Six operate just beyond the box. They are willing to do what it takes to keep their home state safe. They are patriots, rebels and most importantly renegades. They are as different as night and day, but they have one thing in common, their love of God, country and the great state of Texas.

If the six pack doesn’t work, there’s always a shotgun and a shovel…

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Giving in to requests to join the Christmas holidays at his cousin's home, after years of nixing the invite, Lucien Blakemore is pleasantly surprised to find that miss Winifred Nightingale has also been invited for the festivities along with her local school marm sister.  Lucien and Winifred are acquainted as neighbors. Lucien lives in the home next door to where Winnie is governess and the pair have always gotten on rather well.

As soon as Winnie, the governess and he sister, a teacher are introduced to the snooty guests who are all members of the ton, they suffer consistent snarky remarks and snubbing. Lucien will have none of it, and the man's attraction to Winnie finally comes to a head where he can no longer deny the spark that exists between them. 'Tis the season and Lucien and Winnie take full advantage of the mistletoe, so to speak, letting their feelings for one another come to light.

When an ill-bred acquaintance appears to cause trouble for both Winnie and Lucien, drastic measures must be taken to assure that Winnie remain safe. Lucien's protective side fully emerges and he gives in to his feelings for Winnie when he decides that she is all he needs to make his life complete. The only problem is, Winnie feels that she is too far below Lucien's social level for their relationship to work. Can someone please help this woman snap out of it?

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS KISS by Manda Collins is a well written and fun novella with story. I adore when such a great tale is told in a novella but you come away completely fulfilled. This is definitely one of those stories. Grab ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS KISS by Manda Collins, you won't be disappointed. 


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Tempted by Midnight (1001 Dark Nights, #10) (Midnight Breed #12.5) by Lara Adrian

Let me begin by saying that The Midnight Breed series, by the brilliant author, Lara Adrian, is hands down my favorite paranormal series of all time. It was this series and this author that began my journey into the realm of romance and who opened my eyes to a world I had not known existed before. Twelve and a half stories into the series and it's a comfortable old friend or one of the family. TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT is no exception because it takes one of our old friends in the series, Lazaro Archer, who has suffered so much in the past and gives him a chance at a new life worth  living.

When Lazaro Archer lost his Breedmate and family to the evil Dragos, he blamed himself completely for not being there to save them. Now, twenty years later he is a hardened Breed enforcer keeping himself at arm's length from any kind of relationship with his own kind. He is dedicated to keeping the Order in check in Europe and nothing will sway him from his mission, until red headed trouble comes his way. 

Breedmate, Melena Walsh owes her life to Lazaro. Some twenty years ago, Melena was on the verge of drowning in a frigid lake when Lazaro Archer broke through the ice, went in and brought her to safety. She never forgot that. Now after the Breed have been made known to humans and a new fear being precipitated by the secret organization Opus Nostrum, Melena wishes to help her father broker peace. The goodwill abruptly ends when a missile takes out the yacht the talks were being held on and Lazaro once again saves the life of the former tomboy. 

Melena is a distraction for Lazaro, and the minute they set eyes on each other, the very air surrounding them promises to ignite with want and need. Very much a woman now, Melena will not deny the attraction to Lazaro, but he does everything he can to challenge that attraction. He never wants to be put in the same situation that took his family from him again, therefore he blocks whatever feelings he might have. Melena is no pushover though, once she sees that deep down, Lazaro feels just as strongly as she does, she will go after what she wants. Those glyphs don't lie.

When faced with this new danger possibly taking her life, one more time, will Lazaro stand up and take responsibility? Or will be run back to the safety net of the Order in Europe? Only by reading TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian, will you find out.

What a difference twenty years makes. This novella is almost too hot to handle, a ticking time bomb of emotions that promises to explode. The more the sexy Gen One denies his feeling for Melena, the deeper he gets involved. I love Lazaro's evolution from when we first met him. He is quite the force to be reckoned with, and it takes the former tomboy to put him in his place. Melena is a great heroine who doesn't cower to all the Breed machismo. When Lazaro gets in her face, she gives it right back to him. Ms. Adrian has taken this story that begins  decades ago with a tragedy and morphed it into not only a tribute to the Breed of the past, but a perfect HEA. 


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GUEST REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY Ring in the Holidays (Hunk for the Holidays #2) by Katie Lane (REVIEWED BY MARGIE HAGER)

Aunt Wheezie does it again! But she's not a matchmaker. Oh no - she's a soul matcher. In Ring in the Holidays Aunt Wheezie sets her sights on seeing her nephew, Matthew get together with his soul mate. And his soul mate just happens to be a fresh from a disastrous relationship sex therapist who writes a book about sexual abstinence. A soul mate who somehow ignores her own advice and goes wild in Vegas with a complete stranger, none other than Matthew McPherson. Too bad Matthew's soul mate, Ellie Simpson isn't cooperating.

