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REVIEW: How to Kiss a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch #2) by Joanne Kennedy

Suze Carlyle has lived in her mother's shadow all her life, with her still in mourning father making sure that Suze can never live up to her champion barrel racer mother. No matter how hard she tries to live up to that shadow, her father doesn't see her for who she is.

Handsome bronc rider, Brady Caine lives for the trill and the buckle bunnies who follow him around like puppy dogs in search of a bone. Suze knows she can never live up to that image, but Brady still admires her for her talent and determination. When things go from hot to cold after a steamy night in the sack, Suze knew that Brady was just out for the fun and not the long term. 

At a meeting with some clothing sponsors, Brady suggests that the new female face for the company should be Suze, he is more than shocked to see that they took his suggestion to heart. During a photo shoot everything goes wrong and Suze ends up seriously injured and Brady is to blame. Brady needs to make up for the wrong that he has done Suze, so he appoints himself her slave. Suze however wants nothing to do with the man that most likely has ended her barrel racing career and is putting her income in dire straits. Brady doesn't take no for an answer as he throws himself into helping Suze in any way he can while the pair fall hard for one another. 

Brady will not give up until Suze sees the truly talented and good woman she is, trying to undo the harm her own father has done to her psyche. Brady also attempts to get Suze's dad to wake up from his haze and see the beautiful daughter in front of his eyes. When Suze finds her life has been a bit of a sham, Brody is there to help her through. 

How To Kiss A Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy is a heartwarming romance that takes two people who share a love and brings them together despite the differences surrounding their lives. I love how Brady take control of a bad situation and shows Suze that she can have faith in him. He shows her he isn't just that fly by night cowboy out for fun. How To Kiss A Cowboy is a wonderful read that tugs at the heart strings. Very enjoyable!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve-Novel Boxed Set by Cynthia D'Alba, Paige Tyler, Becky McGraw, Elle James, Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Sabrina York, Beth Williamson, Lexi Post, Cora Seton , Randi Alexander , Shoshanna Evers

 Award-Winning Author Cynthia D'Alba - Sparks fly when an exhausted cowboy, on a forced tropical vacation, meets an uptight accountant in a bikini. As the seduction game begins, two weeks never looked so short.

 USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler 
 A beautiful ranch owner hires an infamous gunslinger to protect her against a ruthless cattle baron, but risks losing everything when she falls for the sexy hired gun

 NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Elle James
 Skeptical billionaire takes a risk on a friend's dating service and finds the cowgirl of his dreams, only he has to convince her he's her perfect match.

  Donna Michaels
 Texas Guardsman never planned his attraction to a curvy, military-hating Pennsylvanian, or saddling her with his stress issues. Will the town’s newest resident support him, or abandon him like others in his past?

  NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers 
 The baddest cowboy in Bear Creek Saddle partners with a sassy new bartender to save the family business. His rules: Don’t kill her. Don’t kiss her. And don’t fall in love.

  USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander 
 Country music superstar Chase Tanner is determined to seduce screenplay writer Reno Linden. She risks the plunge into Chase’s arms, but will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

 NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Seton
Jamie Lassiter just made the bet of his life—He’s got six weeks to prove to Claire Cruz he’s the man for her, or pay for her round-the-world trip.

NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Beth Williamson
Cowboy Hank Beltane has no idea what's in store for him when he tries to seduce the stubborn, beautiful and sexy as hell rodeo owner TJ Maguire.

NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Sabrina York - At a wild, girls-only weekend at a rowdy “stud” ranch, she meets the gruff, dominant man of her dreams. It’s too bad the sexy stripper is only a pretend cowboy…or is he?

Amazon Bestselling Author Sable Hunter
Isaac McCoy - Badass Isaac McCoy, as at home on a Harley as he is on a horse, is in love with the preacher's daughter— the angel of Kerr County—and that will never do.

Award-Winning Author Lexi Post
When a cowboy honors a promise by working at a nudist resort, he discovers that to win the sexy owner's heart he must go all-in, which could mean baring more than his soul.

 Amazon Bestselling Author Becky McGraw
 Struggling country singer is struck by cupids arrow when delivering a breakup singing telegram on Valentine's Day to a beautiful music exec who could make all his dreams come true.

Ok so I have to admit, I find it very hard to review an anthology. Going into each individual story would take up so much space, I am sure I'd lose the reader. I will however admit that The Cowboy 12 Pack is one powerfully exciting read. These 12 amazing authors come together with the best of the best and draw the reader in. There is something for everyone in this compilation and they are all very memorable reads. I like how through the Cowboy 12 Pack, I have found new go-to authors and look forward to reading their back lists as well as future reads. Give the Cowboy 12 Pack a try, you will not be sorry!

