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Darkest Highlander by Donna Grant

Finally Broc, our winged warrior gets his day in the sun! We begin Darkest Highlander where Shadow Highlander ends. The evil Deirdre is still wreaking havoc and suddenly Sonya is missing. The Druid, Sonya is lamenting the disappearance of her powers. Feeling useless to the the ones that need her at MacLeod Castle she goes off on her own. When it is found out by the MacLeod that she is gone, Broc is sent to find her.

Broc has been looking after Sonya and her sister for most of their lives. As she grew to womanhood Broc's feelings for the beautiful Druid evolved into desire. Alas it's a desire that he doesn't want to pursue for fear of being Sonya's downfall. After saving Sonya from a wolf attack he goes off with he only to unknowingly place her into the hands of Deirdre's evil henchman. Broc must save Sonya from Deirdre and most of all from herself as she becomes doubtful of her abilities, especially the ability to speak to the trees.

Broc and Sonya eventually set out to  find an artifact that could very well either help or hinder in the maintenance of the warriors way of life. Of course, Deirdre and her army of wyyran on hot on their tails attempting to reach the artifact before it could be used by the warriors and the MacLeod.

A back-story here is that of Malcolm who also leaves the protection of the MacLeod holding. After losing use of an arm he knows he will never be Laird of his clan and also feels useless. The path Malcolm chooses to take will shock the reader.

All the trials an tribulations of Broc and Sonya's journey come to a head when the unbelievable happens. Something so shocking that the reader isn't even prepared. 

I was waiting with bated breath for this book. Broc is one of my favorite warriors and he had to be paired of course with Sonya. Their story is one of extreme desire and need. I was very happy with this book. By now all the warriors and their females are like old friends and we root for each and every one of them. At first I was sorry with the knowledge that this is the last in the Dark Sword series, but once again Donna Grant surprises us and  hope springs eternal for the next series Dark Warriors. I know you will enjoy Donna Grant's Darkest Highlander as I did. Donna's passion for her warriors shines through and brings you into the MacLeod world until you become part of it. 


Donna Grant's Website:

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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The Three Baers Book One: Baer Truth by Linda McMaken

Abby Clark is my kind of girl. Punk rocker (I used to be), purple hair (my favorite color) and a vegetarian ( Not for me). She is... or should I say WAS the back up singer in a Punk group until she was unceremoniously dumped off the tour bus in the sticks in Wyoming. Armed with only her orange colored stiletto pumps and a frown, she makes her way to a mom and pop diner where she is taken in and becomes the cook due to her wicked cooking skills. By the way, being a vegetarian in a cattle raising community has got to cause issues for Abby. 

Enter Joe Baer, super sexy rancher with a bad attitude. From minute one Abby rubs him the wrong way... or does she? Joe is about to lose his ranch to his nemesis and he is understandably angry about it. On top of that he does not trust a female as far as he can throw them due to his evil ex. Every single time Joe and Abby come into contact with each other leads to a mishap of epic proportions.

One evening at an open mic night that Abby attends with her new friends she is pushed to enter the contest to win some cash for her singing skills. When the all who hear her are enthralled another door opens with the possibility for Abby to make it big in  the world of country music. Does she really want to leave her new happier life and the budding relationship with Joe to become a country star? Will the gruff city girl with a potty mouth and the handsome cattle-rancher overcome their differences in time to realize that they are meant to be together? Oh come on... you didn't really think I was going to tell you did you? 

I really liked this story! Linda McMaken has a winner with the Baer Truth and I cannot wait to read the second book of this trilogy, the Baer Necessities which will be out this coming May. Linda knows how to pair humor and the seriousness of the story to make an awesome read.  This complete New York suburbanite went all out country girl for The Baer Truth! 


