Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hell for Leather by Beth Williamson

Since discovering the Malloy Family series, and meeting dark character, gunslinger, Kincaid, I have been wishing he had his own story. Thank goodness, he does!!!!

Kincaid, fed up with his lifestyle, but not believing he fits in anywhere, heads for a New Mexico town where he buys a cabin to call home, something he has never had. Kincaid plots his own death and buries the remembrances of it, his black clothing and his guns and takes the name Cade Brody for his new life.

When Cade makes a trip into town to buy supplies for his new homestead, he meets widow, Sabrina Edmonds and is pretty much thrown for a loop immediately. Cade says he wants to be alone, but his actions speak otherwise and Sabrina is quite receptive to those actions.

In addition to Sabrina turning him inside out, Cade is confused by the appearance of turnips daily on his porch and other strange goings on around his cabin. Some townspeople say it's a ghost, but when Cade discovers the truth he seeks out the help of Sabrina to see what they can do about the "ghost". 

When Cade's past comes in search of him he finds he has more in his corner than he thought, even when his past is revealed. This story proves that if you strive to overcome the strife in your past, you only have a bright future ahead with the help of those who care for you.

Once again Beth Williamson has done it. Yes, I am a huge fan, I haven't read a book of hers I didn't like, and there's just something about the dark bad boys that attract me. Great plot, awesome characters, yet another strong female make for a wonderful tale. I would love to see this couple in the future. Thank you Beth Williamson for continuing to make me happy and keeping up until the wee hours of the morning.
Great Read!!!!!


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5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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