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Circle of Eight ~BRODY~ by Emma Lang

Prickly Graham sister, Olivia, has been left in charge of the younger Graham siblings while head of the family, Matthew and his new wife Hannah spend a few days away from the ranch. Texas Ranger, Brody Armstrong arrives at the ranch during this time with news for Matthew about his investigation into the disappearance of youngest sibling, Benjy. When Brody finds that Matthew is not home, he attempts to leave, but Olivia makes it impossible for Brody to get away without telling her what is going on.

Olivia had been very attracted to Ranger Brody, but as the months continued on with no news from the mysterious Texas Ranger about Benjy, who has been stolen from the ranch six months prior, she began to lose faith and trust in him. Brody didn't feel the news was appropriate for Olivia's ears, but after her haranguing him, and against his better judgment, he tells her he has a lead and after investigating a local cabin, he was heading to Mexico to follow up on his lead. Olivia wants to go with Brody, but he quickly forbids it. Her brother, Matthew, good friend to Brody, would kill the Ranger should something happen to Olivia.

Brody goes off to investigate the cabin and knows immediately there's a connection to Benjy Graham and several other people's disappearance. When he is about to uncover a clue, he's confronted by the determined Olivia. Brody immediately cuts her down and tries to send her home, but when proves her worth by saving Brody's life, they partner up in the search for Benjy.

On their way to Mexico these two argue, bait one another and discover a passion neither can resist. No matter how Brody tries to keep Olivia at arms length, the attraction is too much for him to turn away from. Once in Mexico things quickly become dangerous when they meet aspiring overlord Rodrigo, his beautiful but cunning sister Elena and their cold and calculating mother Lucinda, who is the owner and operator of the local brothel. Olivia will do almost anything to discover the whereabouts of her precious little brother and that creates even more danger when Brody finds that he is a jealous man.

Oh how I LOVED this book. While reading the first Circle of Eight book Matthew, I knew Brody was going to be a force to reckon with. Underneath the cool and hard exterior of the Ranger dressed in black there is a heart he tries with all his might to hide from the world. That is until the bossy and overly curious Olivia Graham crosses his path and creates so much chaos, Brody has no idea what to do.After all, Brody is a Texas Ranger and has dedicated his life to his work, he couldn't possibly give in to a woman.

Olivia has been cast aside by her ex-fiancee. He got what he wanted from her and then tossed her away after the murder of Olivia's parents and Benjy's kidnapping, and yet she still opens her heart to the brooding Ranger, knowing full well her heart may be broken. I had an extreme dislike for Olivia in Matthew's book. Once  Emma Lang redeemed her, I liked her, but still was wary of her character. Until this book. Olivia has matured and even though she is still bossy and over-bearing, she is a woman in her own. No whining for this one. Emma Lang (Beth Williamson) has created a world that I want to get lost in. Watching Brody finally letting down his guard and allowing Olivia under his skin is a wonderful journey I really enjoyed taking.

I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of Brody in a Twitter contest that Beth Williamson was running.
Brody won't be available to the public until June 26, 2012, but I highly recommend that you pre-order this amazing story. This is definitely one of my favorite books so far this year and Beth/Emma is one of my favorite Western Historical authors. She not only brings humor in the midst of upheaval but she has a complete understanding of what readers like myself enjoy!

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)


