Monday, March 26, 2012

A Death That Lingers by Kaylie Newell

          Our story begins with Josie Collins, an aspiring artist, who is married to a famous rock star, Liam Collins.  What everyone doesn't know, is Liam's an abusive husband who terrorizes Josie.  She knows in her heart that she must escape Liam as the beatings have become more frequent and deadly.  She has one safe place to escape, and this is with her loving grandparents who raised her in Adeline, Kansas.

        Poppy and Iris, her grandparents, own a successful antique store with an apartment above the business, which they have always wanted Josie to run for them.  This is the perfect opportunity for Josie to start over. 

        However, Josie's problems are not over yet, she knows that Liam will follow and try to harass her into going back with him, so she contacts Chief of Police, Paul Stark, a sexy, handsome lawman that immediately feels protective of Josie. 

        Strange noises are keeping Josie up at night and Tumbleweed is acting weird too.  Is Josie's past coming back to haunt her? 

        You'll have to find out by reading Kaylie Newell's first enthralling book.  It's a well written story and captures readers with the unique story of Josie, who despite her horrible marriage with an abusive husband, escapes and manages to successfully start a new life.  In a way, it is kind of inspirational.  

Guest Reviewer~Sandy Hoover

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4 Stars (Brilliant)


  1. Great review! Sounds like a story I don't want to miss.:)

  2. Candice.... thanks so much for the comment!!! You're a doll