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Dark Kings Book Blurb Tour

Dark Kings Book Blurb Tour ~~ Dark Craving by Donna Grant
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ISBN-13: 978-1466807433
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Dark Kings #1
July 31, 2012

Dark Craving

Fueled by ancient magic—and enflamed by human desire—the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love…with a mortal woman.
Searching for her brother in Scotland—and succumbing to the freezing cold—Cassie Hunter awakens to find herself in the arms of a magnificent Highland warrior. Across his chest is the tattoo of a fiery dragon. And in his heart is a burning passion that, once unleashed, will consume them both…body and soul.
This is a story of destiny and desire, magic and mystery, warriors and lovers.
These are the forbidden cravings of the Dark Kings.

Dark Craving

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Dreagan Distillery
Hal shut and locked the doors to the distillery for the day before he turned and looked out over the land. Snow blanketed everything and the light the crescent moon cast upon the ground made it look almost as if it were glowing.
The need to lose himself in the land in the forest sometimes was overwhelming, as it was this night. Other times he could ignore the call, but not tonight.
Hal didn’t bother to tell the others where he was going. He simply walked down the steps and into the night. The weather didn’t faze him.
His boots crunched in the thick snow, but he never noticed. His gaze was trained on the forest ahead. Every one of them answered to something, and for Hal it was the forest.
Always had been.
Always would be.
Once he was in the trees, he took a deep breath and lifted his face to the sky. Snow landed on his lashes and rain dripping from the limbs above pelted his face.
It was glorious.
Hal smiled and spread his arms wide. He touched his chest, through his jacket and sweater, to the tattoo beneath.
A person could get lost in the glens of the Highlands, and there were thousands of glens. Which made it a perfect place for Hal and the others like him to stay hidden.
It had been a long time since he’d allowed his other self to show, his dragon self. And for some reason, this night he desperately yearned to spread his wings and fly.
To feel the wind around him as he soared through the sky.
He still remembered flying low over the trees, the leaves brushing against his underside as the sun beat on him. He hadn’t needed to hide then. For once upon a time, he had been able to call to his brethren and listened to their roars fill the forest.
So very long ago he had lived a completely different life. Back before the humans betrayed them, before a war that changed everything.
A sound off to Hal’s right had him turning his head in that direction. He dropped his arms as his eyes fastened on a large, fast-moving animal loping through the trees.
Hal let his coat drop from his arms as he sprinted toward the animal. As he neared, he realized it was a dog—a very large dog. And the only person near Dreagan land who had such a dog was Dan Hunter.
With more frustration than Hal wanted to concede, he came to a halt. He had been able to take flight, but now he had to chase a dog. For several moments he watched the Great Dane running, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.
There had been a few times in Hal’s life where he’d felt that free, been that free. Those times were the barest of memories now.
When a person was as old as Hal, time blurred.
It was so easy to get lost in his memories, of what had once been, and what he had once been. But to allow himself to get absorbed in such recollections was not wise.
He pulled himself back from the brink and gave a loud, short whistle, which pulled Duke up short. The Great Dane turned his head to Hal and issued a deep, booming bark in greeting.
“Come here, lad,” Hal called.
Immediately, the dog ran to him, his tail wagging.
Hal rubbed the dog’s massive head. “It’s no’ like Dan to allow you to run like this. Nor is it like you to run off. What’s the problem, lad?”
Duke jerked against the hold Hal had on his collar. Hal narrowed his eyes. He’d learned very early in life to listen carefully when animals tried to speak. They might not be speaking your language, but they were talking. It was obvious Duke was trying to tell him something.
“Show me,” Hal said, and released the collar.
Duke took off at a run and Hal was quick to follow. Dreagan land extended far as the eye could see, and Dan’s cottage was the closest anyone lived to Dreagan.
It was because Dan rarely rented the property and didn’t cause any problems that Hal and the others hadn’t made a point of getting rid of him.
Hal easily kept pace with the Great Dane as they traversed over the land. When they crested the last hill that overlooked Dan’s cottage, Duke stopped and whined.
Dan’s Corsa could be seen by the light of the moon and despite the heavy snowfall. Thankfully, the rain had tapered off, but the snow made it difficult to see where Dan was.
Duke butted Hal’s hand with his head before he took off down the slope to the cottage. Hal had memorized the lay of the land centuries ago and knew where the boulders lay hidden in the snow.
He leapt down the slope and landed in thick snow. Duke caught up with him, and they both ran the rest of the way down the side of the mountain.
Hal rushed to the front door, but found it locked and all the lights out. When Hal turned to look for Duke, he found the Great Dane standing beside the car.
That’s when Hal noticed there was someone inside. In three strides he was beside the car. He tapped on the window, but the figure didn’t move.
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Read More About the Dark Kings Series

