Friday, January 30, 2015

REVIEW: How to Kiss a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch #2) by Joanne Kennedy

Suze Carlyle has lived in her mother's shadow all her life, with her still in mourning father making sure that Suze can never live up to her champion barrel racer mother. No matter how hard she tries to live up to that shadow, her father doesn't see her for who she is.

Handsome bronc rider, Brady Caine lives for the trill and the buckle bunnies who follow him around like puppy dogs in search of a bone. Suze knows she can never live up to that image, but Brady still admires her for her talent and determination. When things go from hot to cold after a steamy night in the sack, Suze knew that Brady was just out for the fun and not the long term. 

At a meeting with some clothing sponsors, Brady suggests that the new female face for the company should be Suze, he is more than shocked to see that they took his suggestion to heart. During a photo shoot everything goes wrong and Suze ends up seriously injured and Brady is to blame. Brady needs to make up for the wrong that he has done Suze, so he appoints himself her slave. Suze however wants nothing to do with the man that most likely has ended her barrel racing career and is putting her income in dire straits. Brady doesn't take no for an answer as he throws himself into helping Suze in any way he can while the pair fall hard for one another. 

Brady will not give up until Suze sees the truly talented and good woman she is, trying to undo the harm her own father has done to her psyche. Brady also attempts to get Suze's dad to wake up from his haze and see the beautiful daughter in front of his eyes. When Suze finds her life has been a bit of a sham, Brody is there to help her through. 

How To Kiss A Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy is a heartwarming romance that takes two people who share a love and brings them together despite the differences surrounding their lives. I love how Brady take control of a bad situation and shows Suze that she can have faith in him. He shows her he isn't just that fly by night cowboy out for fun. How To Kiss A Cowboy is a wonderful read that tugs at the heart strings. Very enjoyable!


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