Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs #2) by Paula Quinn

As much as she loved her homeland and her family, Caitrina Grant yearned for something more. Instead of being tied to a husband she doesn't want or love, she wants to go on an adventure. When handsome and dangerous pirate, Alexander Kidd appears on the Isle of Skye is search of a treasure map his father has left him, Caitrina sees a chance to get her adventure. 

Alexander Kidd, son of the infamous pirate William Kidd has been left a treasure map to a ship filled with  riches the English would love to get their hands on. When Captain Kidd goes to Skye to retrieve the map, he ends up with two stowaways on his ship,Highlanders Caitrina Grant and her protective cousin Kyle MacGregor. 

The stowaways are discovered too late to return to Skye, so they continue on with Captain Kidd, who at first intends on leaving the pair in France, but then circumstances make that impossible, Alexander keeps the two Highlanders on. There is an huge issue though, both Alex and Caitrina feel an emotional pull towards one another that is hard to ignore. The innocent Caitrina and rakish Alex runs circles around each other until there is nowhere to run, but into each other's arms, all while trying to evade the English, and other enemies Captain Kidd has acquired over his illustrious career as a pirate. 

The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd by Paula Quinn is the second in the MacGregors: Highland Heirs series. Alexander and Caitrina are from two different people from two totally different worlds, but their attractions transcends that difference. Alexander has to come to terms with his innate mistrust of women after betrayal by one he loved so many years ago. Young and innocent beauty Caitrina wants to make her own mark on the world even if she ends up going back to Skye to a life her father has planned for her. In the meantime though, Caitrina opens her heart to Kidd and his crew and when faced with feelings she's never had before, she then decides whether to act upon them. Once Caitrina gives in to those emotions, what will her Highland family do once they finally catch up to the pirate and his crew?

Paula Quinn' Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd is an adventure that takes the reader from Scotland to the tropics and a few exotic places in between. There is danger and romance in abundance before all is said and done, and isn't that why a reader picks up a book? I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. 


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