The Dark Kings series is a spin off the Dark Warriors series and Dark Sword series.

Dark Craving
Dark Kings #1
July 31, 2012

Night’s Awakening
Dark Kings #2
August 28, 2012

Dawn’s Desire
Dark Kings #3
September 25, 2012
Photography by Kimberly Rocha
Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She's the author of more than twenty novels spanning multiple genres of romance—Scottish Medieval, dark fantasy, time travel, paranormal, and erotic. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Sword, features a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her husband, two children, a dog, and three cats in Texas.
Learn more about Donna Grant and her books here --
Donna will be giving away a copy of Midnight's Lover to one lucky commenter on this stop on her Book Blurb Tour ~ just comment to be entered!!
Midnight's Lover
ISBN-10: 0312552491
ISBN-13: 978-0312552497
Mass Market Paperback
Dark Warriors #2
June 26, 2012

Midnight’s Lover

Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors are taking their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world—where a woman’s love can set them free…
Driven by the fierce god within him, Highlander Ian Kerr is sworn to fight for the land he loves—and the brother he lost. But when he’s magically transported four centuries into the future, he finds himself fighting his own desires—for a beautiful, bewitching woman who could hold a warrior spellbound…
Danielle Buchanan has heard the legends. She has felt the power of Druid blood in her veins. But she has never known a man as fearsome—or as haunted—as the warrior Ian. With her magic, Dani must help him battle an ancient evil. With her heart, she must join him in his quest. But only with her soul can she free him from his curse…and seal their fates together.

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Sadie and her Cowboy by Paige Tyler


Rancher Sadie Buchanan is having big problems. Since her father's death she is being pressured by a neighboring cattle rancher to sell the property to him. That's the last thing Sadie would ever do! Sadie has seemingly made a few enemies in the Boone family, who are intent on making her property their own, if not by marriage than by devious means. When Sadie's temporary foreman, Ned, tells Sadie she needs help in the form of infamous gunslinger, Jake Wagner, she hesitantly agrees to see what the man can do.

When the rugged and striking gunslinger, Jake Wagner receives a message that his help is needed at the Buchanan ranch, he heads on over. When Sadie and Jake come face to face, all things are not as they would seem. Jake finds Sadie to be a tad spoiled but very much interested in the cowboy. Unfortunately he has a rule about bedding the bosses, even if they're as beautiful as Jake finds Sadie. Only thing is, he hasn't met anyone as persistent as Sadie. Doubtful he ever will again.

Not only is Sadie persistent in her pursuit of Jake, she is also persistent in the fact she wants to hold onto and make her ranch prosper, even if that means she has to put herself in danger an accompany the cowpokes and Jake on a possibly perilous cattle drive. As for her attraction to Jake, she finds she has a penchant for being disciplined by the dominant Jake, and honestly, who can say no to Jake? If you want to find out how all ends with Sadie and Jake, you will just have to have a gander at Sadie and her Cowboy by Paige Tyler.

I really enjoyed this story. I like how Sadie can hold her own as well as be submissive when necessary. I love how Jake just exudes dominance but also caring. Sadie's need to take care of her ranch and all that depend on it makes her such a lovable character and Jake's understanding of what Sadie need is perfection. 
I highly recommend  Sadie and her Cowboy, it's a great read with some pretty hot lovin' going on! 