Author Katie Lane totally entertains her readers with well written quirky and fun characters, a well developed plot complete with lots of laughs and romance and always a beautiful HEA. This is the second book in the series, the first being, Hunk For the Holidays. You will want to read both stories as the adventures and "finding love" escapades of all the McPhersons will tickle your funny bone and have you looking for more.

Do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to Katie Lane's Ring in the Holidays. You will be thanking me for this recommendation for sure.


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COMING SOON FROM MARIN THOMAS **** A COWBOY OF HER OWN (Cash Brothers #6)**** and Giveaway


A Cowboy of Her Own
Cash Brothers Series
January 1, 2015

He wasn't looking for love

Fun-loving Arizona rodeo cowboy Porter Cash has always been more interested in having a good time than a steady paycheck. But to realize his dream of owning his own ranch, Porter needs this new job delivering roughstock to rodeos. What he doesn't need is a too-serious, too-smart and too-sexy-for-her-own-good copilot on the trip.

When savvy insurance adjuster Wendy Chin joins Porter for the haul, she is all work and no play. But soon, business turns to pleasure and Wendy is conflicted. Her heart wants Porter, but her strict Chinese-American parents will never support the match. Can Porter find a way to prove to Wendy that, when it comes to love, he's not fooling around?


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THE MISTLETOE EFFECT by Melissa Cutler is one  exciting ride from the get-go,  until the end. 

The Briscoe Family are the elite in the event planning business, with The Texas Hill Country Resort as THE place to be. It's Christmastime and the wedding business booms in December due to the famous "Mistletoe Effect". Not one marriage in the last 50 years performed at the resort has ever ended in divorce. Things are about to get shaken up real good when to kick off the latest Christmas season, Haley Briscoe jilts her groom at the alter, leaving the Briscoe family in the lurch. A wedding MUST happen or that booming business will go right down the drain and the family's reputation as well. Above all things, tradition must be upheld and Mr. Briscoe and his mother, the quirky, Granny June are going to make sure that happens.

Carina Briscoe, Haley's responsible sister, who manages the events, is stunned but sort of relieved her sister cold cold feet. She doesn't particularly like her would-be brother-in-law but she is torn. On one side, she has to keep her father happy and do whatever is necessary to maintain the resort's sterling reputation, but on the other, she dreams of a life outside of the family business. 

Cowboy, James Decker arrived on the back of a motorcycle almost a decade ago, since then he has had his eye on Carina Briscoe, but has never done a thing about it. After all, Carina and her family are way above him, or so he thinks. When Haley runs off leaving an open spot for a wedding, Carina and James take up the mantle and save the day, but under the strangest of circumstances. Carina the workaholic always was attracted to James, but she always thought he would never notice her. Well how wrong she is, when James agrees to play groom for this mock wedding, he insists that Carina ACT a real wife for the month of December, including living under his roof and sharing a bed and before you know it the holiday spirit is in full swing with Carina and and James playing house. 

James has another motive, and it's to open Carina's eyes and show her that the resort is not the only thing that matters, and also to stand up to her overbearing father and live the life she wants to live, not the one her father has planned for her. Of course in this process, emotions get involved and a true relationship emerges and though neither wants to admit, they are actually enjoying being a couple, but what will happen at the end of the month when James gives notice and moves on to another job? Oh boy there is so much to this story that you will just have to grab it and find out for yourself.

THE MISTLETOE EFFECT by Melissa Cutler is a perfect example of this author's amazing writing ability. I went into this story not knowing what to expect and came out with a huge smile.  I love how the strong cowboy takes Carina into hand and he also becomes her champion when it comes to her finding her true happiness. James is one amazing hero. While I so wanted to smack Carina in the head a few times and tell her she needs to start saying the word, NO, I totally empathize with her, because that's so one of my big problems too. This is a fun story with a wonderful outcome, not just a great holiday read, but one that is timeless. 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OUT TODAY!!! Judgment: A Cassidy & Spenser Thriller (Cassidy & Spenser Thrillers) By Carey Baldwin

If these two rivals can't work together...  one of them is going to die.

Carey Baldwin, author of the thrilling novel Confession, returns with a new story featuring two of her most beloved characters. Fans of Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner will devour this riveting story of rivals caught in a killer's twisted web.
When a coed falls prey to a sadistic murderer, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Caitlin "Caity" Cassidy and FBI profiler, Special Agent Atticus Spenser, are called in to testify--one for the defense, one for the prosecution. With warring approaches to justice, these two rivals have been butting heads for years--both inside the courtroom and out. And at first, this case appears to be no different.
But when a brutal attack leaves the accused man dead and Caity in critical condition, petty differences take a backseat to saving lives. As the lone survivor, Caity knows too much, and the killer--a madman calling himself the Man in the Maze--is coming back for round two. Now Caity and Spense must join forces to uncover the killer's identity before Caity's time-and luck-runs out.