Olivia stood in the shadows, her heart thumping like mad. She heard the other man’s voice and Brody’s deep one. He was in trouble.
The pistol pressed against the small of her back, reminding her she’d come armed out into the wild. She’d shot it a few times, at coyotes and such, but never at a human being. However, she would protect the ranger, even if he was an ass, the man didn’t deserve to be murdered like poor Margaret.
She was glad she’d worn her cowhide riding boots with the soft sole. Lorenzo had made them for her as a birthday surprise, he’d had a crush on her for years unfortunately. But lucky for her, he was a wizard with cowhide and a needle. They were sturdy and quiet as a mouse when she walked. She crept toward the door, keeping to the gloom, and pulled the pistol out. The weight of the weapon was unfamiliar but she gripped it firmly. No matter what, her father had taught every one of his children how to shoot every weapon they had. Texas was no place to live and not know how to take care of yourself.
She reached the edge of the door and peered through the crack. The ranger was on his knees in the tall grass, his hands on his head. Two men stood in front of them, one had a rifle, the other a shotgun, both pointed at Brody’s head. She could squeeze off one shot before they reacted so she had to make sure it was the right choice.
“You snooping around where you don’t belong, Armstrong. Some people don’t like that and they send people like me to stop you.” The greasy-haired one was skinny with dirty brown trousers and a gray shirt. His hat was dirtier than his hair, which seemed impossible.
The other stranger was bigger, a barrel-chested man who would be harder to take down with one shot.
She stuck the barrel through the crack in the door and closed one eye. They were at least fifteen feet away but if she aimed carefully, she could hit the skinny one holding the shotgun. She sucked in a shaky breath and cocked the gun.
“I’ll stick you in there with her and you can rot in hell together.” The man raised the shotgun.
Olivia fired.
She fell to her ass, right onto the broken crates. The boom was so loud she couldn’t hear anything but the ringing in her ears. She scrambled to her feet and looked outside in time to see Brody fighting with the bigger man. The skinny one was on the ground and she knew her shot had been a true one.
She loaded another bullet in the gun as quick as she could then stepped out of the shack. Without being closer, she couldn’t hit the other man without risk of hitting the ranger. The skinny man screeched when he saw her, blood covering his chest. He spat a bloody gob at her, but she jumped back, her eyes wide and her heart in her throat. She had done that, shot the man in the chest and now he would die because of her.
No matter what, she could not go back to who she had been two minutes before.
Olivia walked closer to the two men wrestling on the ground. The big man had Brody beneath him and was currently beating his face with meaty fists. She pressed the gun to the back of his head.
“Let him up or he’ll be picking pieces of your brain out of his hair for a week.” She hardly recognized her own voice. It was full of grit and rage.
“You best back up missy or I’ll fuck your eye sockets after I kill him.” The man’s voice was colder than anything she’d heard before. He kept right on punching Brody, whose face was a bloody mess.
“One more chance, mister. Let him go or I’ll kill you.” Her palm was wet with fear but she kept her hand steady, the trigger cocked.
“Fuck you.” The man swung around to grab her leg, but she jumped back and fired.
The man’s head exploded in front of her. Blood, brains and bone spraying in a gruesome cloud all over the grass, and Brody.
“Oh, you kilt us both, you bitch.” The skinny one had crawled to his shotgun. As he fumbled to aim it at her, Olivia crouched down, grabbed the rifle beside her and fired, stopping him cold.
She dropped to her knees, then to her elbows until she pressed her forehead to the ground. The smell of dirt and grass filled her nose, temporarily blocking out the iron stench of blood and gunpowder. Brody put his hand on her back.
“Hell, Liv, you just saved my ass. I never thought you would be armed or that could kill two men.” He sounded impressed, which at any other time might have pleased her. For now she just kept her eyes closed and focused on not vomiting.
“Let me have that.” He pried the gun from her hand and disappeared for a few moments. The sound of water hitting the ground reached her and she realized he was wiping the gore off his face. In another minute, he pressed a wet cloth to her face. “Here, just try to relax.”
Relax? She’d just killed two men. Killed them. Olivia didn’t think she would ever have to kill one person in her life, much less two men in two minutes. The wet cloth felt good against her face and thank God, it didn’t smell like blood.
When she finally got control, and made sure she wouldn’t cry in front of him, she sat up. He crouched beside her, his cold blue eyes assessing.

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Beth Williamson in Twitter:!/authorbethw

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Nina E's take on BRODY by Emma Lang


Emma Lang

            After reading this novel I know one thing for sure:  Olivia Graham does NOT need a man!  This rancher’s daughter is clever, brave, strong, and determined. On her own Olivia is a force to be reckoned with; she is an avenging angel with one thing on her mind: saving her little brother.
            Although this book bears the name of Brody Armstrong, a brooding and sexy Texas Ranger, this is really Olivia’s book.  Brody is the second novel in Emma Lang’s Circle Eight series, and it chronicles the harsh trail Olivia follows into Mexico in order to uncover clues to the disappearance of her youngest brother, five year old Benjy. 
            Although Brody is struggling with his own demons, namely his guilt over running from a battle many years earlier in which his brothers were killed, he agrees to “partner” with Olivia in order to try to save Benjy from a band of thieves who may have taken the boy across the border into Mexico.  He finds Olivia bossy and opinionated, which of course causes a lot of entertaining fireworks between the pair on the trail. 
             Early in their journey, Olivia and Brody are faced with a deadly situation when they are ambushed at an abandoned shack. Here Olivia is forced, with gruesome results, to use her gun in order to save Brody’s life.  This incident serves as a loss of innocence in a way. Olivia can never go back to the sheltered life she lived at the ranch with her older brother Matt and the rest of her siblings.  Now that she has taken a life in order to protect Brody, she embraces her new path with trepidation, but also with great courage.
            As their journey continues, Olivia and Brody find a growing attraction blooming between them.  For these two lovers, passion seems to spark at the most inopportune times…including when they are both held hostage in a dark and filthy basement!  Olivia knows what it means to be intimate with a man, and she embraces her sexuality, even though she knows Brody is quite a loner, and he may not stay with her forever.
            Throughout their difficult and dangerous journey to Mexico, Emma Lang grows a strong bond between Brody and Olivia, the kind of bond that will last a lifetime.  Although the characters might not realize their eternal love right away, the final confrontation of the novel is the brutal push that Brody needs in order to see that he does not ever want to lose Olivia Graham. 
            This novel definitely contains some graphic violence, including violence to women.  To be fair, this book does take place in the 1830’s in Texas, and daily life was full of outlaws and dangers.  In this novel Emma Lang takes the reader back to a time when law and order was tenuous at best, and amidst all the chaos, two characters manage to find a lasting love. If you want a gritty and emotional love story, read Brody!


Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean


Lady Calpurnia Hartwell is a 27 year old spinster, known as the prim and proper daughter to the Earl of Allendale.  She laments that season after season, she remains unwed.  When her younger sister becomes engaged to a duke, she feels the weight of her inadequacy even more.  She wants more than anything to drop her proper fa├žade and live life to the fullest.  She compiles a list of nine scandalous activities that she hopes to complete in the near future.  The first?  To kiss someone passionately.  Callie has born a secret desire for the Marquess of Ralston, Gabriel  St. John , since her teenage years.  And so she shows up in his home, unexpectedly, in the dead of night to complete her first task.  Gabriel is captivated by Callie, so unlike his many narcissistic, experienced lovers.  They enter a partnership of sorts:  Gabriel will oblige Callie’s desire if she will help his new-found sister prepare to enter into London society.   The kiss is just the beginning of Callie’s adventures and Gabriel can’t help but to become a willing participant in encouraging her along. 
 What a wonderful, sexy, unique Regency romance!  Callie is innocent, but adventurous, and Ralston is the epitome of the handsome rake.  He’s arrogant and self-assured, with a somewhat tortured past that leaves him wary of the idea of love.   The set-up is unique and intriguing on its own, but what drew me into this story was the author’s thorough characterization of the hero and heroine, her attention of detail, and the incredibly smart and sexy banter between Gabriel and Callie.  Their chemistry is off the charts and every scene between them had me rooting for their HEA more and more.  The scenarios Callie lands herself in are funny and unpredictable and very entertaining.   The sex is hotter than the average historical romance and far from ordinary.   It’s the kind that has you almost holing your breath for 10 pages, while the time just flies by.    Delicious.  I recommend this book to lovers of historicals and strong heroines, but it’s also a great introduction for those new to the genre.    I’m off to read the next two in the series!    


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Interview with the amazing Donna Grant

Hi Donna!!! Thanks for answering some questions for the followers. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and about your latest release, Midnight's Lover....
I've been writing for over 13 years, and I seem to have a thing about writing books in a series. :)  Which leads me to MIDNIGHT'S LOVER.  It's the second book in the Dark Warriors series, which is a continuation of the Dark Sword series.

MIDNIGHT'S LOVER features one of my favorite Highland Warriors - Ian Kerr.  I knew when I was writing about Ian in Quinn's book (WICKED HIGHLANDER) that Ian was going to be so much fun to write.  And he didn't disappoint.  I had no idea he'd go through so much between Quinn's book and his own, but he got a great heroine in Danielle, I think. :)

2. What was your motivation for taking your historical paranormal series into the present day?
It wasn't just my idea.  I have the most fabulous editor, and it was while we were chatting about the guys and what I had planned that I mentioned wanting to do some back to back releases.  The next day, she comes back and says they'd love to, but...I'd have to do something different with the series.  My amazing, gorgeous editor already had something in mind, too.  She suggested I time travel my guys to present day.

Needless to say, I was speechless (which for those that know me know is a pretty rare thing!).  There was no pressure from my editor.  She said it was all my choice.  So, I chewed that over for a day and then called her back.  We spent the next two hours talking about the pros and cons of me doing such a move and what I could do with the series.  Since I had only dipped my toe in contemporary with a bit of time travel in a series, I wasn't sure how things would go to set an entire book in present day.  But, I took a deep breath, tossed aside Logan's book that I had completed, and rewrote it - in present day Scotland.

I would spend on day smiling at how much fun I was having, and then the next wondering what the hell I was doing.  It wasn't until I read over the entire book that I found I quite liked being in modern day with my guys.  The ultimate test was my editor.  I was fully prepared for her to tell me I needed extensive revisions.  Imagine my surprise when I got the phone call that she loved it.  My husband took me out celebrating that night. lol

So, while I love historicals (and always will), I've found that time traveling my Warriors to present day Scotland seems to have fit the series perfectly and opened up so much more trouble for the guys to get into (and the Druids/heroines to get them out of.  lol).