Paige Tyler's Website: http://www.paigetylertheauthor.com/
Paige Tyler's Blog: http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/
Paige on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paige.tyler.9
Paige on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaigeTyler

Paige at Lori Foster's Weekend. 

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

One thing you must know before I begin is that Heather Snow's females are brilliant. Liliana Claremont from Sweet Enemy is a chemist, a total geek with an awesome personality. In Heather's second book in her Veiled Seduction series, we have Emma Wallingford, who is all around awesome. Since her brother's stroke, she has been the town of Derbyshire's acting magistrate but only the town knows of this, because if outside finds out a female is magistrate it would not be a good thing. Emma is a mathematics genius among being intrigued with crime and forensics. 

Enter Lord Derick Aveline,  hasn't been back to his ancestral home in nearly a decade, but when he enters his home to find a rather dominating Emma directing the staff in the search for a missing housemaid, he is taken aback. You see, his memories of the girl he called Pygmy were nothing compared to the attractive woman he now sees, and from minute one, she confounds the wits out of him

Derick had not even wanted to go home, but for his last hurrah as a spy, he has been sent to return to his hometown and find a traitor in the midst, someone who was working for France. Derick has not had an ideal life.  English father, French mother, he has felt like an outsider, somewhat of a failure. He left home, ended up in a French prison and has spent his subsequent years in the business of espionage.Now eager to put that behind him, he ends up in Derbyshire in the sights of Liliana, who is quite the enigma.

Emma has been in love with Derick for so long. Even though he was gone for all those years, he wasn't far from her thoughts. She was just beginning to become immune to his memory when he reappears.Emma tries not to be that little Pygmy that Derick dubbed her all those years ago and when he finds she is a budding criminal investigator, he is intrigued and more than a little attracted. Unfortunately, Derick doesn't plan on lingering in Derbyshire, for all of its bad memories, namely the apparent suicide of his mother. 

When Emma and Derick find themselves smack in the middle of multiple murders, feelings become stronger and confusion abounds. Who is the traitor? Who is the murderer? Are they one and the same person? Will Derick overcome the ghosts of his past and stop blaming himself for all that has gone wrong in his life. Will he accept that he can love and be loved? So many questions like these are answered in Sweet Deception.

 This book has so many pluses... murder, mystery, intrigue and romance. I love the fact that Emma at first tries to deny her feelings for Derick, then she goes full speed ahead to try to ensnare him in her mysterious web. There are occasions when I would like to take a stick to Derick, but that feeling quickly disappears when the light-bulb finally goes off in his head. Taking two seemingly different people from two seemingly different backgrounds and throwing them together doesn't always work out, but when all unravels and underneath these are two are more similar than dissimilar, the fun begins!

Heather Snow has yet another winner with Sweet Deception. This story has all the machinations to keep you coming back for more, to help solve the mysteries and to root for the Emma and Derick I have been a fan of Heather Snow since Sweet Enemy and can't wait for more from this utterly talented lady.


Heather Snow's Website: http://www.heathersnowbooks.com/
Heather on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeatherSnowRW

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

Sweet Deception releases on  August 7, 2012
ARC provided by Publisher

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Intimate Enemies by Joan Swan

Cassie Christo heads to her home on the Pacific Coast in Baja, Mexico with a task in mind, to get rid of the step-father that's been living off Cassie's deceased mother's wealth. An emergency room physician, Cassie has been in mourning for her mother and step-brother who perished in an apparent boat fire. Sent on a sabbatical by the hospital she just finished her residency with to work on her feelings and move on from the deaths. Cassie has another, more pleasant task in mind, find the unknown man that stood by her side and was her shoulder to cry on at her funerals of her beloved family members.She is also back in Baja to finish construction on her medical clinic that she is so eager to open.

Nothing however is cut and dry when Cassie enters Baja, especially when she arrives at the home that once held so many good memories for her to find her step-father thinking he is the proprietor of all and to her shock, the man who stood by her in the cemetery, working for Saul, the notorious step-father. Saul is by no means happy to see his step-daughter and now must devise a way to rid himself of her presence. Saul of course, is one shady character, living high off his dead wife's prosperity as well as some illegal ventures he has began. Not only does she have to deal with Saul, but the gang situation in her town is also a big issue.

