Tuesday, January 20, 2015

REVIEW: Wicked Witches of the West: Rowan's Ascension (Wicked Witches of the West #1) by Beth Williamson

Never is his life had Jesse Nelson seen anything as enthralling as beautiful triplets known as the Murphy sisters, but only one sets his heart beating fast when he meets her, Rowan. Jesse has been drifting from place to place looking for work and when he is sent to the Triad Ranch in search of work, he is in for much more than he bargains for. The Murphy girls come from a powerful line of witches and keeping their powers under wraps has never even occurred to them. The closer they get to their 21st birthday, the more powerful they become but there is something in the shadows just waiting to destroy the bond the sisters have.

These are tough times for the Murphys and the Triad Ranch. Gus Murphy is still recovering from a debilitating accident, leaving his three daughters in charge of the ranch running and work.  Jesse begins working at the ranch and wonders what he's gotten himself into when he sees some of the odd goings-on at the Triad. Rowan feels it too, and aside from her powerful attraction to Jesse, who has been in her dreams since she was a child, darker things are happening that could tear the sisters apart. The only way to rid themselves of the evil lurking, is for the Murphys to unite and stick together and when they find that adding Jesse to the mix can make them even stronger, they must convince him before it's too late.

ROWAN'S ASCENSION, the first in the Wicked Witches of the West series by Beth Williamson is a unique and fascinating take on the wild West with a twist. All the Murphy family wants to do is survive, but the forces that are set against them, make them use their powers when they must. Jesse Nelson had no idea what he stepped into, but once he feels like he belongs on the Triad and with Rowan, he steps up and becomes what is needed. I love Jesse's honesty and his determination to be all he can. Rowan is as captivating as she is strong. She is the glue that holds the Murphys together and she will make the sacrifices that need to be made when the time comes. I love that. Her sisters, Maeve and Talulla have their own distinctive qualities that make me yearn for the the next stories. With her talent for story-telling and her unique insight, author Beth Williamson has created a wonderful tale with ROWAN'S ASCENSION that should not be missed.

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