Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Christmas Ransom (A Colt Brothers Investigation Book 3) by B.J. Daniels

Christmas Ransom by B.J. Daniels begins when a local low grade criminal amps it up and decides to rob a bank in his hometown of Lonesome, Montana during the Christmas season. In the process, he attempts to kidnap the executive loan officer and sets off a series of events that changes the lives of so many in Lonesome, Montana.

Davy Colt has been in love with Carla Richmond for over a decade, and their breakup devastated them both. Davy wanted Carla to ditch all responsibility and go on the rodeo circuit with him. Carla wanted to have a "normal" life with a real job, the house with the white picket fence and stability. Davy just couldn't do it. As much as he loved Carla, he felt his destiny was riding those broncs.

Now a decade later, Davy is back in town to spend the Christmas holidays with his brothers and loved ones, when he sees Carla assaulted by a robber in a Santa suit who attempted to take her as a hostage. The thief leaves her injured on the ground before making a getaway with his cohorts. Frantic to make sure that Carla is well, Davy spends his time by her bedside until she is released from the hospital, then attempts to keep her safe in one of the Colt family residences. 

After Jud, the bank robber who left Carla injured, does away with his cohorts, he and his shady girlfriend, Jessie hide the stolen cash and devise a way to make Carla Richmond pay for making their lives difficult before and after the robbery. Jud and Jessie have no idea what lengths Davy and the Colt brothers will go through to keep Carla safe, but readers will find out.

The very first sentence in Christmas Ransom by B.J. Daniels had me biting my nails to the nubs. This author knows so well how to engage her readers with her well thought out storyline with its exciting twists and turns and the characters that make you want to know them better, become family even. This second chance romance made my heart sing while the heist and goings on around the crime, kept me on the edge on my seat. A typical B.J Daniels perfect read! I have been away from this genre for a bit, but I am so glad that I am back and full force into reading this amazing series from this stupendous author. B.J Daniels deserves accolades for keeping her books fresh and exciting in a world of average. 

P.S. There is a FBI Agent named Robert Grover, who you will hate as much as the criminals in this. Go grab this book.


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Book That Changed My Life

I taught myself to read at five years of age by thumbing through the TV Guide that my mother always had in the house. I moved on to Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Little house on the Prairie and devoured any book I could get my hands on. 

The year was 1978 and I was ten.   A neighbor around the corner was having a garage sale and I was curious. Looking through the pile of books she had on display, I came across the above copy of Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice and I was fascinated. I had always been a fan of horror movies since I was very young. I used to spend the Summers with my grandparents and while they were sleeping, I would sneak to the living room to watch Christopher Lee's Dracula and anything Vincent Price. I was a Chiller Theater kid who craved the dark. Granted, I would scare myself  that once I remember having a nightmare about a vampire that I ended up in my bathroom clutching a cross until sunrise, but that only gave me more resolve after to seek out more darkness.

This copy of Interview of the Vampire came home with me for the bargain price of a quarter and I quickly ensconced myself away in my bedroom and began my foray into the world of Anne Rice. Lestat, Louis and Claudia were my crack and re-read that book  a dozen times before I realized that there would be more. By the time The Vampire Lestat was released mid 80's, I had already wandered into the world of Stephen King, with Salem's Lot being my favorite. Once the Vampire Chronicles became a series, I was a true fan who made my trek to my local bookstore every release day to grab the next. 

My daughter was born in February of 1989 and she was named after Gabrielle de Lioncourt, Lestat's mother. Funny though, when I told Christopher Rice that I had done this, he told me that Anne actually disliked Gabrielle. That didn't matter, that name helped make my daughter the badass she is today and much like the character in The Vampire Lestat, she is a strong and confident woman. 

I credit Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles for making me a devoted reader, a lover of books. Each and every word that was put to the page  was revered and remembered. This series gave me the base for my reading habit for a lifetime. I have shared Interview With the Vampire from the age of ten until it became a book pretty much everyone around me has read. I have had the extreme honor of meeting Anne Rice a few times before her passing and these meetings were most definitely a highlight to my days. I have met most of my favorite authors, but I will always cherish meeting Anne, who to this day is the top of my list of favored authors.    

What book changed your life? 



Monday, November 7, 2022

How You Like to Read (Print,eBook, Audio)

I have noticed that over the years, my reading habits have changed drastically. It's not only due to personal preference, but necessity as well.  As much as I love holding a print book in my hands and getting the feel for it, it's very hard for me to read now. The ease and access of an eBook is now my go to. As I have aged, my eyes have done so exponentially and being able to change the font and even the background color on my iPad Kindle app is a savior.

I realize that some authors are only eBook published as well and I am very happy to not miss out on their work. I do have my issues with eBook and mostly it's on the selling end. I am a big proponent for authors and their work. Let's face it, their work is sacred to many and I have a huge issue with people returning books when they are done with the book and getting a refund. I think that's theft... to be real. Once you click that buy button and start reading that book, it's yours and return should not be part of your repertoire. If you just wanted to borrow a book, the library system is for you. 

Now to audiobooks. I have been doing this a lot lately.  I have retinopathy and even eBook reading can be difficult at times. So I have purchased all my favorite books in Audible have have been listening. My favorites have been Sherrilyn Kenyon's "The League" series and Christine Feehan's "Ghostwalker" series. I find that after having read them and now listening, I have a whole new perspective on these books. I do have a few pet peeves, and that is some inconsistencies in the pronunciation of some of the character names with different narrators. It just kills me sometimes. 