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REVIEW: Ace's Wild (Hell's Eight #7) by Sarah McCarty

Ever since the bristly complicated, school teacher, Petunia Wayfield arrives in Simple, Texas, Hell's Eight Brother and local card hustler, Ace Parker is constantly on a bed of nails when dealing with Petunia. She brings out the best and the worst in the handsome cowboy, but due to his lascivious yearnings, he tosses aside any inclinations towards the pretty Petunia. 

Petunia claims she is only in town long enough to save the money she needs to open up her school in California so she can teach, but she lingers because she has developed some deep seeded feelings for the brooding cowboy, Ace. Ace knows that Petunia is out of his league, and when he offers her the deal of a lifetime to take the money and run, Petunia, or Pet and Ace calls her, doesn't know if she truly can leave town. 

Sarah McCarty's Ace's Wild is the seventh installment of the Hell's Eight series. A series I have loved since its inception, I was not overly impressed with this one. After such a strong and emotional story like Caden's Vow, I was expecting more. The story itself was well written and I truly enjoyed when Petunia truly see the man that Ace has hidden from her. Petunia and Ace are strong and interesting characters and their resolution is a fine one. 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

REVIEW: Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy

Taken in by the Whitaker family when she was left on their doorstep as a babe, Callie has grown up the outsider in the family. Never quite a real member, the Whitakers used her to perform all the tasks to menial for their true children, in other words, Callie is basically their servant, and is constantly picked on by her step sisters, who do nothing while Callie does it all. 

Now on a treacherous journey by wagon train to California, Callie sees the world like she never has before, and thanks to the dependable and handsome, Luke McGraw she begins to come out of the dark cloud her life has been to see the possibilities before her.

Luke McGraw has been a loner for sometime. Once he has done his job with the wagon train, he intends to return to his simple life in the wilderness. Watching Callie being mistreated by her entire family just sticks in his craw, and he sets out to give Callie the confidence she has sorely been lacking in her life. When Luke discovers that Callie hasn't even been afforded basic reading skills, his friends help her to learn to read. 

During this journey so much happens to change the lives of everyone involved. This journey is a tough one as well as enlightening. It's as dangerous as it is majestic, and watching the personal journeys that Luke and Callie take is a wonder in of itself.

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy is so appropriately named. While Callie is certainly Cinderella-like, her Prince Charming, Luke is a bit more gruff than the average prince. Callie's family are awful to her, but the full reasons are a bit unclear. The journey contains mush dissension between the families and  its leaders. The tension sometimes outweighing the story. I did enjoy the story line between Luke and Callie very much and found this story to be entertaining. 


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REVIEW: HARD TARGET (The Campbells of Creek Bend Book 3) by BARB HAN

She was on a much needed vacation in Mexico when she was kidnapped by a dangerous group of men who had no reservations about hurting a woman. When the very determined Emily Baker escapes from her captors and stows away on a ship headed for Texas, she's not out of the woods yet.

Border patrol agent, Reed Campbell, is hard pressed to turn  in this woman who obviously has been through a harrowing experience before he discovered her stowed away on a ship surrounded by illegal guns. Seeing the battered and bruised Emily, Reed's protective instincts emerge, and when he discovers that she is still in imminent danger, her decides that come Hell or high water, he will get her though whatever comes at them.

While Reed has a family that will do practically anything for him, Emily's upbringing leaves her wary of relationships and trust. She keeps everyone at a distance and is completely engulfed in her job and seeing how Reed acts, especially around the Campbells, has the independent beauty yearning for that which she has never had, a family. Reed has also had his heartbreak when the woman he thought he loved and vice-versa, ends up having an affair with a colleague and the leaves him flat when he needs her most.

Pursuing a relationship in the midst of danger is never ideal, and when bullets keep flying back and forth, but both Reed and Emily find no one understands the inner turmoil they both face, but each other. Until Reed, his brothers and the authorities apprehend the man responsible for Emily's strife, nothing will ever be settled and safe for the pair to move on.

HARD TARGET by BARB HAN, the final book in the Campbells of Creek Bend series is not only an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, but it is an action-packed thriller. Barb Han brings together, two characters, so different from one another, but they are perfection. Reed has always had his family to fall back on. They have nurtured him and kept him well loved and safe. Emily has only had herself and that niggling feeling inside of her head that she can never have what Reed and the Campbells have, makes her rethink the entire direction of her life. Seeing the Campbells and their significant others care for an outsider in need, makes HARD TARGET such a draw for me. I love this book and the entire series. HARD TARGET by BARB HAN is well written and absorbing. It's a definite A+ for me. I highly recommend HARD TARGET!