Rio Santana once was Cassie's rock. He was something she had to look forward to after the ghosts of her past could be put to rest, but seeing Rio with Saul, and finding that he is Saul's head of security, Cassie doesn't know how to act or what to think. From the first there is a mutual attraction that goes way beyond sexual, but Cassie has had things happen to her in the last year that have made her re-think her entire set of values and her feelings. Rio has had it bad for his boss's step-daughter from the minute she put her head on his shoulder in the cemetery, but there's way more to Rio than meets the eye. Getting involved with the beautiful doctor could be very hazardous to both of their health's. A lot more is going on than some gang violence and to Rio's astonishment, Cassie ends up smack in the middle of it when she starts asking questions about the boat accident that claimed her mother's life and the life of her step-brother.

Apparently everyone wants Cassie to head back to San Diego, but they more they push, the more she is determined to stay and figure out why while attempting to find dirt on Saul to get him out of her home or behind bars, creating enemies all around her. Rio wonders if protecting this somewhat thick-headed female is  an uphill battle he wants to endeavor.  When the lines are drawn and Cassie has placed herself and others in danger a series of events happen to change the entire atmosphere around her. Will it be for good or bad? Reading Intimate Enemies by Joan Swan is the key to finding out.

Intimate Enemies is Joan Swan's second book and it is fabulous. Joan has the knack for getting right down to the core of it. This story has non-stop action, intrigue and heat. The characters of Rio and Cassie sizzle from the get go, and they also go through a roller-coaster of emotion. Rio,  normally very level-headed is brought to the brink of madness with Cassie's hot to cold moods and it is part of the heat. I like the way Joan did not over dramatize the gangs and went to the heart of the dilemma with Saul being a center. I enjoyed the way I wasn't sure who was a good guy and who wasn't and finding out in the end was so part of the charm of this read. 

Joan Swan has yet another winner with Intimate Enemies. I highly recommend it. It doesn't disappoint!


Joan Swan's Website:http://joanswan.com/
Joan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/joanswan

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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Loving the Lawman 2 ~TAMING TALIA ~ by Marie Nicole Ryan

As Natalia Montrose stands over the grave of the husband who died in a brawl in the local saloon in the company of a soiled dove, she does not lament his death. In fact, she breathes a sigh of relief. You see, her marriage was no happily ever after. Her father made a deal with Reginald Montrose that included the property and Natalia in exchange for making Natalia's father a wealthy man. Being that Reginald wanted the property badly, he agreed to Natalia's father's terms.  Throughout her eight year marriage to the Anglo, Reginald Montrose, Latina Natalia was abused verbally and physically and while of course it was awful when he died, Natalia wasn't going to hide behind widow's black mourning for him. Au contraire, Natalia sets out to bed the first man she sets her sights on.

Jared Fields, a Pinkerton agent from New York has been given the task of investigating the death of Natalia's husband by the deceased's wealthy father in New York, who believes that Natalia had a hand in the death. Jared Fields is supposed to either bring Natalia to justice or take her back to New York if there was a child involved. Jared Fields is a disinherited Easterner who decided the only way to make a living was to work for the Pinkerton Agency. The handsome thirty something had no idea what he was getting himself into when he strolled on in to New Mexico.

Once Jared meets Natalia Montrose, he doesn't know what to think of the beautiful raven-haired woman, he dubs Talia, and quickly, sparks fly between the two when a freak snowstorm has the holed up in her home.When the passionate Talia finally gets all the loving she finally needs, will she realize their is more the it than just the sex? Will Jared's being a Pinkerton agent come between he and Talia? Finding all this out and much more is all the fun when you pick up Marie Nicole Ryan's Taming Talia.