Linda McMaken's Website:

4 Stars (Brilliant)

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Book Obsessed Chicks Welcomes S.L. Carpenter

Well hello all. As you may be aware of, I always love to find new and cutting edge authors to delve into. Today we have S.L. Carpenter, who pens himself as a writer, artist, humorist. I thank the most awesome  Sahara Kelly for introducing me to S.L.'s work. S.L. is hot and fresh and without further ado, I'd like to give you a look inside Mr. Carpenter's head. I hope you enjoy. I know I did!

Tell us a little about yourself and about Owned

I’m a born and raised California boy. I have been writing erotic romance for about ten years and love making people laugh and squirm and if done right I get them to do both.

OWNED was a story I came up with from a conversation with my Editor. We were talking and she asked me what I would like to write about. So I told her I really wanted to write about control. Not like a BDSM sort of control, just giving and taking control of someone.

What inspired you to write Owned?

What man wouldn’t love to have a woman do whatever he wanted sexually?
What woman wouldn’t like to not have the worries or have to guess what she was supposed to do in bed?
So I was inspired by the fantasy to live out these thoughts. To have the woman let go and trust the guy enough to release control. And to have the guy take her but respect what she was giving him. I really had a good time writing the characters.

Is this part of a series, or do you plan to write any series books?

Not a series. I haven’t really written any series by myself. I’d like to but not sure what. I know I like characters that flow into different stories. That can be fun.

What’s your favorite genre to write?

Sucker for contemporary. I like making the people seem real. That’s why I like humor in the stories I write because humor makes them real. Sex is fan-fing-tastic but can also be a pretty funny act if you think about it. The noises, facial expressions and the accidents. It’s funny how people in most books don’t have a dog laying on the bed and growling or the guy smacking his foot on the end of the bed when he gets up in the dark to go to the bathroom.

Who was your favorite character to write and why?

Okay, you asked for it.
In my book BROKEN I wrote a character named Rich into the story. He was a secondary character and the best friend of the hero. He was the Jiminy Cricket type of friend that helps the hero understand he is a complete idiot.
Rich is a midget-porn reviewer-porn actor. This was me writing someone completely different than anyone else I had read about in a story. But he had a heart of gold and was fun to let loose in the story. Loved writing him.

What do your family and friends think about your choice of career?

I work a couple of different jobs. I’m basically the male version of Sybil. Writing is a big joy for me and my family thinks it’s funny that I write erotic romance. We kind of keep it quiet. I also work as an Art Director. Art is my other passion next to my wife.

On a personal note, what’s your favorite television show?

Lately…been watching BREAKING BAD.

Don’t get to watch too much television, but Dexter and Walking Dead are my favorite shows and American Horror was really different and I loved it.

Do you have any role models? If so, who?

My mom was one of the funniest people I ever knew. She was always joking and teasing my brothers and me growing up. Before she passed away she read my first STRANGE LUST book published at Ellora’s Cave. So at least she saw the beginning and said she liked my stories.

I have had the honor of reading and working with some great writers. Sahara Kelly is my favorite (I am biased), Cheyenne McCray and so many others. Lately I have been reading Steve Martin’s books.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

I have always liked Christmas.
It is mainly because of kids opening gifts. I get a kick out of surprising my kids and wife with gifts.
Call me old fashioned but I like giving gifts more than getting.
Except the…umm…errr, other kinds of surprises.

What do you want people come away with when they read your work?

I love telling stories. That’s what I enjoy most. There is usually some humor and some steamy sex in what I write so I’d love people to come away with a smile and a squirm.

And finally, where can readers find you? 

You can pick up my books at:


Thanks to Chastity Bush for her BIG help with the questions. :-)



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Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

Liliana Claremont is a rather unusual lady for her day and age. Unmarried at twenty four, with no intention of marrying, she lives alone in her own home following the death of her father and she continues his work as a chemist. Liliana believes her father was murdered and she means to find who did it.When she discovers letters from a anonymous person with a noble seal on the envelope, the Wentworth seal, Liliana must figure out how to investigate.

Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford shares Liliana's feelings on marriage. The handsome war hero has taken up his deceased brother's mantle as Earl of Statford and between his political aspirations and his need to return the Wentworth fortune his brother apparently mismanaged.

