Thursday, April 16, 2020

Time to Blog... Time to Read

It has been some time since I have posted anything of substance on this blog. In this tumultuous time, I feel the need to share the direction that my brain has gone.

Most of you know that Book Obsessed Chicks is also my much loved book club as well as the blog and pages on social media. While my book club had been active before Covid-19, it’s been at a stand-still as much of everyone’s lives.

For me, the decline in my reading regimen began two years ago when I began working in a hospital affiliated Geriatric/Palliative office. At first, I was just completely exhausted when I got home and life got in the way. I used to read a book a day and now I read on a week or every other, if I am lucky. I also have retinopathy and reading print became a thing of the past as my Ipad and Kindle have become my primary source of reading as well as a new appreciation for audio books. While I missed the written word, I missed sleep more.

I began to watch television again, to my dismay, and hours were wasted on mindless entertainment. Since this quarantine and social distancing has begun, I am completely done with watching the news and all of these shows. I turned off the television about two weeks ago and returned to reading. It was a task at first, but with the help of my super talented and favorite authors, I am back into full swing and don’t want this reading binge to end. Instead of loneliness and separation, I feel fulfilled and relieved. At the end of a trying day in the office hearing about sick patients,  reaching  for my eReader is my salvation. Reading a good book, I can block out the insanity for a time. We al definitely need a respite from the current climate and I am so happy that I love books.

I am very lucky to have three adult children who understand my need to read and respect my space when I do delve into a tale. So stay home, stay healthy and read books!

The books that got me back to reading! It's been one exciting week!