I really enjoyed Taming Talia by Marie Nicole Ryan. I like how the heat set in rather quickly and didn't fizzle out at all. I loved how Talia was no shrinking violet and Jared to give as well as he could take. This plot was very interesting and the characters completely believable. This was my first book by Marie Nicole Ryan and I already have jumped into the first book in this series, Seducing the Sheriff. I am looking forward to more great stories by Marie Nicole and I think you will like them as well.

Taming Talia by Marie Nicole Ryan is releasing August 14, 2012 


Marie Nicole Ryan's Website: https://marienicoleryan.com/

5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)

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The Alpha Brotherhood #1 ~ An Inconvenient Affair ~ by Catherine Mann

Hillary Wright is in a bit of trouble. Her knack for perpetually getting involved with the wrong man has landed her in a situation that takes her from her home and job in Washington D.C. to a flight headed for Chicago where she is to identify associates of her criminal ex-boyfriend who are involved in a money laundering scheme.

On the flight she meets a very attractive, too good to be true Troy. Knowing her luck for meeting the wrong man, Hillary fights her instant attraction to Troy and possibly with god reason. Meet Troy Donovan, rich, handsome and devious. When Hillary finds out Troy is none other than the infamous "Robin Hood Hacker" she figures she needs to stay far away from Troy. That isn't in the cards though.

Troy Donovan is working with the people that have brought Hillary to Chicago, and feels obliged to protect her until the criminals are caught, so he comes up with an elaborate plan to win her for a date weekend.
Exasperated but interested nonetheless, Hillary goes along with Troy's plan and in the process the pair become deeply involved although Hillary keeps the trust issue as the barrier between her and Mr. Donovan.

During this introductory tale we meet several members of the Alpha Brotherhood and find out where it all began and why. I very much enjoyed this Catherine Mann book. Believe it or not, An Inconvenient Affair is my first Harlequin Desire book. This story had enough intrigue and romance to keep me very interested. Catherine Mann is a great writer. I enjoy her work and I suspect the Alpha Brotherhood series will be a popular one. I mean who doesn't like steamy and mysterious stories with rich, handsome bad boys? 

The Alpha Brotherhood ~An Inconvenient Affair ~ by Catherine Mann is available August 1, 2012


Catherine Mann's Website: http://www.catherinemann.com/
Catherine on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatherineMann1

4 Stars (Brilliant)

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Out of the Ashes by Lori Dillon (Review by Margaret Whelehan)

                Have you ever had the feeling when you meet someone that you have met them before? This book is all about knowing someone from your past who is your present.  The reincarnation of two souls was never on the high point of my belief scale. That is until I read this book.  Now I do have a small belief that when two souls are destined to be together, nothing will stop them, not even time.
                When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, let alone finish it.  Then all of a sudden I was interested in finding out things that had to do with the characters.  I wanted to know if they were going to meet, how they were going to meet and if they would stay together.  I have to say, by the end of the book, I will admit I enjoyed reading it.  I cannot say that I fell in love with the book, but I did enjoy it.
                Marsha and Hershel are two angels who are in charge of a male and female. Their duty to the humans is to make sure that they meet, fall in love and have children. The problem is that they keep messing up on that.  First there was a natural disaster, then there was a mix up in ages, and then there were a few other issues that stopped the humans from being together.  Marsha and Hershel were given one last chance to get their job done correctly.  If they failed, they would both be reassigned to other duties.  So, the angels became human to help guide their prospects on the right path. Little did they know that their job would not be an easy one.
                David is on a mission in Italy.  He is undercover for the Americans to find out where the Germans are keeping people and other things.  He decides to join an archaeologist crew so that he is able to be close to his destination without being detected.  All he wants to do is do his job, and get out.  He never thought that he would meet a woman who would make him feel differently.
Serafina is an archaeologist who is digging in Italy.  All she wants to do is her job.  The problem is that everyone else on her job site is a man.  Since she has issues with men in the first place, she doesn’t want to get involved with anyone.  Then David comes along changes everything for her.  She starts by telling him her deepest secrets and then she starts to fall for him.  She never thought he was keeping anything from her. She just thought he was involved with another woman and that is why he rejected her.
Throughout the rest of the book, there was a constant tug of war between Sera and David.  She didn’t trust herself to be with him because of who he is but she always tried to save him from getting captured or dying. David always tried to convince her that they could be together but soon realized that if they were together they might both die because he would return to America and she would stay in Italy.
By the end of the book, they lived and died together. There were a few surprises along their way. But in the end they were together as they were supposed to be. A happily ever after ending.
I have to say that I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would have. However it was not one of my all-time favorites.  I think the book could have been a little bit clearer about what was going on and the flashbacks to the past.  But other than that I did enjoy the book. It was completely different from the other books I have read in the past. I am seriously considering looking up the author and seeing what else she has written.  I am definitely considering reading more of her books.  