3. Have you enjoyed this journey?
Ah...I think I answered this above, but "yes!"  :D  It's caused me sleepless nights, incredible stress wondering how readers would receive such a change, and amazing highs from reader emails/reviews.  

4. What is the toughest aspect about the literary world for you?
Besides the rejections? :)  Hmm...hateful/rude reviews is one that ranks pretty high up there.  I get that not everyone is going to like an author's book, but to be so cruel is too much, IMO.  I, myself, tend to stay away from searching out reviews for that reason alone.  If a reader/reviewer sends me a review, I'll read it, but I certainly don't go looking for them.

5.When did you first become interested in writing?
I've always had stories running through my mind, but it wasn't until 1999 when I was pregnant with my oldest that my husband told me he thought I might want to give writing a try since I was always telling him how I'd have changed a book i was reading.  So, I thought, "what the hell?" and promptly began writing during my lunch break.  Four months later and I had my first completed manuscript.  And I knew there was no turning back for me. 

6. What's the most difficult part of writing?
For me its the synopsis.  I'm a panster (meaning I have no idea what's going to happen from one day to the next when I sit down to write) so for me to have to write a synopsis and give to my editor so she knows what the book is going to be about is difficult.  I'm very vague in my synopsis, and fortunately for me, my editor is okay with that. :)

7. Your new covers for this series are fabulous.. are you happy with them and are they accurate description of the books?
I love the new covers!  I find it difficult not to see the "Highlander" in the titles or see the hunks in kilts, but who's going to complain about seeing all those muscles?  The one thing I love about these new covers is that most of them were taken in photo shoots where I had to supply a description of the characters and what they'd be wearing.

I tried to say "nothing" for the guys, but that didn't go over too well.  lol

8. Are there any new authors that have grabbed your interest?
Being in the romance community, we authors tend to stick together.  The St. Martin's authors have a private loop where we chat and support each other.  Between them, various other author loops, and just around the romance community, I'm always hearing about fabulous new authors.

And going to RWA conferences (national as well as local), I get to meet new authors, connect with authors who are my friends, and of course, be a fan girl to the authors I read. :)

9. How do you come up with the character's names? Do you use family and friends?
lol.  I'm pretty particular about my character's names.  I have a character naming source book and several generators I use online.  I go through and write down names that appeal to me.  I then think about the character(s) I'll be writing about and search until I find the name that fits them.

There have been instances where a few pages into the book I realize there's something wrong.  Normally, its a character name, and once I change it, I'm good to go. ;)

10. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas.  I love the decorating, the parties, the family get-togethers that make us cringe, the joy, the rushing around, wrapping all the presents - just everything!  I go all out during Christmas. 

11. Favorite TV show? Movie?
Favorite TV show, not sure I can narrow it down to one.  Supernatural (of course), Spartacus, Haven, Once Upon a Time, Burn Notice, Vampire Diaries, Tru Blood, and so, so, soooooo many more. :)

Movies: Lord of the Rings, Serenity, Clash of the Titans, Immortals, Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes (both), Underworlds, and again, soooooo many more.

12. Do you have any mentors?
My editor is the closest thing I'd have to a mentor.  I know lots of authors have critique groups and a big named author helping them out, but I've always kinda went it alone.  Not on purpose.  Had I found RWA before I started writing things might have been different, but I'd written four complete books before ever even discovering RWA. :S

13. How helpful is your family when you are writing?
Extremely.  I wouldn't be able to do the things I do without the aid of my family.  My husband reads everything I write, and we can often be found discussing fight/battle scenes or an idea I need fleshed out.  My kids get into it now as well.  They love the "idea sessions" they call them.

My husband is really good about cooking if I'm still writing or I'm mentally checked out after a hard day.  (Sometimes (read: most times) after a full day of writing, I've used up all my decisions. lol).  I've been writing since my first was born, so they know what it means when I have my music on.  And if my door is shut, don't come in my office unless their bleeding or something's broken. :D

14. Do they read your books?
My husband, of course.   My parents, definitely.  My brother, not so much.  But he does go buy them and put them on his shelves for his friends to see. :)

My kids - not until they're at least 50. (kidding.  I'm thinking more like 45)

15. Do you have any last words of wisdom for your fans? 
I know from reading my favorite authors' that sometimes a book/series doesn't go the way we want it to or think it should, but its how the characters talk to us authors.  We follow them, and sometimes things happen that aren't good and leave the characters, readers - and even authors writing the books - reeling.

For me, I won't make sense of out something until several books later when it all comes together.  There's an ah, ha! moment.  