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The Perils of Research--Our Road Trip to Alaska

I can’t speak for other authors, but having written more than sixty books, including AGAINST THE SKY, out the end of January, I’m always looking for new story ideas.  Which is why, when the opportunity arose to travel for a month to Alaska in a small pickup camper--I said yes.
With a contract for three new AGAINST novels at Kensington, I needed ideas.  A trip to Alaska seemed the perfect opportunity to find new plots and develop interesting characters--though the journey wasn’t my first experience with the vast beauty and rugged conditions of Alaska.
MIDNIGHT SUN was the result of my first trip some years back.  AGAINST THE WILD, Dylan Brodie’s story, was the first of my three new Alaska books.
In AGAINST THE SKY, the second book in the trilogy, out January 27th, Nick Brodie, a former Anchorage homicide detective, has a serious case of burnout.
Nick wants a new life, something that doesn't include violence and death.  Unfortunately when his neighbor, twelve-year-old Jimmy Evans, comes to him beaten and battered, claiming his father was murdered, Nick has no choice but to help him.
To make matters worse, Nick has a lady friend visiting from San Francisco.  Samantha Hollis, owner of the Perfect Pup pet grooming parlor, isn't cut out for the harsh life in Alaska.  Unwillingly swept into Jimmy's problems, she finds herself on a wild ride with Nick that leads them into passion and incredible danger.
The first kernal of an idea for AGAINST THE SKY arose when we were in Anchorage.  Something about the Russian mob? I thought.  And how about a woman who can’t deal with Alaska at all? 
As the novel took form, we traveled to Valdez, which became the setting for Nick’s brother, Rafe’s, story, AGAINST THE TIDE, which comes out the end of May.
I love road trips, just heading out with no particular destination, simply rolling along, encountering whatever life throws your way.  Dealing with flat tires and engine trouble can be exasperating, but there is the also the reward of meeting new people from all different walks of life.
If you love history, you might wind up in a place like Dawson City, way off the grid, the original destination for Klondike gold miners at the end of the nineteen century.  A lot of the buildings are still there, still being used, and the streets are still paved in dirt!  It’s a town right out of the wild West, a place that attracted authors like Robert Service and Jack London.
People often ask where I get the ideas for my stories and I can tell you that a five-thousand mile driving trip on a two-lane road is stuffed with fodder for books.  Whether you’re an author or a reader, it wonderful to open yourself up to new adventures, new places, and new people. 
In the meantime, I hope you’ll watch for Nick Brodie and Samantha Hollis in AGAINST THE SKY.
Very best wishes and happy reading, Kat    

Ex- Ranger and retired police detective, Nick Brodie, doesn't know the meaning of the word vacation, until his brother sends him on a very needed one to Las Vegas. His hometown of Anchorage, Alaska is truly a beautiful place, but Nick also knows the seedy side from his line of work, and getting away for a while is just what he needs.

Marketing phenom, Samantha Harris is in Vegas to research more venues for the Pet Salon business. Returning to her hotel room, she is accosted in the hallway by a very drunken man, but before the drunk can do any lasting harm, Samantha is saved by possibly the most handsome man she has ever set eyes on, Nick Brodie. 

Neither Nick nor Samantha thought they would would meet someone who sparks such interest and passion. Only problem is, Samantha lives in San Francisco and Nick in Alaska, and we all know how difficult long distance relationships can be. So after a perfectly wonderful time with a steamy sexual escapade, Samantha and Nick return to their perspective lives, but still having the other in their thoughts. Several weeks after their time together, Samantha discovers she is in a situation she never expected, and when Nick invites her to Alaska so they can get to know each other better, Samantha struggles with how she is going to apprise Nick of the situation.

Once together in stunning Alaksa, both Nick and Samantha get thrown into a criminal case that can have some serious repercussions and dealings with the dangerous Russian mob, murder, kidnapping and child prostitution. When Samantha sees the true Nick Brodie, she finds a good and caring man, but also a dangerous foe to have when someone attempts to hurt those he cares about. As much as her feelings have grown for Nick, she knows that Alaska is not the place for her. Nick also realizes that Samantha doesn't belong in the wilds of Alaska and maybe not even with a man like him, but it doesn't make him feel any better after falling for Samantha, hook, line and sinker, even if he can't admit it to himself.

Is it possible for Nick and his friends to get to the bottom of the criminal activity wreaking havoc on his domain? Will Samantha have the courage to go back to her life after all is said and done, continuing on with her life? All that and so much more is discovered in AGAINST THE SKY by KAT MARTIN. Don't miss it.

AGAINST THE SKY by KAT MARTIN has taken a spot as one of my favorite books in the Brodies of Alaska series, and is predecessor, the Raines of Wind Canyon. Nick Brodie is a formidable alpha hero. He is a gentleman when he needs to be and force to be reckoned with when push comes to shove. For having so much on her plate, Samantha keeps her head on straight, even when faced with soaring bullets. This story is action packed and well written and emotionally charged and it all comes together with perfection only Kat Martin can create.  Along with her main hero and heroine we quickly become attached to, the intriguing cast of secondary characters cement their own spot in this story where the readers ends up caring as much for them as for Nick and Samantha. I couldn't put AGAINST THE SKY down once I began. A thriller and a love story wrapped up into its own convenient little package that will stay with me. 