Lori Dillon's Website: http://www.loridillon.net/

4 Stars (Brilliant)

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Working Stiffs #2 ~ OPEN HOUSE ~ by Sahara Kelly

Successful architect, Jeff McAdams is stuck playing salesman at his father's request. His father has fired the last design firm and he expects his son to meet with the new firm he has hired. When Jeff comes face to face with the gorgeous woman that got away from him eight years before, sparks fly.
Gabriella Rossini , the new designer, was the one that got away, due to Jeff's stupidity, but as soon they set eyes upon one another, lust abounds and they cannot, nor want to keep their hands off each other. 

Yet another orgasmic read from Sahara Kelly. This lady certainly know how to get the creative juices flowing. This Working Stiffs novella series is a definite plus and I am waiting with bated breath for the next one. Pick up Working Stiffs #1 Hired Help, with co-writer SLCarpenter and this fab read Working Stiffs #2, Open House by Sahara Kelly today!


4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

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Train Station Bride by Holly Bush

Julia Crawford is a  constant source of embarrassment for her wealthy East Coast family. The plump, twenty something has decided to do everyone a favor, especially herself. After corresponding with a middle-aged man looking for a wife to take care of him and his aging mother in North Dakota, Julia packs her bags and secrets herself away to become the man's wife. 

Jake Shelling has sacrificed much of his early life to care for his sisters once their parents die of influenza. At sixteen he stepped up and became parent, provider as well as brother to his siblings. Now in his early thirties, he realizes it's time to lay down his own roots, marry and have some children. Jake isn't even thinking of love, he's not even sure he knows what that is.

A twist of fate has Julia and Jake together with an I do and a fainting spell. Once reality hit the couple, they decide to make the best of things until Julia's family get involved. Julia has a secret she has been hiding for ten years and once this secret is out it could ruin her relationship with Jake as well as her family in Boston. 

What an awesome story with characters I cared so much for. Julia, a product of her family's upbringing comes into her own once she is away from the very people who are supposed to have cared foe her unconditionally. Instead they berate her and make her feel unattractive and useless. Once married to Jake, she has a tough time believing the kind things he and his family say to her. When Julia finally comes into her own, I wanted to do a happy dance. I also wanted to take some of her snooty family members and beat the living daylights out of them. At first, Jake seems to be uncaring and aloof, but quickly turns into the hero of the day with his honesty the way he treats those he cares for. When a story gives me that much to work with, it's a great read and I love to share my feelings about it.

Train Station Bride is a fabulous read by Holly Bush and I hope you all give it a go and enjoy it as much as I did. 

Holly Bush's website: http://www.hollybushbooks.com/

4 Stars (Brilliant)

The Emerald Isle Trilogy by Renee Vincent

I wanted to take a break and read for FUN... Every once in a while I like to go off the beaten path from all the reads I have promised to read and just grab something. I know Renee Vincent is not a new author, but she is new to me. After a little Twitter back and forth, I went to her website and checked out the blurbs for her historical series and decided I would give one a try. Only thing is, after reading the first one, Raeliksen and being left a crying mess, I had to jump right into Mac Liam for my own sanity, once I was left in a much better state of mind, I grabbed The Fall of Rain and once again was gasping for air. I loved this Trilogy and I wanted to share it with you.