And authors love hearing from readers.  If you've ever hesitated in sending your favorite author an email, posting something on FB or Twitter, don't be.  That's what helps get us through some days after bad reviews, harsh edits, or our characters won't talk to us. :)


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Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James (Rough Riders #13)

Georgia Hotchkiss was the object of Tell McKay's lust back in high school. Lust that never made its way to reality for Tell back in the day. After a 10 year absence, Georgia, now a divorced from her high school sweetheart, is back in Sundance, Wyoming for work and for the high school 10 year reunion. Back in high school Georgia and her ex, Deck were Prom King and Queen . Can you say awkward?

When Georgia gets a eyeful of the new and improved Tell McKay she is hard pressed to put him aside like she did in high school and Tell seems to have it bad for the former cheerleader, although Tell is definitely not the easily manipulated teen he was. He sure has grown up! Upon catching up with one another Tell comes up with a plan. Georgia gets him as her reunion date while Tell gets her as his lover, and very publicly I might add. Georgia agrees.

While Georgia has no intention of staying in Wyoming once her business is done, Tell has every intention of keeping her in bed, and trust me, they spend quite a bit of time there. During this "deal" of sorts, a relationships happens and that's where things get complicated... Of course.

Happiness in being back in the McKay fold, finding out what's new in their very sexy and complicated world.
Tell is a great character, handsome, honest and sexy to a fault. Georgia, the typical female, torn between head and heart. I have to admit a few times I wanted to smack her and shout "SNAP OUT OF IT!"  But in Lorelei James fashion, that never gets old, all ends up as it should.... or does it? Oh come on, you know you're going to have to read Kissin' Tell to find out yourself!!!!

  • Rough Riders Book 13
  • ISBN: 978-1-60928-848-8
  • Publication Date: June 26, 2012
  • Samhain Publishing
  • Available in e-book format only!
  • Pre-Order Now!


4 Stars (Brilliant)
4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

Midnight's Lover by Donna Grant

Ian Kerr, thrust into future when the evil drough, Dierdre gets taken into the 21st Century, has been hiding in a cave in the highlands of Scotland for some time. Struggling with his god, Farmire, the god of battle, no less, after his twin, Duncan was murdered by Malcolm at Dierdre's behest. Ian feels he is no company for anyone. He begins to "talk" to Duncan and can't decide whether it actually is Duncan speaking to him or if he is going mad. 

Modern day Druid, Danielle Buchanan hasn't had an easy life. Originally from the US, she was sent to live with paternal aunts in Scotland when both her parents were killed in a car accident. Her Aunt Josie immediately sees the Druid magic flowing through her niece and over the years she hones and encourages Danielle's magic until it flows strongly within her. Danielle has the ability of finding lost items but must return them to the rightful owners or she suffers greatly.

New Year's Eve, Danielle plans to ring it in with friend Mitchell, but things go awry when Mitchell wants more than Danielle is willing to give. As she leaves his flat, Danielle trips and finds an ancient looking key in the street and the key gives her the mission to find McLeod Castle and return the key to those who dwell there. During her drive, a snowstorm hits and she has a car accident that propels her car down an embankment. Danielle urges on and ends up walking through the mountains, where luckily Ian finds her, drenched to the bone and almost frozen.

Once Danielle recovers and listens to Ian's story, she compels him to help her get to McLeod Castle, whether he is ready or not. Along the way,  Ian and Danielle find an easy attraction to one another and they become closer and closer. Ian's adaptation to modern life is humorous as well as quick and Danielle's ease with Ian is very appealing. In fact, the relationship between the couple becomes super steamy.

In the meantime, both evil drough,Dierdre and Declan Wallace continue their plans to end the Warriors and take over the world. Their presence itself leaves a dark cloud hanging over everyone's world that the Warriors as well as the Druids need to eliminate. 

The union of the Druids with the Warriors and an easy one. They have become one as the years have gone on and accepting of new Warriors as well as Druids. They still must remain hidden from the modern world as McLeod Castle is on no modern map and it's been hidden for centuries by Druid magic.

Will Ian be able to come to terms with his twins death and keep Farmire at bay. Will Danielle convince him he is no danger to her and he is a good man who deserves the love she wants to give? All of these questions are answered in Midnight's Lover by Donna Grant. Grab it as soon as you can. 

Yes, I am a HUGE fan of the Dark Sword and now the Dark Warriors series. These characters have become family to me and I am invested in their outcomes. Midnight's Lover is now my favorite read so far. Donna Grant is so at home in this series, it's like a homecoming, a reunion with family and friends. Her writing only gets better and better. I am now waiting with bated breath for the next book, Midnight's Seduction to release. I believe that Donna Grant has definitely come into her own with this direction her series has taken and I thank her for such an amazing book.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)

At the time Donna Grant gave me this book, I did not know until days later that she had dedicated it to me. I am blown away by her kindness and was in tears when I read the dedication. Regardless of that dedication, my review is non-biased. I truly loved it and it is my favorite one to date.
Thank you Donna for being a true friend and for accepting my quirks. I adore you and you can always trust me to be honest with you. Love you bunches!!!