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Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered physician (still practicing full time ) by day and the author or edgy suspense by night. She holds two doctoral degrees, one in medicine and one in psychology. She lives in the southwestern United States with her amazing family and in her spare time loves to chase wildflowers.
Carey is represented by Nalini Akolekar at Spencerhill Literary Agency.

Carey’s Confessions
§  I invented a test called the the SEX REP. It was published in the Journal Of Personality. Not how it sounds though—it’s not about what happens between the sheets. It’s used to measure sex-role stereotyping and gender identity.
§  I was once voted Professor of the Year at a State University. I think my students felt sorry for me because I had to breastfeed my colicky baby in class.
§  Along with my two kids, I was once dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness by a float plane. We hiked through Misty Fjords national monument in total isolation. Except of course for the bears.
§  I once ran a marathon with my best friend. We lost each other at the port-a-potties before the race and didn’t find each other until the finish line.
§  I put salt on my cantaloupe. I don’t think this is either fun or weird but my critique partners do and they made me put this on the list.
§  I bought my car because the color was called Alpine Rain and I thought that sounded romantic.
§  I once sold one of my original photographs for $1500 at an art festival. Unfortunately, it used to hang on my living room wall, and now my favorite photograph belongs to someone else.
§  My dog is fifteen years old and has hip dysplasia. I once warned my landscaper that he shouldn’t go to the house because Licorice was in the back yard. He replied that he was pretty sure he could out-run her.
§  I am a reality tv junkie.
§  I know what a yurt is, but I wish I didn’t. My son lives in one part-time.
§  I’m shy, but I pretend I’m not. So hey, that one’s our secret.

Since I posted this: Licorice has since passed. I miss her with all my heart.

THE BOC'S REVIEW OF ~~BROKEN ( The Cavanaugh Brothers #2) by LAURA WRIGHT

Reunited  after so much tragedy, the Cavanaugh brothers have returned to River Bend, Texas and the Triple C Ranch to for Deacon and Mac's wedding. They also, after new clues come to light, go forward in the attempt to catch a killer, their sister Cass' killer.All three of the Cavanaugh boys were blamed by their parents for their beloved daughter's death. They weren't there to protect her when she went missing. Deacon, James and Cole's lived were turned upside down that awful day and years later, they still bear the sting of their parent's actions and the pain of never knowing who made their sister suffer.

James Cavanaugh has been penned the Horse Whisperer and he even has a Hollywood producer trying to get him on board for a reality show, but the handsome lover of Shakespeare wants no part of it. He instead wants a piece of Deacon's assistant, Sheridan O'Neil who, like him is relationship shy. 

Cool and elegant, Sheridan O'Neil, at first out of her element in River Bend, is quickly becoming comfortable in the small town where everyone knows each other. Well, she's comfortable until James is around. When Deacon leaves her in charge of business and at Mac's mercy for wedding planning, Sheridan soon realizes she can neither Mac, nor James at arm's length. The closer she gets to these two, the faster the carefully constructed wall of ice begins to thaw until she becomes caught in web of the Triple C and it's inhabitants.

When Sheridan is threatened and lands in the hospital due to a scheming contractor's attempt to cover his crimes, James is devastated that once again, he is unable to keep safe a woman he cares about. Seeing that Sheridan is skittish after her attack, James agrees that she move in with him. This is where everything comes to a head as Sheridan tries to break through James rough exterior while trying to keep herself in check. After all, she plans on leaving River Bend after Mac and Deacon's wedding. Ultimately, their close proximity to one another is something that can't hide the desire they have for one another. Once they throw caution to the wind and get naked, all bets on both sides are off.

Here we have a definite winner in the romantic suspense category. I simply loved BROKEN (The Cavanaugh Brothers #2) by the impressive Laura Wright. Her characters are all startling individuals who each add to the nuance of the tale. James is multi-faceted with his love for Shakespeare and his innate ability to sense what a horse is feeling, but be totally oblivious to Sheridan's feelings at the same time. Sheer writing brilliance on Ms. Wright's part. I love Sheridan, with her own set of rules and her going around Miss'ing and Mr'ing everyone to keep them from getting too close. The new rapport that the brothers have for each other and for those around them is both refreshing and  engaging.  Of course, I am waiting impatiently to find out who took Cass from the Cavanaugh clan and changed the dynamics of it forever. Read both BRANDED and BROKEN by Laura Wright today, you will not be sorry, in fact, you will fall quickly in love with these emotionally scarred men and the women who do what they can to heal them. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

DARIAN HUNTER : DUKEOF DESIRE (Dangerous Dukes) by Carole Mortimer

Seemingly narrow-minded, Darian Hunter, the Duke of Wolfingham does all he can to warn off the woman his brother wants. The Dangerous Duke, himself with a reputation of a scoundrel, begins insulting the widowed, Countess of Carlisle, Mariah Beecham and admonishing her to stay away from his much younger and impressionable brother, since the Countess has quite the reputation for scandal herself. While he does his best to send her on her way, he finds her intriguing and attractive while she just wants him to leave her alone.

