Thursday, July 4, 2019

YOU SEND ME (Compass Cove Book 2) by Jeannie Moon

Jordan Velsor has been a school teacher is the comfy town of Compass Cove for the better part of a decade. Recently haven broken off her engagement to a local, under awful circumstances, the beautiful thirty-something is trying to get through the day to day and deal with her father's terminal cancer diagnosis all alone.

Dr Nick Rinaldi came to Compass Cove to recuperate from surgeries due to a shooting incident in the Middle East. The former military man and Dr. is feeling just right in the comfort of his grandparents hearth and home.    

Jordan never has had much of a family besides her father, but when tragedy strikes and Nick saves Jordan from a falling tree during a historic nor'easter, she begins to find out what family really is. Can the relationship shy Jordan open up her heart to what is right in front of her? Can the Dr, who has hidden his past from everyone come clean and let out the story of  atrocities that he blames himself for out in the open? You will most definitely have to read this impressive book to find out, and I strongly suggest you do.

What I wrote here is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Most who know me well, understand that Contemporary Romance is not my gig. It has to be something really special to take me out of my historical haze and this book is one that just calls to me. Author Jeannie Moon's love for Long Island is evident in this book, and frankly in every book she has written. YOU SEND ME is a beacon for second chances without being in your face. Her characters are strong and independent, loving and endearing. Jeannie Moon's conflict in YOU SEND ME is real and grabs ar your heartstrings. You genuinely care what happens to everyone. 

Last year when Jeannie Moon did a reading from this book at a local North Shore haunt, The Gourmet Whaler, I was done in. I knew this book was for me. It did take me a while to finally pick in up due to that historical haze, but I was in my right place and time to fully let this book take me on the journey that Jeannie Moon intended, and I am so happy I did.

Later this Summer, on August 28th, the next Compass Cove will be released, and I am impatiently waiting. 


AUGUST 28, 2019