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Book Obsessed Chicks Interview with Model Len Gunn

Hi Len!!! Thanks for being with Book Obsessed Chicks!  I really appreciate the interview. As you know, Beth Williamson/ Emma Lang’s  book Brody is releasing on June 26th. You are the cover for Brody and now every fan of the author identifies YOU with the character of Brody Armstrong, who is a broody former Texas Ranger

  1. How does it feel for you to be indentified with the character on the front of the book?
    - Its fun to pretend to be someone else, go into character mode.  What I like best about being identified with the character in the book is that everyone formulates their own image of that character.  It's a great world of make believe
   2.Tell us a bit about yourself.
    - By day, I own/run an irrigation business at home.  I'm getting sweaty and dirty digging holes and solving problems for my customers.  I treat my customers with the utmost respect, which is how I expect to be treated.  By night, I am the complete opposite, as I am usually modeling high end clothes or attending parties with the upper echelon; rubbing elbows with the who's who.  It's kind of like being Clark Kent/Superman

   3.When and how did you get into modeling?
    - I started modeling about six years ago; I was approached by my now "mother agent" at the gym, where he asked if I had ever thought about modeling.  I snickered and said, "yeah, when I was like 18".  He encouraged me to give it a try; little did he know that anything I decide to do, I jump in headfirst.  I'm very competitive and want to be the best at everything I do.

  4. How did the book cover modeling begin?
    - Book cover modeling only began recently as, after being asked three years in a row to attend the Mr. Romance competition at the RT Convention, it just felt right to do it in 2011.  So I signed up and to my surprise, I won not only the contest but was voted the fan favorite as well

  5. Do you have a favorite of your covers?
    - My favorite so far is Honor by Janet Dailey.  I just think the picture really shows the true me.  You can read right into the picture about how simple I really am; I don't hide anything or put on an act.

 6. What hobbies do you have?
    - I like to golf and travel to new destinations.  I really enjoy engorging myself with new cultures.

 7. Do you have any mentors?
    - I don't really have a specific mentor, but my oldest brother has always been a source of inspiration as he had to, at a young age, take on a "dad" like role for me.  He still to this day has that quality.

  8 .Have you read any of the books that you have been on the cover of?
    - I have not had the opportunity to read any of the books that I am on (not that there are many.... yet!).  Not by choice, but rather that I have been extremely busy lately.  I plan on reading through them in the neear future so I can see how my image relates to the character in the book.  It'll be fun to see the resemblance

  9.What are the pros and cons of this business for you?
    - I enjoy the opportunities to see new places and people.  It's a fantastic experience each and every time I have a shoot or attend an event where so many people find me to be the point of interest.  It's intriguing as it is so different from my day to day life.

10. (Beth Williamson’s question)  Do you enjoy the costumes for the covers? Especially the cowboy covers?
    - I love wearing the different costumes.  I like to take on a persona for the type of outfit that I am wearing and really make the most out of it.
    Thank you so much Len….
    Len Gunn on Facebook:
    Len Gunn on Twitter:!/LenGunnModel

    Fun Times with Author~ Donna Grant~

    On Saturday May 6th, Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club was very fortunate to have fantastic author Donna Grant present for an evening of fun. Here's some of the photos of our fun!!!

    Midnight's Master by Donna Grant

    Present Day. Texas beauty, Gwynn Austin travels to Scotland in search of her father, a university anthropology professor who was evidently in Scotland doing research when ends up missing. To Gwynn's dismay, she finds that the university her father worked for did not send him to Scotland and things become more curious. Instead of finding her father she finds misplaced Warrior, Logan Hamilton, who is on his own quest to find fellow Warrior, Ian Kerr.

    Logan has traveled through time from the 1600's in search of his friend, Ian. The task won't be an easy one because evil Drough , Deirdre has also traveled through time and she wants the Warriors found for her own misbegotten gains. Deirdre does not care how she accomplishes her task of of taking over, and if the world comes to find out about magic, then so be it. With her Warriors and her beasts, the wyrran,  Deirdre thinks she can accomplish anything, even though she is "guest" to Declan Wallace, the man who brought her through time.

    When intriguing Highlander Logan meets the sassy Texas native Gwynn, he is immediately attracted to her spunk as well as her beauty. Logan sets out with Gwynn on her quest to find her father and hopefully achieve his task of finding Ian , who now,since his twin brother, Duncan's demise at the hands of Deirdre, must come to terms with the full power of his God, Farmire ( god of battle)  wreaking havoc inside of him. One of Logan's other tasks is to find an artifact and keep it out of Deirdre's hands. Along the way,Logan finds there is much more to Gwynn than meets the eye and magic surrounds them both

    Along the way Gwynn and Logan find they have much more in common than one would think for an out of time Highlander and  indomitable spitfire. What will happen when Gwynn is faced with finding her true calling? Will she and Ian be able to overcome the obvious differences to come together? Will they both accomplish their quests and survive against the odds? Read Midnight's Master to find out.

