Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

The most  intriguing of the Mackenzie men, Lord Cameron is in league all his own. Circumstances from his past has turned him into an odd and aloof male, seemingly uncaring and disinterested in anything but his horses and his son Daniel. No one knows the deeply passionate man that lingers below the surface. No one except for Ainsley Douglas. 
When history repeats itself and Lord Cameron finds Ainsley hiding in his room much as he found her six years before, he vows that this time he would not allow Ainsley to escape him.

Ainsley Douglas, a twenty something widow now works for the Queen. When she is sent on a mission by Victoria herself to retrieve letters that could tarnish the Queen's reputation, Ainsley finds herself more attracted than ever to the elusive Lord. When they first were acquainted several years before, Ainsley was married to a much older man. She was also caught in Lord Cameron's bedroom rifling through his things during a house party. Cameron attempts to seduce the young lady who almost succumbs to passion when she becomes guilty about betraying her kind husband.  Six years later, Ainsley now a widow is discovered by Lord Cameron hiding behind the curtains in his room, where he has retreated for a liaison with the very married Phyllida Chase. Lord Cameron sends Phyllida away without revealing he has found Ainsley hiding. When Ainsley attempts to leave, Cameron locks the door and begins his seduction anew.

 Lord Cameron finds that Phyllida Chase is blackmailing Ainsley. Unlikely associates, Cameron helps Ainsley with her intrigue in the process becoming more attached to her than he ever wanted.  Will Lord Cameron overcome the nightmares of his past and let Ainsley into his heart?

Happiness is staying up most of the night to read an awesome book! I don't know why I kept putting this book back on the shelf when I loved the last two so much. This is my favorite to date!! Cameron is amazing and Ainsley is so my kind of woman! We also finally get to see Cameron as a father interact with his maturing son Daniel. What an great read!!! Bravo Jennifer Ashley! I love how unconventional you are and how perfect it all comes together.



  1. I simply love this series from Jennifer Ashley and was glad to see Cam (my favorite of the brothers) get his story. Now, can't wait for the DUKE!

  2. Terri!!! Cam is my favorite as well! I love how she sets up the next book too! OOOOO can't wait!