By Kat Martin
Release date: 1/27/15
ALASKA. In America’s last wilderness there is no limits to what a man can do.
For detective Nick Brodie, that means keeping the perps off the streets of Anchorage 24/7. Nick has never backed down from danger, but after the horrors he’s seen, he’s definitely in need of a break.
Samantha Hollis never thought she’d meet anyone like Nick, especially in a place like Las Vegas. But after one reckless, passionate night, she discovers the charismatic stranger is everything she wants in a man. But can he ever be more than a one-night stand?
When Nick invites her to Alaska, Samantha decides to find out, never guessing the depths she’ll discover in him or the tangle of murder, kidnapping, and danger about to engulf them both …
AGAINST THE SKY is a fish out of water story.  Nick Brodie, an ex-Anchorage cop, is tough as nails, a true man's man, comfortable in the hard life in Alaska.  But Samantha Hollis, owner of a pet grooming parlor in San Francisco likes shopping at Sak's and a day at the spa.   Unwillingly swept into Nick’s problems, Samantha finds herself on a wild ride that leads them in to passion and terrible danger. 
It was fun finding ways to make their relationship work when they seem so very far apart. This one’s very fast paced, but it has a soft heart.  It turned out to be one of my favorites.

Against the Sky by Kat Martin sizzles enough to melt a polar icecap. She allows these two polar opposite to find that elusive chemistry that the world craves, but their differences present enough of a challenge that one wonders I love can conquer all or not. Kick in the suspense and danger from the Russian mob and voila! Romantic suspense!”
“Wow, the action scenes are so exciting. I never knew what would happen next.”
“The second book in Kat Martin's Brodie's of Alaska series delivers an awesome punch of suspense and romance.”
Twitter: @katbooks
Amazon Author Page:


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REVIEW: Wicked Witches of the West: Rowan's Ascension (Wicked Witches of the West #1) by Beth Williamson

Never is his life had Jesse Nelson seen anything as enthralling as beautiful triplets known as the Murphy sisters, but only one sets his heart beating fast when he meets her, Rowan. Jesse has been drifting from place to place looking for work and when he is sent to the Triad Ranch in search of work, he is in for much more than he bargains for. The Murphy girls come from a powerful line of witches and keeping their powers under wraps has never even occurred to them. The closer they get to their 21st birthday, the more powerful they become but there is something in the shadows just waiting to destroy the bond the sisters have.

These are tough times for the Murphys and the Triad Ranch. Gus Murphy is still recovering from a debilitating accident, leaving his three daughters in charge of the ranch running and work.  Jesse begins working at the ranch and wonders what he's gotten himself into when he sees some of the odd goings-on at the Triad. Rowan feels it too, and aside from her powerful attraction to Jesse, who has been in her dreams since she was a child, darker things are happening that could tear the sisters apart. The only way to rid themselves of the evil lurking, is for the Murphys to unite and stick together and when they find that adding Jesse to the mix can make them even stronger, they must convince him before it's too late.

ROWAN'S ASCENSION, the first in the Wicked Witches of the West series by Beth Williamson is a unique and fascinating take on the wild West with a twist. All the Murphy family wants to do is survive, but the forces that are set against them, make them use their powers when they must. Jesse Nelson had no idea what he stepped into, but once he feels like he belongs on the Triad and with Rowan, he steps up and becomes what is needed. I love Jesse's honesty and his determination to be all he can. Rowan is as captivating as she is strong. She is the glue that holds the Murphys together and she will make the sacrifices that need to be made when the time comes. I love that. Her sisters, Maeve and Talulla have their own distinctive qualities that make me yearn for the the next stories. With her talent for story-telling and her unique insight, author Beth Williamson has created a wonderful tale with ROWAN'S ASCENSION that should not be missed.

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REVIEW: Autumn Sage (Las Morenas #2) by Genevieve Turner

Always cool, calm and collected, with her comfortable future all planned, Isabel Moreno's life is turned upside down when she and her fiance are brutally attacked and left for dead by the outlaw, Cole McCade. Terribly wounded and constantly in pain, Isabel's fiance, Sheriff Joaquin Obregon, breaks off his engagement with Isabel, leaving her alone and adrift in a constant sea of nightmares.

US Marshall, Sebastian Spencer has been sent to question the victims, prevent vigilantes from meting out rogue justice, and bring in the outlaw. Marshall Spencer's reputation is epic, his cool determination to bring the criminal in always outweighs the emotions involved. Haunted by a not so stellar upbringing with a publicly respected but privately savage father, Sebastian has perfected his seemingly aloof exterior that all see, but when faced with the almost broken Isabel, cracks in that exterior begin to show. 

The hunt for Cole McCade is a double edged sword, for there is more than meets the eye about his capture and impending trial. Justice is not the only agenda for Judge Bannister, who sends the Marshall in search of his political rival's son for his own purposes. Bannister only cares about water rights and looking good to his constituents, he could care less about a crime that hurt and murdered the population of town of Cabrillo.

