Tuesday, January 27, 2015

REVIEW: Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy

Taken in by the Whitaker family when she was left on their doorstep as a babe, Callie has grown up the outsider in the family. Never quite a real member, the Whitakers used her to perform all the tasks to menial for their true children, in other words, Callie is basically their servant, and is constantly picked on by her step sisters, who do nothing while Callie does it all. 

Now on a treacherous journey by wagon train to California, Callie sees the world like she never has before, and thanks to the dependable and handsome, Luke McGraw she begins to come out of the dark cloud her life has been to see the possibilities before her.

Luke McGraw has been a loner for sometime. Once he has done his job with the wagon train, he intends to return to his simple life in the wilderness. Watching Callie being mistreated by her entire family just sticks in his craw, and he sets out to give Callie the confidence she has sorely been lacking in her life. When Luke discovers that Callie hasn't even been afforded basic reading skills, his friends help her to learn to read. 

During this journey so much happens to change the lives of everyone involved. This journey is a tough one as well as enlightening. It's as dangerous as it is majestic, and watching the personal journeys that Luke and Callie take is a wonder in of itself.

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy is so appropriately named. While Callie is certainly Cinderella-like, her Prince Charming, Luke is a bit more gruff than the average prince. Callie's family are awful to her, but the full reasons are a bit unclear. The journey contains mush dissension between the families and  its leaders. The tension sometimes outweighing the story. I did enjoy the story line between Luke and Callie very much and found this story to be entertaining. 


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