When Geoffrey's mother, Genevieve, Lady Stratford tricks her son into having a two week long soiree to basically interview perspective brides, he is livid. He has no intention of picking a bride from the long list of ladies of the ton. Meeting Liliana Claremont puts a kink in his demeanor since she is a complete conundrum to the Earl. Liliana has no interest in becoming the handsome Geoffrey's wife. She is in fact there to find clues to who murdered her father, but everywhere she turns, Geoffrey's imposing figure is as well and she finds herself attracted to him.

As much as Geoffrey resists, he discovers he has an strong attraction to the uncommon woman.Will the passions that arise between the Earl and the chemist result in an unusual love match or will they be their downfall as Liliana comes closer to finding out the mystery of her father's death? Find out when Sweet Enemy hits bookshelves on February 7, 2012.

I have a new go to girl for my historicals. Heather Snow brings a fresh take on nobility, adding her quick wit to he writing. The added intrigue of the search for the truth in Liliana's father's murder was an important part, but not the only attraction. Watching the handsome but wary Geoffrey try to work through his issues of never wanting to love as well as Liliana  putting her trust in a man other than her dearly departed father is a journey that is well done in Sweet Enemy. I am looking forward to more from Heather Snow. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.


4 Stars (Brilliant)

Heather Snow's Website:
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Whispers in the Dark: KGI Series Book 4 by~ Maya Banks~

Shea Peterson is on the run from people who want her for her unusual abilities. She and her sister have separated to stay safe from those who wish to capture and probably hurt them for just being who they are. While evading capture, Shea becomes ultimately connected through mind and feelings to Nathan Kelly,  a soldier in captivity thousands of miles from Shea.

Tortured on a daily basis and constantly in pain, Nathan struggles to hold onto his sanity as well as his dignity. Just when he is about to give in and give up, he hears Shea's voice and equates it to that of an angel. Through her unique ability of telepathy, Shea gives Nathan hope to survive through his lowest hours, she even takes away some of his pain and aids from afar in his escape. As soon as Nathan is safe, Shea voice and aid inexplicably disappears from his life, leaving him hurt and confused.

Once free of his imprisonment and home within comfort and safety of the Kelly fold, Nathan tries to come to terms with whether Shea was real or a figment of his imagination. Time goes by and he is almost resigned to the possibility he will never hear her voice again when out of the blue her frantic message explodes in his mind.
Shea is real and she's in trouble, having been captured herself and miraculously eluding that capture, she is on the run once again, but this time she needs help. Nathan will do anything for the woman that saved his life and will not rest until he has her within his sights and in his arms.

I am a complete fan of the KGI series. Each and every book brings out such emotion, it's hard to put the books down though laughter and tears. Maya Banks is such a talented storyteller. With the Kelly Group International and the Kelly family itself, you feel like you are right in there along with them with how Maya writes. Whispers in the Dark has a slight paranormal feel with Shea's telepathic abilities, but Maya brings that feel into the "real" world. Telepathy is only a minute part of what Shea is to Nathan. To him she is his savior and his sanity. This is my favorite book of the series to date and each just keeps getting better. Whispers in the Dark  is already in my top ten for 2012. Thank you Maya for such a fabulous story that actually makes one wonder if Shea's ability could actually exist. I am a believer!


Maya Banks Website:

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

The most  intriguing of the Mackenzie men, Lord Cameron is in league all his own. Circumstances from his past has turned him into an odd and aloof male, seemingly uncaring and disinterested in anything but his horses and his son Daniel. No one knows the deeply passionate man that lingers below the surface. No one except for Ainsley Douglas. 
When history repeats itself and Lord Cameron finds Ainsley hiding in his room much as he found her six years before, he vows that this time he would not allow Ainsley to escape him.