When Isabel is put into a situation that has her tattered reputation even more at risk, Sebastian will do all he can to protect her not only from the outlaw, McCade, but from those around her who would see her fall. When Isabel opens her heart she is in for more than she may be able to handle when Sebastian's past comes to a head and he can no longer deny the emotions that begin to overwhelm him. 

Autumn Sage by Genevieve Turner is an emotionally charged ride from beginning to end with two people so affected by their own tragedies. Autumn Sage is a journey of healing as well and redemption. Isabel Moreno is a surprisingly strong heroine after all she has been through. Her pluck and intelligence is what keeps her going when the cards are stacked against her. Sebastian Spencer is a man to be reckoned with. Always trying to keep those emotions hidden away behind a facade of indifference doesn't work when he meets Isabel, who sees much more into him than he wants. I highly recommend Autumn Sage by Genevieve Turner, as it is a worthy sequel to the first book in the Las Morenas series, Summer Chaparral and it will keep you biting your nails for the HEA. 


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SPOTLIGHT: Author Cassie Hayes and The Drifter's Mail-Order Bride: (A Sweet Western Historical Romance) (The Dalton Brides Book 4)

Hello my awesome peeps!!! Please welcome author, 
Cassie Hayes to Book Obsessed Chicks! We are so happy to have her! 
Thanks so much for featuring us, Kim!

      Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm older than I like to admit. I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie when it was new! I truly identified with Laura because I grew up in farm country. I had all sorts of adventures as 'Laura'. Now I live on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California with my husband and 17-year-old cat Fred.

     Tell us how the Dalton Brides Books come to be.
That crazy Kirsten Osbourne shanghaied Kit Morgan and me at the Romance Writers of America annual convention last July. When she pitched the idea, we raced to see who could say yes first! It sounded like such a fun project for us as authors AND for readers. Our fans had been begging us to write together for months, and this seemed like the perfect solution. Kirsten is always so smart! (Don't tell her I said that.)

     What are you currently working on?
Readers are chomping at the bit for the next set in the series, which will follow the three Blue brothers, who are introduced in how shared epilogue. In looking at our writing schedules, we're looking at a spring release for those. I'm also hashing out a new entry for my Gold Rush Brides series.

     Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be?
Oh, yes, but it seemed like such an impossible dream. I had this bookshelf in my room, tucked into a dark corner, that held all my writing books. I didn't want them in my living room, with all my other books, because I didn't want anyone to know my secret dream. When I somehow landed a journalism job — it's still a bit of a mystery — I realized that if I could do *that*, I could write fiction.

      Who was your favorite character to write and why?
Bonnie was definitely my favorite. I imbued her with so many of my own insecurities, but she was still strong — stronger than she knew. As strong as she was, though, she had her moments of weakness. I loved the few minutes at the train station when she was seething at her sisters and daydreaming about a train killing everyone but her. I've had that daydream so many times!

     Do you have any role models? If so, who?
Well, Kirsten is honestly one of my role models. She has an incredible drive and work ethic that just puts me to shame. And there are so many talented writers out there that inspire and influence me that it would be hard to just name a couple. If I had to, I'd choose Stephen King. Not for content but how wonderfully he writes. He can tell you all about a character in just a sentence or two. It's really quite magical.

    Where can you fans meet you?
The best place to find me is in Pioneer Hearts, a Facebook group I started with Kirsten for fans and authors of western historical romances. It's unlike any other 'genre fan group' I've ever been a part of because our readers are such Chatty Cathys! But we love them for it becasue it means we get to interact in such a fun way. But all my contact info is also on my website, if readers prefer to email, etc.

    Who are your favorite authors?
I genre hop a lot. Romance, westerns, suspense, horror, cozy mysteries. You name it, I'll read it.

    What is next for you?
I have some outside projects I'll be working on at the beginning of the year, then it'll be diving back into the Gold Rush Brides and the Dalton Brides series. I'm looking forward to writing about Hank Blue!

  What would you like readers  to know about you?
That I love interacting with them!

He was a drifter, through and through. Could he give up his wanderlust for a mail-order bride he didn’t know was coming?

Having grown up in the shadow of two beautiful sisters, ‘Scrawny Bonnie’ Blue knows she doesn’t stand a chance at landing a good man in Beckham, Massachusetts. The only way she’ll find a husband is by leaving her family behind to become a mail order bride. But when all three Blue sisters are swept up in a scandal, she has no choice to but to take ‘Gorgeous Gwen’ and ‘Lovely Libby’ with her…kicking and screaming, if she must.

Bart Dalton would be happy riding the range forever, but his brothers need his help to start a ranch in north Texas. He figures he’ll last a year or so before his feet get itchy again, which his brothers understand. As triplets, they can almost read each others’ minds. Except when his oldest brother ordered three brides for them. It would have been nice to have a little warning about *that*!

