Monday, March 26, 2012

A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Banging on the his front door in the middle of the night, bookish and plain Minerva Highwood  has a plan to keep confirmed rake Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne away from her younger sister, fake an elopement . You see, Minerva has heard through the grapevine in Spindle Cove's beachfront community, that Lord Payne was about to propose to Diana, her younger sister and she's aghast.

Minerva is a budding geologist and has made an astounding find in a cave near her home and she needs to be in Edinburgh, Scotland in a weeks' time to present her findings at the prestigious Royal Geological Society, and so she ropes in Colin, Lord Payne in by offering him the prize money of five-hundred pounds that she insures him she will win with her findings.

In order to get this done, they are to fake an elopement and against Colin's better judgement, he goes along with Minerva's plan. Minerva, thinking that Lord Payne would never want any sort of romantic involvement with her due to the fact that she's nothing like any of the countless women that Colin has had in his web, coupled by the fact that Lord Payne can't ever get her first name right, feels she is safe from him. Then again, she may be very wrong.

Along the road to Scotland the pair end up having adventure and misadventure with Minerva finding more than meets the eye below Colin's rakish appearance and in turn, Colin awakens a passion in Minerva she never thought existed outside of her passion for rocks.

I loved A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare! It is the second novel in the Spindle Cove series and what an auspicious read it is. One would never think Lord Payne would ever find Minerva to be as attractive as he does with their constant bickering, but he does. I love the constant banter back and forth with them whether it's the sarcasm or the honesty, this only made me love this book all the more. I am so looking forward to Book 3 in Spindle Cove series, A Lady by Midnight. Enjoy the adventure!


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5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

A Death That Lingers by Kaylie Newell

          Our story begins with Josie Collins, an aspiring artist, who is married to a famous rock star, Liam Collins.  What everyone doesn't know, is Liam's an abusive husband who terrorizes Josie.  She knows in her heart that she must escape Liam as the beatings have become more frequent and deadly.  She has one safe place to escape, and this is with her loving grandparents who raised her in Adeline, Kansas.

        Poppy and Iris, her grandparents, own a successful antique store with an apartment above the business, which they have always wanted Josie to run for them.  This is the perfect opportunity for Josie to start over. 

        However, Josie's problems are not over yet, she knows that Liam will follow and try to harass her into going back with him, so she contacts Chief of Police, Paul Stark, a sexy, handsome lawman that immediately feels protective of Josie. 

        Strange noises are keeping Josie up at night and Tumbleweed is acting weird too.  Is Josie's past coming back to haunt her? 

        You'll have to find out by reading Kaylie Newell's first enthralling book.  It's a well written story and captures readers with the unique story of Josie, who despite her horrible marriage with an abusive husband, escapes and manages to successfully start a new life.  In a way, it is kind of inspirational.  

Guest Reviewer~Sandy Hoover

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4 Stars (Brilliant)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham

The story begins with a young Maggie Johnson living in 1730's rural South Carolina with her Mother and two younger sisters. Ever since she can recall, Maggie has had "the Sight", she could see things before they happened, find things that were misplaced and her most interesting ability, an almost psychic link to a boy far away. Maggie sees him in her dreams as if she's right there with him. She gives him the moniker of "Wolf" and they continue to visit and provide comfort to each other in their dreams.

Andrew MacDonnell is from the Scottish Highlands and his dreams of Maggie are as real to him as anything he can touch.He also has the "the Sight" . Andrew lives with his parents and brothers in unstable Scotland, where war and skirmishes were an everyday occurrence of the time.  

As the years go by, Maggie's and Andrew's connection grows even from afar, and when tragedy strikes the pair from all sides, the need for them to come together in reality keeps them going even under the worst of conditions. Maggie's and Andrew's saga takes them from the comfort of their homes and throws them into life-threatening situations that would wear any normal person down. From the Highlands of Scotland through the colonies in the mid 1700's Andrew journey, finds him friends along the way to ease some of his burdens, while Maggie is taken in by the Cherokee. 

Under the Same Sky is a fabulous read. I went in knowing nothing about what it was about and was immediately drawn in. It is not your typical "happily ever after" romance, it's so much more. I ran the full spectrum of emotions, all the way from fear and horror to exhaltation. This read is not for the faint of heart.
This is Genevieve Graham's first novel and what an amazing debut. Under the Same Sky is gritty and innovative and Genevieve brings her characters to life. Thank you Genevieve Graham for such a wonderful story, you now have a new fan.

