Monday, January 19, 2015

REVIEW: Autumn Sage (Las Morenas #2) by Genevieve Turner

Always cool, calm and collected, with her comfortable future all planned, Isabel Moreno's life is turned upside down when she and her fiance are brutally attacked and left for dead by the outlaw, Cole McCade. Terribly wounded and constantly in pain, Isabel's fiance, Sheriff Joaquin Obregon, breaks off his engagement with Isabel, leaving her alone and adrift in a constant sea of nightmares.

US Marshall, Sebastian Spencer has been sent to question the victims, prevent vigilantes from meting out rogue justice, and bring in the outlaw. Marshall Spencer's reputation is epic, his cool determination to bring the criminal in always outweighs the emotions involved. Haunted by a not so stellar upbringing with a publicly respected but privately savage father, Sebastian has perfected his seemingly aloof exterior that all see, but when faced with the almost broken Isabel, cracks in that exterior begin to show. 

The hunt for Cole McCade is a double edged sword, for there is more than meets the eye about his capture and impending trial. Justice is not the only agenda for Judge Bannister, who sends the Marshall in search of his political rival's son for his own purposes. Bannister only cares about water rights and looking good to his constituents, he could care less about a crime that hurt and murdered the population of town of Cabrillo.

When Isabel is put into a situation that has her tattered reputation even more at risk, Sebastian will do all he can to protect her not only from the outlaw, McCade, but from those around her who would see her fall. When Isabel opens her heart she is in for more than she may be able to handle when Sebastian's past comes to a head and he can no longer deny the emotions that begin to overwhelm him. 

Autumn Sage by Genevieve Turner is an emotionally charged ride from beginning to end with two people so affected by their own tragedies. Autumn Sage is a journey of healing as well and redemption. Isabel Moreno is a surprisingly strong heroine after all she has been through. Her pluck and intelligence is what keeps her going when the cards are stacked against her. Sebastian Spencer is a man to be reckoned with. Always trying to keep those emotions hidden away behind a facade of indifference doesn't work when he meets Isabel, who sees much more into him than he wants. I highly recommend Autumn Sage by Genevieve Turner, as it is a worthy sequel to the first book in the Las Morenas series, Summer Chaparral and it will keep you biting your nails for the HEA. 


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