Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Joann's Review:

Adair Thorne is not a man to be messed with. When his club The Hell and Sin is totally destroyed by fire he looks to his enemy the Killorans as responsible for the deed. When the two families meet, Broderick Killoran is able to convince Adair and his brothers they are not guilty, and have not broken the truce that the families have enforced. 

Cleopatra Killoran attends the meeting and proves to be an outspoken hellion. She is defiant and no one can make her do anything. Part of the Killoran truce is for there rivals to give one of his sisters a season to find a rich Lord. 

Cleo steps forward to save her sisters from this marriage. It is while she is under Ryker Black home being guarded by Adair the two cross sword and then become tolerable friends.

As you find yourself reading this story, you pick up the crumbs of hidden information about each character which only Ms Caldwell can leave you hungry to grasp.

She excels as a master in her art form. This is an excellent read.