When Bart’s late to meet the train carrying the Blue sisters, his brothers get first dibs, leaving Bonnie standing alone and dejected once again. It only gets worse when her ‘intended’ finally shows up and balks at the idea of marrying her. The one thing Bonnie has going for her are her wits, and she puts them to good use by proposing a business arrangement that Bart can’t refuse.

Will Bart go back to his drifter ways, or is the elusive thing he’d searched for all his life sleeping in the next room?

The Drifter’s Mail-Order Bride is one of three connected books in The Dalton Brides series, all of which are available on Amazon:
* The Escape (A Prologue) by Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes & Kit Morgan (also included at the beginning of each book)
* The Rancher’s Mail-Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne

* The Cowboy’s Mail-Order Bride by Kit Morgan

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SPOTLIGHT ON ~ AUTHOR KIT MORGAN~ & The Dalton Brides, The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride

Please welcome the very talented Ms. Kit Morgan to 
Book Obsessed Chicks! 
Hi Kit! Thanks so much for stopping by Book Obsessed Chicks.... I really appreciate you taking your time our for me. 

     Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
 I'm a country girl at heart! Having grown up outside a little logging town in a cabin in the woods in Oregon, how can I not be? My dad was a homicide detective, so you'd think I'd write suspense and/or mystery! But no, I love romance, though I do have a definite bent toward action adventure. Must come from growing up with horses and all those hours spent playing cowboys and Indians!

    Tell us how the Dalton Brides Books came to be.
 The Dalton Brides are the brainchild of the lovely Kirsten Osbourne! She's brilliant! And thought it would be a good way to collaborate as fans from the Facebook group Pioneer Hearts requested the three of us write something together. And voila! The Dalton Brides were born!

      What are you currently working on?
 I'm working on two books simultaneously, in two different genres. On the western romance front, I'm working on Book Ten of The Holiday Mail Order Bride series. His Mail Order Valentine.

      Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be?
 I've been writing all my life. I finally got around to doing it for a living!

      Who was your favorite character to write and why?
 Well, that other book I'm writing … in that other genre … I have a favorite all-time character … but again, on the western front, I'd have to say a group of characters. The Cooke brothers. They appear in two of my western series. The Prairie Bride Series, and The Prairie Groom series.

     Do you have any role models? If so, who?
 I've taken writing classes from some great writers, Judith McNaught, Stella Cameron, Anne Rice … but the authors that most inspired me over the years have been Jill Barnett and Julia Quinn. Because neither one takes themselves very seriously, and both value laughter.

     Where can your fans meet you? 
I'll be attending RT's Book Lover's Convention in Dallas this year; May 12th thru the 17th. Be on the lookout for other reader/author events through my newsletter. (You can sign up on my website

     Who are your favorite authors?
 Jill Barnett, Julia Quinn, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks.

      What is next for you?
 This year I'll be releasing the audio book versions of my series.  They are so much fun! I'm blessed to have found such a talented narrator.  Also lots of books planned for this year! Including the story of the infamous crocodile! Those who have read my Prairie Bride and Groom series, know what I'm talking about!

   What would you like readers to know about you? 
 I'm a romantic at heart. I was born in the wrong time period! Friends keep telling me to write my own perfect romance, and one day, I will!
Libby Blue lived in the shadow of her sister’s accomplishments. Bonnie, the oldest, excelled at all things domestic and was the smartest of the three. Gwen, the middle sister, excelled at … well, Gwen was beautiful, so she didn’t have to excel at much else to get what she wanted. Libby tried as hard as she could to live up to both, but always seemed to fall short. But when Gwen is caught up in a major scandal, their father decides to marry Libby and her sisters off to the most un-eligible bachelors in Beckham to save the family’s reputation. Bonnie quickly devises a plan to escape their father’s wrath and sets it in motion. Libby might yet have a chance to prove herself! As a Mail-Order Bride!

Walton Dalton had a dream to build an empire. Or in this case, a ranch where he and his two brothers could work hard and love hard. Determined to see his dream come true, he sends for his brothers and they soon join him in Texas to claim the land and begin building. That took care of the ‘work’ part. But Walton fails to tell his brothers that he already sent for mail-order brides in order to take care of the ‘loving’ part. Will Nate Dalton become Libby’s road to happiness? Or a slow path to misery because she still can’t measure up?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Well hello all! Today we have the very talented, Kirsten Osbourne on the blog. You all know that my guilty pleasure reads are Mail Order Brides, and this new series by the above three authors is a great taste of the West as well as the Mail Order Brides. I am hoping you all enjoy the spotlights and chatter about these books... Say hello to Miss Kirsten! 
          Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I'm a married mother of one son living in Arlington, TX.  I have a degree in public speaking and a minor in creative writing.  I homeschooled my son until two years ago when my husband took over.  I started reading romance when I was eleven and haven't stopped since.