Ainsley Douglas, a twenty something widow now works for the Queen. When she is sent on a mission by Victoria herself to retrieve letters that could tarnish the Queen's reputation, Ainsley finds herself more attracted than ever to the elusive Lord. When they first were acquainted several years before, Ainsley was married to a much older man. She was also caught in Lord Cameron's bedroom rifling through his things during a house party. Cameron attempts to seduce the young lady who almost succumbs to passion when she becomes guilty about betraying her kind husband.  Six years later, Ainsley now a widow is discovered by Lord Cameron hiding behind the curtains in his room, where he has retreated for a liaison with the very married Phyllida Chase. Lord Cameron sends Phyllida away without revealing he has found Ainsley hiding. When Ainsley attempts to leave, Cameron locks the door and begins his seduction anew.

 Lord Cameron finds that Phyllida Chase is blackmailing Ainsley. Unlikely associates, Cameron helps Ainsley with her intrigue in the process becoming more attached to her than he ever wanted.  Will Lord Cameron overcome the nightmares of his past and let Ainsley into his heart?

Happiness is staying up most of the night to read an awesome book! I don't know why I kept putting this book back on the shelf when I loved the last two so much. This is my favorite to date!! Cameron is amazing and Ainsley is so my kind of woman! We also finally get to see Cameron as a father interact with his maturing son Daniel. What an great read!!! Bravo Jennifer Ashley! I love how unconventional you are and how perfect it all comes together.


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Eastern Ambitions: Compass Brothers by Jayne Rylon & Mari Carr

Sam Compton, one of the famous, or should I say the "infamous" Compton boys and twin to Sawyer Compton, always had big aspirations. When he left the Compton Ranch at 18 he headed East and stayed there until  he almost achieved the pinnacle of his career in the big city. That is until his ideas were stolen by the woman he thought he wanted more than anyone else and was also accused of abuse by the viper.

Bad news has Sam retreating to his childhood home,where on his first day back he meets the super sizzling Cindi, who lives, works and plays on Compton Ranch. Cindi has her little secrets that she's afraid to reveal to Sam when they become involved rather quickly. Sam is hesitant about falling for Cindi because he needs to be there for the Compton family patriarch, JD, who has been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer and doesn't have long to survive. 

These two come together with such a bang ( no pun intended) but can they see what JD and his wife Vicky see? JD and Vicky know about Cindi's needs but will Sam be able to come to terms with them? Read and you will find out!

Eastern Ties is a great read with awesome characters. Seeing the Compton's evolve has me coming back for more every single time. I will be sorry to see the end.  I am a super big fan of the Compton family. Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon have such a rapport writing together. It's so much fun to see where they can go. 


4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)



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Kimberly's Top Reads of 2011

Kimberly's Top Short Stories of 2011

1. A Cowboy's Muse- Beth Williamson
2. The 18th Floor- Margie Church
3. A Taste of Midnight- Lara Adrian
4. A Taste of Terror- Chastity Bush
5. Silk and Spurs- Cheyenne McCray

Kimberly's EBook Fornat Only Reads of 2011

1. My Wild Highlander- Vonda Sinclair
2. My Fierce Highlander- Vonda Sinclair
3. Northern Comfort- Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon
4. Southern Comfort- Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon
5. Colter's Daughter- Maya Banks
6. A Cowboy For Christmas- Cat Johnson
7. Killer Kisses- Chastity Bush
8. Nice and Naughty- Cat Johnson

 Kimberly's Top Reads of  2011

1. Deeper Than Midnight- Lara Adrian
2. Shadow Highlander- Donna Grant
3. Livewire- Lora Leigh'
4, Tyler- CH Admirand
5. When You Dare- Lori Foster
6. Born Of Shadows- Sherrilyn Kenyon
7. Ruthless Game- Christine Feehan
8. Untamed Highlander- Donna Grant
9. Wild & Unruly- Amanda McIntyre
10. The Darkest Hour- Maya Banks
11. His Destiny- Diana Cosby
12. Chasin Eight- Lorelei James

Kilted Desire- A.B. McKinley