Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matthew~ Book 1 of The Circle Eight by Emma Lang

Matthew Graham and his  siblings come home from an outing in town to find their parents murdered and their youngest brother, Benjamin missing. All the hopes that their parents had for expanding  the Graham family's holdings may be dashed with this awful event. Matthew, the eldest at 25 finds himself in the precarious position as head of the family, and he wants to continue what his parents had set out to do.

Matthew travels to Houston to claim a land grant which will expand the acreage on the Graham holding only to find out from the land office that in order to claim said land, Matthew must have a wife, but Matthew is unmarried. What shall he do? When the land officer asks if he is married, he lies and even gives his imaginary wife's name, Hannah. Oh this keeps getting better and better! The land officer gives Matthew a period of  thirty days in order to bring Hannah the imaginary wife back to the land office to sign the papers necessary to make the land Graham land. Now Matthew is in quite a bind.

Enter Hannah Foley, a plain looking 23 year old who lives in town. Hannah has been helping her grandmother run the local boarding house for years now and hasn't had many prospects in the man department, that is until Matthew Graham literally bumps into her at the local store.One touch has each of them discombobulated. When Matthew finds out her name is Hannah he can't believe his luck, and so the real trials begin.

Not only do Matthew and Hannah have the trials and tribulations of their quick nuptials, but they also come face to face with possibly unraveling the mystery of the Graham parents

What an awesome way to begin a series! I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew and the Graham clan. Matthew and Hannah have their work cut out for them trying to bring their family together without having to have others against them. Taking two virtual strangers and seeing their relationship progress is my favorite part of this. Emma Lang aka: Beth Williamson is a fabulous writer who gives you just enough to keep you coming back for more. You really feel for the characters... from the hero and heroine all the way to the snotty sister Olivia who is most unwelcoming to Hannah when she arrives. I am truly looking forward to more Circle 8 books and I plead with you Beth.... hurry up and give me more!!!


Beth Williamson/Emma Lang Website:  http://www.bethwilliamson.com/

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)


  1. I have been wanting to read Matthew for a while but have been so swamped I haven't gotten myself a copy yet. Your review has me kicking myself for not doing it because it sounds like such a good book. Matthew sounds like a great character who is very family oriented and will stop at nothing to keep the family going. Hannah sounds like a sweet girl who could use a great man like Matthew in her life. Thanks for the review and I so can't wait to read Matthew.

  2. Aw Raquel.. thank you for stopping by to read the review.. BUG HUGS

  3. This looks like an amazing read with a great story!! I love that the "plain" looking girl gets a chance at love too. I can't wait to read it! :)


  4. I've been reading your blog on Brady and now Matthew and both books sound so good to read-love to read them soon but been busy with work and have no time shopping for books..love to win them both! I ffel that Matthew will do anything for his family and a strong man to do the job to keep things together and find how his parents got murdered. This book sounds so good,he wants the land so bad that he makes up that he's married to girl name Hannah,and they get together and build a relationship..wow! I gotta know the ending. carolefiore@yahoo.com

  5. Amazing! I LOVE cowboys!!! Thank you for bringing this series to my attention :) Great review! I can't wait to read them!

  6. Thanks for sharing the info about this series of real cowboys - looking forward to reading them! mvr.bs@live.com

  7. great review, Kim I am reading Matthew now and Loving it...<3

  8. Love your review, now I have to add to my library.