         Tell us how the Dalton Brides Books come to be.
Mutual fans of Kit's, Cassie's and mine all asked us to write stories in the same universe...begged might be a better word for it.  So when we met up at RWA over the summer (first time I'd met Kit, but I'd met Cassie in person in August of 2013) we all met up in Kit's room and had a little powwow.  Walton Dalton and brothers were born (Around taking pictures of our toes and making people guess whose were whose.)

           What are you currently working on?
  I'm currently working on the first book of a NEW series.  It's a novella that will be published in an anthology coming out on February Ninth.  The anthology is titled "Call Me Valentino."  My story is "The Matron."

       Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be?
I've wanted to be a writer since I was in fourth grade, and my teacher picked my story as the best in the class and read it aloud.  Watching the other students laugh at words that I had written hooked me.  In junior high I was constantly writing morose poetry that I forced others to read.

           Who was your favorite character to write and why?
 Hands down it was Edna Petunia.  She's a trip.  She appears in Violet, will appear in Iris, and will have her own book.  Who writes a romance for a 76 year old virgin?  Me, that's who.  And no, there will *not* be a sex scene.

       Do you have any role models? If so, who?
I have writers that I truly admire.  Julia Quinn, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Julia Garwood (her historicals) to name a few

       Where can you fans meet you?
Oh, I'm always meeting up with fans.  RT in May.  There's a smaller writer's conference in Austin in May that I will attend.  I'll be a Featured Author at Authors after dark in Atlanta in August.  I keep my options open

  Who are your favorite authors?
Hey, I already listed them for another question!

What is next for you?
New series, and a continuation of the Daltons, of course.  I need to finish my Thrice Blessed series by Morganna Mayfair (my best work that people don't read.)  I plan on starting a Viking Trilogy by Morganna when I finish the Thrice Blessed.

  What would you like readers  to know about you?
  I'm passionate about everything I do.  I do my best to get books out quickly, and I'm thrilled to hear from readers.  If you have a character you're desperate to see more from, let me know.  I'll accommodate if I can.  I can't always, but I've written several books at fans' requests (Edna Petunia anyone?)

This book contains a prologue that was published in its entirety as The Escape. The prologue is only a small portion of the book.

Through no fault of her own, Gwen Blue found herself embroiled in a scandal that would set Beckham, Massachusetts on its ear, and get her locked in her room for two months. When she found herself betrothed to a man she found loathsome, she wanted nothing more than to disappear. When her sisters liberated her from her room and proposed a journey to Texas to visit an old school friend, she didn't have to be asked twice.

Walton Dalton always had a plan for his life. He'd spent years learning everything he needed to know about ranching, and he had a large parcel of land adjacent to his two brothers' land. Between the three of them, they were going to build a Texas ranching empire. For his empire, he needed a bride.

Without his brothers’ knowledge, Walt sends off for three mail order brides from a matchmaker in Beckham. He knows from the moment he sees ‘Gorgeous Gwen’ that she's meant to be his. Will she agree to the marriage? If she does, will she be able to get over her self-centered attitude and be a good wife?

For as pretty as she is, Gwen knows very little of domestic life. Even with her complaining at first, she realizes she is in a much better place than she would be had she been back East. So with the help of her sisters, she sets out to be the wife that hard working Walt deserves. I adored this tale. Gwen's determination to prove her husband she is not the lazy woman he thinks is such a wonderful part of the story.

Introducing: The Escape (A Prologue): A Mail Order Bride Romance (The Dalton Brides Book 1) by Cassie Hayes, Kirsten Osbourne, Kit Morgan

Greetings to all my awesome followers. Today I would like to tell you about a very exciting collaboration of Western Romance authors, Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes and 
Kit Morgan. 
The Dalton Brides series begins with this great story, The Escape. This tale gives all the little tid-bits about how the Blue sisters up and left their home state of Massachusetts and high-tailed it to the great state of Texas to marry identical triplet brothers, sight unseen. Today we have a spotlight with Author, Kirsten Osbourne then Thursday with Author, Cassie Hayes and wrapping up on Friday, a spotlight with Author Kit Morgan. I hope you enjoy the spotlights and The Dalton Brides series by these great authors.

How can three sisters escape marriage to three old men? Run to Texas and marry three identical brothers!
The Blue sisters are desperate. When terrible lies about Bonnie, Gwen and Libby are spread all over town, a scandal of epic proportions erupts. To save the family from further disgrace, their father promises them to three of the most lecherous old goats in Beckham, Massachusetts. They would do anything to avoid such a miserable fate, including becoming mail order brides.

Walton Dalton, the oldest of identical triplets, has dreams of building a ranching empire in north Texas. He’s claimed his land, but now he needs to convince his brothers to join him. He knows all he has to do is ask for their help and they’ll come, but are Nate and Bart as ready as Walt is to take a wife and settle down? Aw heck, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em!