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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May 1, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chastity's Place: Interview with Author Sahara Kelly


Chastity's Place: Interview with Author Sahara Kelly:       Please give a warm welcome to the fantabulous                         Sahara Kelly! Born and raised in England, Sahara Kelly’s journ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Devils On Horseback~ Gideon by Beth Williamson

When we meet the handsome former Captain Gideon Blackwood, he's on the run from his home in Tanger, running from interfering females who are trying to marry this most eligible bachelor off. Gideon definitely has other ideas on what he wants out of life at the moment and marriage isn't one of them, even though he's seen all of his "brothers" before him happily married.

Chloe Ruskin is having a very hard time of it.After leaving Virginia with her Grandmother and two small orphaned twin girls, they've broken a wheel on their wagon and can't seem to get help to fix it, until Gideon happens upon the disabled wagon. He's immediately confronted by the prickly Chloe with her shotgun pointed straight at him. Against his better judgement he remains to help the stranded family , in the process becomes entangled with the headstrong female.

Along the way, Chloe's family disappears into thin air, apparently abducted along the trail. Now instead of Gideon going on his merry way, he feels it's his duty to help Chloe get her family back. No matter what, Chloe must find her Grandmother and the girls. They're all she has and her determination has Gideon admiring her one minute and wanting to strangle her the next. What do a former soldier running from commitment and mouthy woman who feels unworthy of love do once they're thrown together? Well they create a very exciting story for one thing.

What an auspicious end to an awesome series. Beth Williamson knows how to grab the reader from the first minute and not let go. I love that Beth has taken people from two totally different life circumstances and brought them together. Chloe is headstrong to her detriment and Gideon is her only saving grace.I highly recommend Devils on Horseback~ Gideon by Beth Williamson. It's a wonderful ride from start to finish.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Covert Mission by Lorraine Nelson

Samantha aka Sam to all her friends loses her arm while in the service wants to prove to everyone that she is independent and self-sufficient, mainly to the men. She even owns her own dry cleaning business! But what most people don't know is that Sam lost more than her arm while in the service and now does not feel like a "whole" woman.

    She meets Blake through her good friend Zakia and they automatically have chemistry, but Sam is not looking for any kind of commitment or the complications associated with "relationships". Blake is every woman’s dream-tall, dark, and handsome cowboy but she tells him from the get go she only wants to be friends.

    When Blake first sees Sam getting out of her Chevy Tracker he knew that she was the woman for him, he does not see her as anything but a beautiful woman and discovers right away that she is as prickly and independent as they come. Sam keeps telling him over and over again that she does not do relationships, but he wants more than "just friends" and he's willing to wait and bide his time for her to come around and see that he doesn't see her prosthesis, just as a sexy woman.

    When Zakia's stalker escapes and comes after Samantha, she comes to understand that Blake is there for her and what he is willing to sacrifice to keep her safe and yes, protect and help her. Can Sam overcome the feeling she has of being less than a whole woman and when she tells Blake everything that she lost in the army will he still want her and think that she is the woman for him and give him everything he wants and deserves.

    Lorraine Nelson's writing takes you along with her and the love her the characters at Thunder Creek. You have moments to where you want to either shake Sam or hug her for everything that she has gone through. She makes you dream about your own Blake, and that not others always see us the way we see ourselves.


5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane


For Kate, being a social pariah seemed a small price to pay if she could keep her beloved niece safe. After her husband’s death left her in dire financial straits, she became one mans’ mistress after another. She went from being a member of the ton, to being that unsavory woman the genteel whispered about behind their gloved hands. Kate accepted her new life, even though she loathed herself. Until the last man to make her his mistress did so only for revenge, and he and his cronies did the unspeakable.
Jason and Tony have loved Kate for so long it killed them to watch her jump from one mans bed to another. When her husband Harry died, they thought she needed to sow her wild oats and stepped aside. Letting her experience what they thought she wanted, what she missed marrying so young.
But seeing her jump from one man to another, flitting from party to party always so happy and beautiful, knowing she would be going home with another man, sent them running to the continent.
When they finally got word she was free and had removed herself from the life as a rich man’s mistress they returned home, only to find a broken shell of the woman they loved.
Both men vowed to love her and marry her; however Kate wouldn’t allow them to sully their reputations by being seen with her. Even though their touch made her feel safe and alive again, she feared they’d change their minds when they found out what had happened that awful night.
With determination and a whole lot of seduction the two men set out to change her mind. In doing so they also found they were not only in love with Kate, but with each other and not in a brotherly way.

This story makes you fall hopelessly in love with the two heroes Jason and Tony and made you wish you were Kate. I found myself cheering for the love the trio makes inside the bedroom and out, and crying for the things poor Kate had to go through. Samantha Kane introduces so many wonderful characters it made me hope there were more stories to follow. Her writing gave a distinctive voice to each character she introduced making you impatient to read their stories, and you end up feeling like you know them personally.