What is it that kept me coming back? Hmmm well let's see... Hot Vikings, ancient Ireland, beautiful princess and battles are a few of the reasons. Maybe the awesome story... in addition to the fact that I have never read something quite like it.

In Raeliksen, we find  Daegan Raeliksen, a wealthy merchant and a chieftain in his own right,  in search of a wife. Daegan. In his travels, Daeaen has come upon the beautiful Mara, a Irish woman wandering the countryside on her own. Days go by and Daegan watches Mara as she spends her time near the shore. He is captivated by not only her beauty, but her essence as well. Daegan doesn't realize, but Mara is the daughter of a Irish King, regardless of that fact, the merchant/ chieftain has decided in a his infinite wisdom, that Mara is to be his wife.

When Mara's life becomes endangered, Daegan must act quickly to save her, in the process, whisk her away, or basically kidnap her. Raeliksen is an epic tale of the determination this larger than life man has when it comes to what he wants and the woman that at first seems the shy bit of a thing, but upon closer observation is quite the strong character. Be prepared for tears in this tale as well as deep, dark secrets that come to light.

Should you continue to read on here, you will find spoilers to the first book, which cannot be helped.

The continuation of the Emerald Isle trilogy comes to us in Mac Liam, seven years after the Daegan Raeliksen saga, we find Breandan Mac Liam, who was introduced in the first book, still pining after his lost love. He honestly feels no remorse in his pining and only wishes for an opportunity to see the object of his affection again. That opportunity arises when he receives news that the King of Connacht, Mara's father is on his deathbed and wishes to see his only daughter before he passes on. The King has asked that Breandan escort his daughter from Inis Mor to him.

Mara lives in the Isle of Inis Mor with the product of her short but timeless love affair with Daegan, their son Lochlann. Six years after the birth of Lochlann she has neither seen nor heard from her father, Callan, the King of Connacht. She lives under the watchful of of her deceased husband's best friend Tait, the new Chieftain, and Nevan, King on Inis Mor. Lately, Mara, although seemingly content in her existence has been feeling low. She watches as those around her have full lives with intact families and she feels a pang of something if not jealousy. The love she has for her son and the extreme love she still feels for Daegan keep her going but also leave her wanting.

Mac Liam is a story of secrets coming to light and dreams coming true. It is a tale of second chances and enlightenment, acceptance and need. Breandan is a gentleman and a catch and Mara basically has no chance when they are reunited, and after the outcome in Raeliksen, you don't want to see Mara get away either.

Finally we come full circle with The Fall of Rain. Present day, where we find Kentucky native Lorraine O'Connor coming out of a long relationship with a total jerk who didn't deserve her. All her life, Lorraine has had some pretty vivid dreams of ancient Ireland and a handsome Viking. She has an affinity for Ireland and her dream is to travel there. With her breakup, her best friend Patrick books her on the first flight to the Emerald Isle to live it up and fulfill her lifelong dreams. Reluctantly, Lorraine, or Rain as her friends call her, makes her journey to Ireland and ends up staying on Inis Mor.

Leif Daegansen is an archaeologist from Norway who, living on Inis Mor, is trying to find the definitive Viking/Ireland link. So involved in his task, he rarely takes the time to see what's surrounds him. With his recent find or an intricately designed treasure box, he is more determined to find that link, until a beautiful female faints dead away in his presence while out on his ride on horseback. When hours later, Lorraine awakens in Leif's home, confusion and enlightenment abound in a heartbeat as Lorraine comes face to face with the man in her dreams. Suddenly coming to terms that reincarnation does in fact happen, spurns Lorraine into action. Being reunited with her lost love, centuries after his untimely demise has Rain determined not to allow him to slip though her fingers. Leif, a tad clueless at first feels a connection with Rain, but doesn't know from where it comes and really doesn't question it.

Can Rain make Leif see that he is in actuality her lost love? What will he do when she confronts him with the story and some unbelievable facts? Of course you will have to read The Fall of Rain to find out, because if you came this far in the Emerald Isle Trilogy, there is no place to go but forward!


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