The Escape is the short prologue to three connected books by historical western romance authors Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes and Kit Morgan.

The Escape (Prologue)
The Rancher’s Mail Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne -  
The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan -  

The Drifter’s Mail Order Bride by Cassie Hayes -

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling Author Bronwen Evans are joined by Barbara Monajem, Collette Cameron, Wendy Vella, Heather Boyd, and Lauren Smith in this exciting collection of regency romances. Be CAPTIVATED BY HIS KISS in these seven emotional stories of second chances, scandalous wagers, and the quest for true love. Lose yourself again and again in beautifully written romance.

His Lordship’s Vow by Cheryl Bolen - The exceedingly plain spinster, Miss Jane Featherstone, helps the earl she loves woo an heiress in order to honor the deathbed vow Lord Slade to his father.

To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone by Bronwen Evans - Marcus Danvers, the Marquis of Wolverstone, is renowned for his cynical demeanor. It's rumored that long ago, a beautiful woman broke his heart. Now he lives life for pleasure. That is, until the beautiful, as she is deceitful, Contessa Orsini re-enters his life with a wager he cannot resist.

The Christmas Knot by Barbara Monajem - Widowed and destitute, Edwina White takes a job as a governess in a haunted house, and if that’s not trouble enough, her new employer is the one man she’d hoped never to meet again.

Bride of Falcon by Collette Cameron – Faced with spinsterhood, Ivonne Wimpleton takes fate into her own hands, determined to win the heart of her wholly unacceptable childhood love . . . scandal be damned.

Christmas Wishes by Wendy Vella – Desperation makes strange bedfellows, and when the only person left to turn to is a dissolute Rake, Miss Hero Appleby realizes she is about to forsake more than her reputation.

Miss Watson’s First Scandal by Heather Boyd – Overworked London banker David Hawke had two goals for his week in the seaside town of Brighton: one, recover a debt from a friend and two, relax for his remaining holiday. Marriage wasn’t part of the plan…until the girl next door barges in and turns his life upside down.

The Duelist’s Seduction by Lauren Smith - Helen Banks, disguised as her twin brother, fights a duel against Gareth Fairfax but he has other ideas in mind of how to have Helen repay her debt starting with a sinful kiss and a wicked embrace...

Buy Links:

Giveaway Details:
The authors are giving aways a $100 gift card to one randomly chosen reader.

When I was first told the subject for this blog, I panicked. A dream cast for my story, The Christmas Knot? Oh, no! I hardly ever watch movies or TV. I’d rather curl up with a book. (I’m sure some of you understand.)
Then I calmed down and thought about it.
It’s not that I don’t have a few favorite actors. My first choice is always, “Johnny Depp!” but he wouldn’t work for The Christmas Knot. The hero of the story, Richard Ballister, is serious, almost brooding—and not without reason. He has just inherited a house with a ghost and a curse, and he has to get rid of them both by Christmas. I love JD, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t behave himself in that role. Hmm…how about Benedict Cumberbatch? He’s tall, handsome, more serious (with a lovely lurking sense of humor), and very Brit, as is my hero.
Benedict it is. I can’t believe how excited I am at the prospect of him playing my character, even if this is all imaginary and never going to happen.
Now for the heroine... No, there I’m really stumped.
Maybe I’ll go for the ghost first. She has haunted Ballister Grange for two hundred years, and she’s fed up and wants to move on. The perfect actress just popped into my mind: Meryl Streep. Wouldn’t she be awesome as an irritable ghost?
Back to the heroine…. I discussed it with my daughter, who watches much more stuff than I do, and bingo: Karen Gillan! I loved her in Dr. Who, and I thought she was absolutely brilliant in Selfie. They don’t seem to be airing all the episodes, which makes me sad. Finally a sitcom I would watch, and poof, it’s gone. Anyway, she’s tall, gorgeous, and plenty feisty enough to play the heroine, Edwina White. I won’t even ask her to bleach her hair (she’s a redhead, while Edwina is a blonde). I know Karen can put on an accent – she’s from Scotland, but she did a great American accent for Selfie. The question is…will a Scotswoman deign to put on an English accent for my English heroine? Wait, why should she? To get Karen for my imaginary movie, Edwina will gladly become Scottish, too.

About Barbara:

 Barbara Monajem wrote her first story in third grade about apple tree gnomes. After dabbling in neighborhood musicals and teen melodrama, she published a middle-grade fantasy when her children were young. Now her kids are adults, and she's writing for grownups. Her Bayou Gavotte series of paranormal mystery and romance takes place near New Orleans and features hereditary vampires, Native American telepathic rock star Constantine Dufray, and other characters with paranormal abilities -- because it's so much fun to explore the unusual. She also writes sexy Regency historical romances with bold, passionate heroes, spirited, adventurous heroines, and the occasional touch of magic. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.

Giveaway Details:
Barbara is giving away a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to one random blog commenter.