    After reading  Midnight's Master by Donna Grant, I was so happy to see the logical direction she has taken with this innovative twist on her Highland Warriors. What better way to add intrigue and depth, than to bring it all into the 21st Century? Ms. Grant is right at home in Midnight's Master and one can tell. She takes fish out of water, Logan kicking and screaming into modern day with interest and humor. Gwynn's explanation on the use of a razor to the thoroughly confused Logan is memorable, to say the least. I really do believe that there are so many possibilities for the Warriors being brought through time, and I for one cannot wait for the next story to be told. 

    Logan has his issues, like any of the Warriors who have been through Hell and back since having their Gods unleashed, but his journey is an awesome one, especially when he has spunky Gwynn to take it with him. I highly recommend Midnight's Master by Donna Grant. Midnight's Master is refreshing, exciting and mysterious all rolled into one.


    5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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    Read the Excerpt

    The blackness, the unending void ate away at Logan as he was yanked out of the year 1603 and thrown forward in time.  He felt himself falling and desperately reached for something to hang onto
    The wind rushed by him, hurting his ears with the high pitched sound and drowning out any noise.  The wind took his breath, making it difficult to breath.  He was tossed first one way, and then the other.  Determining which way was up was soon forgotten.
    Where were the others?  Ramsey, Arran, and Camdyn?  The Druids had told him they didn’t know where any of them would end up.  All Logan could pray for as he felt the years and decades pass by was that he landed in the right time.
    Around him, the inky darkness began to shimmer – the same shimmer that had appeared when the Druids cast the spell to send Logan and the others traveling through time.
    Almost instantly, he was dumped out of the abyss onto his hands and knees into the midst of a vicious rainstorm.
    Logan swallowed and gave himself a moment to let his head stop spinning.  He pushed his fingers into the wet ground and smiled when he felt the dirt between his hands.
    He sat back on his heels and looked around.  It was day, but the storm had darkened the sky.  An urgent need pulled at him, called to him to return to Eigg, but he pushed it aside.  He had to find Ian.  That was his duty.
    Logan wiped off his hands and took stock of his whereabouts on a hillside, the tall grass swaying with the howling wind.  But what grabbed his interest were the dots of light below him.
    Logan blinked through the cold, torrential rain and climbed to his feet.  Those weren’t fires he saw flickering in the valley.  What they were, he didn’t know.  Yet.
    He rose to his feet and ran a hand through his hair to get it out of his face.  It was time to discover just where the Druids had managed to toss him in the future.
    On his way down to the valley, Logan crossed a road that had been covered with some hard, black substance with bright white lines painted on it.
    He squatted down to touch the surface and felt the rumbling of the ground beneath his fingers.  Logan rose and stepped back as something large and loud came rolling down the lane.
    As the object passed, Logan spotted a person inside who looked like they controlled the loud contraption.
    More confused than ever, Logan walked over the road and down to the town.  He could hardly believe his eyes when he reached the village to find buildings lined down the street, one right next to the other.  They were all painted the same bright white with many more of those noisy contraptions lining the road as well as traveling down it.
    Logan kept to the side of the road where he saw other people walking.  A few gave him odd glances but most paid him no heed.
    He passed store after store, trying to learn the language written on the signs.  The fact that he had a primeval god inside him, a god so ancient his name had been forgotten, was the only way he was able to pick up this new language so quickly.
    “You’re soaked through, lad,” said an elderly woman as she opened a door to a store Logan was walking past.
    He gave a slight nod and felt the knot in his belly loosen as he heard her brogue.  He was still in Scotland.  Now, to determine when he was.
    “Ah, not much of a talker,” she said and laughed.
    Logan smiled.  “What year is it?”
    She blinked and cocked her gray head at him.  “You’ve quite the brogue, lad.  It’s been many a years since I’ve heard one so thick.”  She smiled, a far away look stealing across her face.
    Logan took a step toward her.  “The year, lady?”
    “Oh.” She chuckled and patted her chest.  “Forgive me.  It’s 2012.  What an odd question.”
    “I’ve been living by myself…away from everyone.”
    “And everything,” she said as she eyed his kilt.
    Logan looked around him and shrugged.  “What village am I in?”
    This time the old woman frowned as she watched him.  “Salen, not far from the Isle of Skye.”
    He knew the village, but the last time he had seen it, there had barely been anything there.  It had grown tremendously since then.
    What else had changed in the four centuries since he had left his friends behind at MacLeod Castle?