Appearances are not everything, as we all know, but to the duke and the countess, appearances hide their true selves out of necessity.  When called upon by the crown to assist in saving the Prince Regent from an assassination attempt, both Mariah and Darian and shocked to find that they both work as spies for England. Their superior sends them as lovers into a virtual den of iniquity to find the perpetrator  and prevent the assassination attempt. What Darian finds in this household of wickedness, shocks even him, but the circumstances that he and Mariah are thrown into have them desiring one another until nothing can be done but to explore their desires.

Mariah has been through much in her life. She has paid daily for her terrible marriage but rejoiced in having her daughter. Once she is widowed, freedom from ever having to be dominated by any other man keeps her going. Darian's reputation is more talk than fact, as is Mariah's, but they both use these reputations to cover their personas and to stave off unwanted intimacy. I enjoyed DARIAN HUNTER: DUKE OF DESIRE by Carole Mortimer. The story was fast paced and interesting, but I feel that the relationship between the hero and heroine was a bit rushed. I wanted to know more. I wanted to care about them more than I did. The mystery was a solid one and its resolution made the book all the more enjoyable..


Friday, October 3, 2014


The one thing you all must know before reading a Carolyn Brown book is that her stories will leave you in an innate state of euphoria. I am always left with a smile and a sense of satisfaction when I have finished with a Carolyn Brown book. This one in particular has me asking a few times "Oh, did that really just happen?", and that is a very good thing. 

Retired Army sniper, Finn O'Donnell hangs up his dog-tags and puts on a cowboy hat when his second tour in Afghanistan is over. Finn buys a ranch in Burnt Boot, Texas and attempts to begin a new life, but those memories from his tour of duty keep him awake at night and impede his moving on. Since moving to the Salt Draw Ranch with his dog, Shotgun, he's been plagued with the FBI and CIA asking for his help, but Finn wants no part of it. When a few very government looking vehicles appear on his ranch, Finn is prepared to send them on their way until he sees a sight for sore eyes, his BFF, Callie Brewster.

When Callie Brewster appears on Finn's ranch with a young nephew in tow, asking for refuge instead of going into the witness protection program after her nephew witnesses a murder, Finn happily takes her in with the young'un. Callie promises to take care of the house, while Finn takes care of the land, but now that they aren't in the military can this former sniper and his spotter keep is platonic. Most importantly, do they want to keep it that way. Oh come on, you know the answer to that question.

Once Callie and her nephew Martin are all tucked away at the ranch, the fun begins when they become intimately acquainted with the very interesting inhabitants of Burnt Boot and a Hatfield and McCoys type feud going on between the town's well to do Gallagher and Brennan families.  When two ladies, from the opposing families set their eyes on Finn, and I use the tern LADIES loosely because Betsy and Honey are NO ladies, Callie brings it on. FYI, you are going to love this. 

In addition to all this going on, the former owner of the Salt Draw Ranch, Verdie, who now lives in an adult community, is lonely and misses her hometown and her friends. So this hurricane of a lady comes to the Salt Draw for an extended visit. Verdie is a force to be reckoned with and with her presence back on the ranch and in Burnt Boot, the fun really begins. She quickly takes over the kitchen like the old pro she is and worms her way into the hearts of all involved all while secretly conspiring to throw Callie and Finn together. Lord, I love this spunky lady.

With so much insanity going on around Callie and Finn, it's a wonder that the two who have been yearning for one another's company for so long, get a chance to even be alone with one another for five minutes, much less steal a kiss or two... or maybe three. With the Christmas season in full swing, the Christmas spirit takes a firm hold on the Salt Draw and its inhabitants, and the menagerie of  unusual people surrounding them, makes this one sleigh ride that can't be missed. 

One word for COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS (Cowboy Not Included) by Carolyn Brown, INSPIRING... Ok I have more words actually. As in every single one of Miz Brown's books, I come away with sheer elation. happiness and satisfaction. Finn, Callie, Verdie and the rest of the Burnt Boot residents each have their own little quirks, faults and reasons to fall in love with them. Carolyn Brown expertly weaves her tale of the budding romance swiftly growing in the midst of an insane family feud. Trust me, it all fits! I love how I felt like I was part of the insanity and ,in fact, quite happy to be there. I most favorably recommend COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS (Cowboy Not Included) by Carolyn Brown and I hope you love it as much as I have.