I do feel, that as long as I am reading, I'm happy. I also am supporting my authors, who have enriched my life in so many ways. So what kind of reader are you and why? What are YOUR favorite books in each type of media? Who is your favorite narrator?
Book Obsessed Chicks wants to know!  


Friday, November 4, 2022

Book Review: King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair



 Their union is his revenge.

Isolde de Lara considers her wedding day to be her death day. To end a years-long war, she is to marry vampire king Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev, and kill him.

But her assassination attempt is thwarted, and Adrian threatens that if Isolde tries to kill him again, he will raise her as the undead. Faced with the possibility of becoming the thing she hates most, Isolde seeks other ways to defy him and survive the brutal vampire court.

Except it isn't the court she fears most―it's Adrian. Despite their undeniable chemistry, she wonders why the king―fierce, savage, merciless―chose her as consort.

The answer will shatter her world.



OK, so here goes.... it's been a minute since I have put my opinions to the written word. Life happens and sometimes the things you loved more than sliced bread become a drag, but it takes ONE good book to ignite that little fire. 

What does a kick-ass female character with a penchant for trouble, contradiction and the craving for soul altering sex make? An entertaining journey! A sizzling hot, hard as nails Vampire King with a soft spot for the female character doesn't hurt either. 

Adrian and Isolde have such an attraction to one another that sparks fly when they are together. Isolde's sharp tongue and her confidence not only leave the Vampire King with twisted emotions but the knowledge that he has met hit match, even though Isolde doesn't think so. Instead of conquering Isolde and her people, Adrian ends up being the conquered.

What is the task of a book? To enrich the mind? Sure, but ultimately if you are not entertained, reading said book is only that task. This however is a well written foray into the dark world of monsters, deception and passion. Ms. St. Clair definitely has the pulse on what a reader wants and this reader wants more. I realize that I am a bit late to this game, but I am almost happier to have found it now since I only have to wait until December 20th for the next book. 




Thursday, November 3, 2022

New Book Alert! A Santa Stabbing by Geri Krotow OUT NOW!

One of my favorite authors, Geri Krotow, has her first Mystery out! I just grabbed it and
 I hope you do too!  


Welcome to Stonebridge, Pennsylvania and allow me to introduce Angel Warren, retired Navy pilot, in A Santa StabbingOrder now PRINT: CUPBOARD MAKER BOOKS  EBOOK: KINDLE NOOK KOBO More order options here.

Angel isn’t looking for any more challenges as she transitions from active duty to local international gift shop owner and is a new an empty-nester. But then she finds a body…in her store before it even opens (!) and is the prime suspect. A former helicopter pilot with combat experience, Angel’s not going to let this mission unfold on its own…she throws herself wholeheartedly into the investigation.

Reuniting with a high school BFF, finding a new love after years widowed, rebuilding family relationships, and oh, have I mentioned the talking parrot who plays an integral part in this first mystery of the Shop ‘Round the World series?

Speaking of series, any other Phillies fans out there?  Help me hit the sales on my very first cozy mystery out of the park and order A Santa Stabbing today!

As always, thank you for your enthusiasm and support–it means the world to me.



Wednesday, November 2, 2022


Hello to all you lovely people!

I want to tell you all, how sorry I am that I have been away for over a year, but it's been a tough one. I know so many of you have had so much going on in your lives as well and my issues may be a drop in the bucket, but I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update....

After wrapping up the Romancing the Gold Coast event last October, I was completely burned out and pretty much done with anything having to do with the romance world. The amazing authors and readers who helped make the event so wonderful have my utmost respect and utter adoration forever, and I am so sorry I have been distant. As all of my friends and family know, putting this event together post-COVID was a logistical nightmare and well as exhausting. I like to do most things on my own, so I only had a few close friends, my sons and my book club helped. During the last weeks leading up to the event, I had a lot of authors back out, which made readers back out. A few of these authors were considered to me to be friends, people I loved and respected and would do pretty much anything for. Unfortunately these people didn't feel the same way, and even though I have promoted them, reviewed them, hosted them and spent countless hours helping them, they left me in the dust with varying excuses. Some didn't even bother to give reasons, some just cut and run.

Thanks to the amazing people who supported myself and the event, it actually came off without a hitch. The Tea Party was FABULOUS, the author breakouts were wonderful. The Ball was amazing and every single costume worn by all was just supreme. I also would like to add that there was not one case of COVID that came out of this event due to the diligence of everyone involved and the Mansion staff. Of course there were a few little hiccups and Suzy and Christine may have had to talk me off the ledge a few times, but all in all, it was a success. I got to meet some new people and try new things. 

At this time, I also discovered that my mom had colon cancer and that really made me stay closer to home. It made me hug my kids a bit closer and also go see my mom and let my kids know her better. She has been through her chemo and has had clear scans in the past month, so that has been a blessing.

On the bright side, my Jason got engaged to our Vanessa and I got to throw a pretty awesome Engagement Party at the end of August. 

I have been listening, primarily to audio books due to my retinopathy, but have also started reading e-books. I just finished a great Vampire based book and cannot wait to review on here. It took me out of my rut and is lighting the fire back in my belly. I want to host book clubs regularly, I want to enjoy book outings with my ladies again. I want to talk books. So hello again from this unconventional blogger and reader. I hope to see you all soon!  

Love Kimberly