Monday, November 7, 2022

How You Like to Read (Print,eBook, Audio)

I have noticed that over the years, my reading habits have changed drastically. It's not only due to personal preference, but necessity as well.  As much as I love holding a print book in my hands and getting the feel for it, it's very hard for me to read now. The ease and access of an eBook is now my go to. As I have aged, my eyes have done so exponentially and being able to change the font and even the background color on my iPad Kindle app is a savior.

I realize that some authors are only eBook published as well and I am very happy to not miss out on their work. I do have my issues with eBook and mostly it's on the selling end. I am a big proponent for authors and their work. Let's face it, their work is sacred to many and I have a huge issue with people returning books when they are done with the book and getting a refund. I think that's theft... to be real. Once you click that buy button and start reading that book, it's yours and return should not be part of your repertoire. If you just wanted to borrow a book, the library system is for you. 

Now to audiobooks. I have been doing this a lot lately.  I have retinopathy and even eBook reading can be difficult at times. So I have purchased all my favorite books in Audible have have been listening. My favorites have been Sherrilyn Kenyon's "The League" series and Christine Feehan's "Ghostwalker" series. I find that after having read them and now listening, I have a whole new perspective on these books. I do have a few pet peeves, and that is some inconsistencies in the pronunciation of some of the character names with different narrators. It just kills me sometimes. 

I do feel, that as long as I am reading, I'm happy. I also am supporting my authors, who have enriched my life in so many ways. So what kind of reader are you and why? What are YOUR favorite books in each type of media? Who is your favorite narrator?
Book Obsessed Chicks wants to know!  



  1. Hi Kim! Since I am on the computer all day during the week, I prefer to read print books or listen to audiobooks. I will read books on Kindle, as well. I am a fan of so many authors, but some favorites are Lisa Kleypas and Penny Reid. Mary Jane Wells is great for the historical audiobooks. Andi Arndt and Shane East are really good for the contemporary.