    “I thank you,” he said to the woman and walked on before she could ask more questions.
    Logan looked at the town of Salen with new eyes.  If this almost nonexistent village could grow so much in just a few centuries, what had become of Edinburgh or Glasgow?  And did he even want to know?
    He paused as a young woman ran in front of him to one of the contraptions sitting on the side of the road.  She jerked at the handle as she held a bag over her head in an effort to keep from getting wet.  It wasn’t working.
    “Rory!  You wanker!  Unlock the bloody door so I can get in the car!” she yelled over her shoulder.
    Logan turned his head to see a thin man come out of the shop, walk around the…car, insert something small into the door, and open it.
    The woman yanked on her door again then banged on the window above it.  “Rory.  Unlock the bloody door now!”
    After another moment, Rory leaned over the door and pulled on something.  A moment later, the woman got in.  She was still yelling as the car rolled away.   
    So, the contraptions were called cars, and apparently people rode them much as Logan rode horses.  He sighed and continued forward.  It wasn’t just the landscape that had changed.  The people had changed as well.
    No lady Logan had known would ever have spoken as the woman with Rory had.  Not even whores spoke so crudely.
    Logan heard footsteps coming fast behind him.  His muscles seized and fangs filled his mouth.  Logan spun around, claws lengthening as he readied himself to behead whoever thought to attack him.
    He pulled his hand back, stopping himself just in time as two young lads who ran past him, laughing and soaking wet.  Logan stepped into the doorway of an unused building and took a deep breath.
    Was he so used to fighting that he would attack anyone?  Even children?  He shook his head and struggled to tamp down the god inside him.
    Athleus.  He was the god of betrayal inside Logan, an ancient god who wanted nothing but death and destruction.  It had taken decades for Logan to gain control over his god. 
    But sometimes, that control slipped.
    Logan carried enough burdens.  He didn’t need to add the death of two young lads to the weight. 
    Once his fangs and claws had retreated, and Logan was sure his skin wasn’t the silver of his god, he stepped out of the shadows and lengthened his stride as he exited the town. The urge to return to Eigg was sharp and true in his chest.
    If anyone found out that he had a monster inside him, that he could release the god and become a beast, Logan was sure they’d kill him.
    But he didn’t just have a god inside him.  He was able to use Athleus’ power, a power able to control water.  And Logan was going to the Isle of Eigg, an isle surrounded by water.
    He wasn’t sure when he had made that decision, only that he had.  Logan couldn’t hold back the desperate need to return there as soon as possible.
    The last time he had been to Eigg, which to him was just a matter of hours – not centuries – earlier, he had been looking for an artifact hidden there by the Druids.
    Not only had he not found the artifact, but his friend and fellow Warrior, Duncan, had been killed by Deirdre.  Deirdre was a drough, a Druid who had given herself to evil and black magic.  She was on a mission to take over the world, and as great as her magic was, Logan feared she might just win.
    It had been Deirdre who had unleashed the gods inside the Warriors.  And it would be Warriors who would help end Deirdre once and for all.
    But first, Logan had to find Ian, Duncan’s twin.
    He couldn’t imagine what Ian was going through.  Ian and Duncan, as twins, had shared a god, and with Duncan’s death, the full power and rage of their god would overtake Ian.  If he couldn’t control his god, his god would control him and he would be ripe for Deirdre to claim.  Which is just what she had wanted when she killed Duncan.
    Logan had no idea where Ian had gone, but he knew Deirdre.  She had leaped forward in time to 2012 in order to thwart him and the others in their mission to find the artifacts before she did.
    He frowned.  Or had she?
    If Deirdre could travel through time whenever she wanted, why hadn’t she done so before now?  She could have changed the outcome to anything that hadn’t gone her way, including gaining the artifacts before the MacLeods.       
    If Deirdre hadn’t traveled through time on her own, that meant someone had to have helped her.
    But who?  And, more importantly, why?
    Logan wasn’t sure he’d have those answers anytime soon.  Regardless, in order to defeat Deirdre, the Warriors would still need the artifacts.  The one he had been sent to get was on Eigg.
    He paused and looked around him.  None of the other three Warriors who had volunteered to look for Ian had landed with Logan.  He wasn’t even sure if they had been taken as he had.
    Yet, he knew the Druids at MacLeod Castle.  Each one was powerful in her own right, and together, they wielded magic and quite literally took his breath away.
    He had no doubt they had succeeded in tossing the others forward in time along with him.  He had no means of communicating with anyone, nor could he take the chance of traveling to MacLeod Castle yet.  He had to find Ian before Deirdre did.
    If she didna have him already.